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  1. Looking good, glad it worked out apart from wrecking your house obviously.
  2. I do my dog myself, when his hair is dragging on floor is a good time to think about it. I really should start wearing my glasses when I do it also. It really seems to bother the wife when she first sees him after a clipping, but the dogs not really arsed about it.
  3. Spot on as usual, it had been a while since I’d been ferreting and great to be back into it.
  4. Also left Arry’s with a jar of homemade jam, bag of foraged walnuts and some pheasant breasts from his freezer. Happy days.
  5. Third time out and about with Arry off the forum and his mate Bry today. Tough going and called it a day after four in the bag after a couple of hours and a soaking. Some young about also which added more hassle. But all in all great to be out even in the less favourable conditions. Cheers Arry really enjoyed it.
  6. They are expensive ,but I think worth it.
  7. If I ever get another pup I would also invest in a tracker. I’ve never used one but I would like to think it would help to be in touch with the hunt and also if anything untoward happens to the dog. Maybe some other members can help out with the advantages of a tracker?
  8. Let the dog hunt. Be on top of the stock breaking and the recall and enjoy. Edited to say it can get stress full at times.
  9. Snow up there yesterday. Two pictures taken within 10 mins from the same spot.
  10. £13 a beer at the airport, one beer and 6 small glasses a round lol.
  11. Sitting off Bergen Norway, wouldn’t mind a mooch.
  12. 100% agree with that, my dog picked up tics constantly. I have used all sort of different products but Bravecto is the only one that has worked.
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