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  1. Nice looking pup and good luck with him.
  2. Wet and windy today, not another soul around.
  3. All good mate, hope you are well? Just getting into this fungi spotting I’m a total novice but it’s enjoyable
  4. Am I right in thinking that Welsh Collie and Welsh Sheepdog are a totally different breed?
  5. I’m sure my bitch pup has Welsh Working Collie in it
  6. Welsh sheepdog sells for world record £27,100 - BBC News WWW.BBC.COM Twelve-month-old Kim smashes the record for the world's most expensive sheepdog. My mistake £27,000
  7. Saw a TV program where a Border collie working bred pup went for £22,000 at Auction.
  8. Early morning , best part of the day.
  9. FFS I’ve just bought a load of Rosemary plants for the garden.
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