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  1. I enjoyed the first series not seen the 2nd yet. My favourite fishing programmes where A Passion for Angling watched them many times really enjoyed them.
  2. Allan P


    Look good fish, what tactics did you use bread flake on the surface?
  3. Allan P

    Hot weather exercise.

    Looks very stony ground, would like to see what their feet looked like after that run. They must be a tough breed.
  4. Allan P


    No comment.
  5. Allan P


  6. Allan P


    Not sure how he is bred, but he seems to have sired every litter of Saluki based chancey Lurchers for sale atm.
  7. Trouble is I want to catch more than one.
  8. Both, but mainly on my own, to bush and catch for one dog is a big ask in my experience.
  9. More lamping and bushing.
  10. I’ve had a look on some forums but still need to do some more research. For me getting a dog is a big decision it will be here for it’s life so I like to get a few opinions before committing. I know I only want to do a bit of rabbiting but I would like to do it well and try and find the sort of dog that will give me a good shot.
  11. This is what I am trying to ascertain having never seen a whippet work. They have been bred for a few hundred years now for rabbiting so they should be top of the list.
  12. Don’t Lurchers have more strings to their bow than working just rabbits? I understand some whippets do other work but aren’t they really bred for rabbits?
  13. I have a Bedlington Bull Greyhound who is how can I say past his best, in the past I have had Beddie Whippet Grey. Yes I will be wanting a dog for rabbits. Mainly mooching , lamping and bit of Ferreting.
  14. Thanks for the reply and that is sound advice that I will take on board. I am probably over thinking things as usual.
  15. You’re correct , but not sure the wife will be happy with one of each type in the house and garden that’ll be quite a handful, so just want peoples opinions so I can pay my money and make an educated guess on one type of breed if that’s ok.