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  1. Fantastic story. That dogs a keeper.
  2. Not the best backstop for a .243
  3. I'll second that. He's a top bloke.
  4. Kind of old meets new - I like it. It's not even my rifle but, I'm really looking forward to seeing it back in one piece.
  5. Oh ye of little faith....... I took these down to one of my permissions after work yesterday. I used my lrf to choose an old lifting rig 40yrds away. The pellets chipped the yellow paint off the rsj so, I could see the impacts well. The group opened up slightly but, still no more than around half an inch. Then this unfortunate fellow landed on top of the rig. The pellet went right on the crosshairs and, he fell off without even opening his wings As I said, I think these still need more testing but, so far, so good.
  6. To ve honest Rez, I'm usually such a crap shot that I can't tell the difference between a good pellet and a bad pellet I had almost given up on anything other than good old round nose diablos but, these did surprise me. I do have a glimmer of hope for the .22s. I want to do more testing with these before I trust them enough to take them for a good walk.
  7. Cheers Matt.I was thinking along the same lines. If I can get to my local range at some point, I want to try these at 40, 50 & 60yrds. I reckon that'll give me a good idea of their quality. As it stands at the moment, I'd be happy to lay outside a warren at 30yrds with them
  8. Enjoy it Mac, I love being out on my own. It's peaceful and quite
  9. ...... my target was taped to a stack of brochures. I dug some pellets out - they hadn't deformed how I thought they would but, I've no doubt that they'll do their job effectively
  10. I've been wanting to try these for a while. I've tried a few gimmicky pellets - the plastic Prometheus ones with the metal tips, Gamo Lethal, numerous hollow tips, H&N Green, H&N Hornet....... all shite. I kept reading good things about these Polymags - There's a good review on another forum at the moment. The missus ordered me a tin of .177 short and a tin of .22 regular to try. These things are expensive - around £12 for 200. From an initial inspection, they do look well made. I tried the .177s in my HW100 at 30yrds this morning. My rifle is zeroed at that range for JSB
  11. I had a Wolf in .22. I think they're stunning. Mine had a custom blue and silver laminate stock. The thing is, service and repair costs are expensive and, although it was very accurate, it was kind of dead feeling - if that makes sense. Give me an HW100 any day. Sure it's still a tame pcp but, for me, it has all the clunks and clinks in the right places.
  12. ....... I found it. It's in pic 9, folded out the way. Phew, all's well again
  13. Where's the stripped red rug gone from your hall way? I liked that rug
  14. Definately. I don't know why but I feel more confident with the lamp than I did with my NV kit.The NV is amazing if your lay waiting at 35 yards from a known hotspot but I like it be moving so it's a constant range estimation in the dark that I find easier with the lamp pal. Cheers. I reckon I'll try mine out.
  15. Nice kit and, good shooting. I normally use nv but, I have got a torch with coloured filters. Do you find it easier to judge distance with a torch?
  16. Welcome Underdog. You've found a friendly, helpfull bunch here. Nice rifle - I've heard good things about those. Shooting with open sights I see
  17. Absolute scum. They should be burned at the stake. Reading those stories made my blood boil.
  18. I know mate. She's the sort that tries to have her nose in everyones business. This was shot in a corner where there's a 6ft fence and a big metal shed She'd need to be right overhead to see it.
  19. We get a fair few pigeons round our way because, it turns out, the local busy body/curtain twitcher a few doors away, is feeding them. They seem to crap everywhere, except in her garden. Having finally had enough of pigeon shit on my clean washing, the car, the patio and everywhere else. I tried a couple of things to stop them...... The plastic eagle didn't work, neither did the wavy bits of plastic on bamboo canes, neither did the netting. So, my last resort - I tried to scare them off with some bread I put it down in the part garden that isnt overlooked and, using the onl
  20. That is nice without the stippling. The grain looks good and, I like the knot on the side.
  21. As already said, it takes a big man to apologise like that - good for you. I'm sure your boys will be just fine learning from you. Atb.
  22. I'm not a big fan of remakes. But, I do like Sweet Home Alabama by Kid Rock, he done well with that - It makes me feel like a good ol' Wiltshire red neck I can't stand it when they really f**k up good old songs by putting rap in the middle. I'm glad no one has messed with Gimme Some Lovin' by Fun Lovin' Spoonful'
  23. Very nice. I hate Magpies But, I like the way they sometimes hang around, going nuts, when you shoot one of their mates.
  24. ...... I got to eat these two though. They'd been marinaded in lime, honey and chilli over night
  25. I usually gut them on site, leaving the livers in. Then, because most of my shooting's done at night, put them in the fridge. Next day, skin them and bag up the legs and saddles, 1 rabbit per bag, then put them in the freezer. I'm not getting to eat many at the moment - people keep asking for them.
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