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  1. There’s some pigs out and about on South West part of Dartmoor apparently.
  2. Always a difficult decision, however some good memories and a dog that lived life to the full by the sounds of it. R.I.P
  3. Blazer lights are awesome, it’s all about the fieldcraft for me
  4. I haven’t got a Thermal and was dead against them tbh, but I might change my mind and get one.
  5. I tried the filters and quite liked the red one at times. I used it sort of half on half off just for spotting, then it fell off and I lost it. They also have that half light switch or whatever they call it which is handy for opening gates etc.
  6. I’ve tried the PLR 500 and also got the Fenix HT 18 which are OK however not the same imo.
  7. I honestly have no idea. It’s a Blazerlight lamp and it’s a lithium battery which I bought separately over the years.
  8. Think I’ll be going back to this set up.
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