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  1. Jeff Burrell Bred a Middleton Lakeland to a racing greyhound and they levelled out around 21” and looked a nice stamp. Not really sure how they performed in the field but sound great on paper. Think he called them snatch dogs.
  2. Just having a laugh mate, you do what’s right for yourselves and the dog. The dog looks in great nick and obviously has a great bond with you. Good luck with whatever way you choose.
  3. Mmmm maybe it’s not just the dog that had separation anxiety
  4. Isn't that the same for every cross though, Whatever quarry you run?
  5. They can be challenging when the nets down.
  6. Looks likes everything’s going to plan with her mate.
  7. I don’t think there is a best cross as such just try and source a pup from parents that are doing the job . Good luck in your search.
  8. That's only a positive.
  9. What does that one mean? I'm not really up to speed with these.
  10. For a dog owner, that is the most impressive grass I have ever seen.
  11. If collie based Lurchers are so bad why do people who’s livelihood depends on catching rabbits use them?
  12. No problem. If anyone else can use it give me a shout.
  13. I’ve got a double small Bow back Ferret carrying box sitting in the garage if it’s any use. I’m heading offshore tomorrow for 3 weeks but give me a shout if you want it.
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