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  1. Long line and light leader and get amongst them.
  2. Was just out on local land.She’s coming on ok mate, little bit spooky still but growing in confidence. I’m off until August 20th so will spend quite a lot of time with her now.
  3. Took advantage of the rain and had a little walk out early doors this morning. Nothing serious just getting her out and about and getting used to the countryside.
  4. Think it was added a few years back but not 100% sure. I’m happy with my pup so far but unlike you my standards are fairly low just like a bit fun with my dogs and don’t take things to seriously. I lost my ego a long time ago mush and certainly wouldn't need a dog to try and boost it when I did have one. Good luck with your dogs and your out look on life.
  5. Huskies bring Prey drive, stamina, tough feet and weather proof coat maybe Mr Burrell was onto something when he added Husky.
  6. Does eating cow shite count?
  7. Love mooching and lamping rabbits hopefully the pup I have now picks it up or it will be rosette hunting with her. I can always find something for a dog to excel at .
  8. They look in fantastic condition.
  9. Looks and sounds ideal that extra inch turns her into general purpose rather than rabbit specialist
  10. I personally think a rabbiting dog shouldn’t be to big and definitely not to small something around 21-23” TTS. Quick off the mark, agile ,soft mouthed , good nose and tough not just feet but physically and mentally .So basically a pup from parents that have those attributes would be my choice not necessarily based on breed type. Obviously no guarantees on the out come but gives you a fighting chance. But the biggest clincher on choosing a pup is the wife’s got to like it
  11. Most on here are allergic to getting off their arses and taking their dogs out . How come the Lakeland doesn’t cause any allergies?
  12. That’s a bit of a contradictory statement, but I get what you are saying. There are so many variables when bringing a dog on that could make or break it. Just because they are from a well bred line doesn’t mean you are going to get a world beater.
  13. Surely all dogs are individual regardless of breeding. I’m sure there are a few below par Saluki and whippet greyhound crosses about.
  14. My pup Mabel is out of Jeff’s line not directly from him though I think he has stopped breeding.I got my bitch from a lad in South Wales who works his dogs regularly and he is more than pleased with them. I’m 100% they would work all quarry prior to the ban!!! My bitch is intelligent, eager to please and taking to obedience and retrieve training very well. It’s far to early to say how she will do hunting but the signs are good so far. She will be one in October when I will start her off gradually. She was a bit spooky and reactive at times but as she gets older and being socialised more she is
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