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  1. Have a look at The Harris Dry boot. They are a decent boot. Look horrendous but extremely waterproof and surprisingly comfortable. They are around £60-£70.
  2. That’s why the Thermal Imager is included.
  3. No problem, but you only get one Thermal Imager.
  4. A Norfolk Lurcher but was bred in South Wales and now lives on the edge of South Dartmoor. She’s going to be the start of a new line which I will call Dartmoor Lurcher. They will come in Dartmoor camouflage colouring only and free thermal imager will be included in the price.
  5. I would as well, but beggars can’t be choosers
  6. There’s a few Roe and rabbits. Probably do better with a couple of bushers.
  7. We will have to learn to adapt the same as every living thing.
  8. Forget Smithfield, Norfolk or whatever. They are Lurchers no better no worse given time and work they will be fine.
  9. Few bits and bobs, not easy for runners tbh.
  10. I personally think a dog that uses its nose will find more than one looking for it. But it also depends on what your hunting ground is like. For mooching around like I do a dog using it’s nose is a lot more beneficial and great to watch. Also a dog given the chance to hunt and not walked 20 miles on a slip will end using its nose and it eyes and you don’t need to pay a fortune for a thermal imager. As for combining two different breeds yes there is chance of getting the worst traits but there’s equally a good chance of getting the best. Thank goodness people looked towards the positive ou
  11. Cracking weather for a mooch this morning.
  12. In the past I’ve tried treats for retrieving and it’s just made the dog drop short. I find tug training brilliant for training recall and then retrieve training. Make sure you have the leave it command in place before getting serious with tug training. It’s great letting the dog win now and again but once he has it run backward calling him or whistle ( use a Gundog whistle if you want) to you then grab the toy in his mouth and carry on playing tug with him. Whilst playing you should tell him to leave it make him sit/stay walk back few paces and call him to you make him sit looking at the toy
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