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  1. I’ll give you a shout in the week.
  2. Cheers Geth, she’s shaping up ok.
  3. Worker to worker bred, has Sal, deerhound and collie in her.
  4. She’s nearly six months old, I’m out of quarantine and ready to step things up a bit. Looking forward to getting out on the Moor.
  5. Locals reckon the young uns are fine on bbq. Edited to add that everything tastes better off the bbq though
  6. Yep Warthogs, I’m working in Kenya atm and these come right up to the Rig. Take some dog to work one of them, pure muscle and bad attitude.
  7. Feck that, I’ll stick to rabbits lol.
  8. It’s a cracking little read, I really enjoyed it. As for walking a different path, if it’s something you’re passionate about there’s only one path you can follow.
  9. I’m the same mate. Might be time to have a clear out.
  10. My wife bought me this for my birthday a few years ago. Anyone know how many were in the series?
  11. What about a retractable lead ?
  12. What’s peoples preferences for young dogs. Always had collars or slip leads for bringing on pups but times have changed seems harnesses are the norm. I’m not talking for hunting but training and day to day use.
  13. She’s certainly a character, amongst other things.
  14. Thanks. She’s out of two dogs that the owners are very pleased with. Timing was right so went for it. I have an idea what’s in her tbh, I’m not asking for any miracles just a bit of mooching around in the day and some lamping and just have some fun with her.
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