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  1. Cheers mate, Yeah it's the waiting game now he won't be fully matured until season after the one coming but I'll get him going inbetween
  2. Out for a walk this evening about 5 month old I think now, got a good bond with him hes good with the kids not funny round his food or over playfull and he likes to please walks to heal good recall I've not done no real training with him just took him out n about so more than happy
  3. Cheers mate.. Good to hear I don't no much about the parents a member on here told me about them but the guy who bred them seemed genuine enough he definitely ran his dogs..
  4. Not far bout 40mins from were i am now moving to berkshire
  5. Lol Looks like I'm moving in a month or so, hopefully shouldn't be a problem in new area but I'll have to have a mooch about. Again plenty of fields around there to go at
  6. About 4 months old now he's getting there flying around
  7. She looks ready to roll mate good luck with her
  8. I'd say that would be a handy animal to spin them all types of land
  9. I was young when I had mine, slipped her anywhere and she would do job tight land big land kill things where she had no right to. Looking back I wouldn't run a dog some of the places I run her but she didn't seem to mind
  10. The pures do sound harder work but I don't mind a challenge. The best I ever had was a first x black bitch 27tts retrieved to hand loved deer and was a good dog to have at home good gaurd dog
  11. Costa does a good one of them
  12. Wouldn't be looking to import and definitely not a millionaire lol, would be looking for a UK line dog
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