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  1. It really is - I nearly pissed myself laughing because I couldn't believe what I was seeing The silly f****r is dressed in railway ppe aswell - probably a company van
  2. It's actually gotten smaller than it was a 1000yrs ago - not by much in the grand scheme but, the sea has taken some fair chunks off the east coast. Have a look at 'Doggerland' to see some land loss from a little further back.
  3. Jonjon79

    Ouija boards.

    Every Christmas I buy my team at work a present each - just a little gift and, I usually get everyone the same thing. A couple of years ago I gave them all Ouija boards and a book about how to use it. ........... I got some different reactions for that one One of them took it home and, her partner freaked out - he wouldn't have it in the house
  4. It's good to hear that your daughter's on the mend mate
  5. I'd be happy to kick the French out as well and return it to the 4 nations .......... there's some good old fashioned rivalry in these little countries
  6. The BBC are very biased - the license fee should be abolished and, they should be made to compete like every other broadcaster. It's an outdated institution that's gotten too big for it's boots
  7. Jonjon79


    The normal one's are ok - I went to one of their weddings. They were just 2 normal fellas that just happened to prefer blokes - they didn't dress or talk weird or walk round holding hands. I asked one that I worked with if he was going to pride - he said to me that if I dress up like a c**t and walk through town telling people that I like to f**k women, he'll go to pride It's the camp weirdos that I can't understand - no one has those mannerisms, it's all an act. They put it on to get in your face then, get all pissy when you tell them to f**k off.
  8. Well well well, it would seem that you actually have a Mk1 Airsporter, manufactured mid to late 50s. The 'GB' prefix.............. http://www.airgunspares.com/store/content/87/BSA/
  9. I'd guess at it being a Cadet as well. ........ that 'Ajax' stamp could just be the shop that it was originally purchased from. If you're up for a project FT, I reckon that would come up really nice with a little TLC ......... you should be able to get any spares that you might need from Knibs or Chambers.
  10. Jonjon79


    There's many a true word said in jest. Feckin old bag.
  11. Jonjon79


    Yep, tonight's the night Cut the bonds and cast off the shackles - all that bollocks about us being a little insulated island, we'll actually be free to strengthen our bonds with our other international friends now f**k the EU and f**k their bureaucratic leaders - I hope they all go bust. ............. up yours you self serving c**ts Rule Britannia
  12. Jonjon79


    To be fair, a decent smart phone will do all you're asking for - some of them are practically a PC in your pocket nowadays
  13. I did like that one Jimmy I was almost shitting myself waiting for that to get up to you safely I am a bit of a technophobe so, I don't really like Daystates newer stuff - I do rate their older rifles though
  14. That's a nice place you've got there mate .......... it looks like you'll have plenty of spots to shoot from. I reckon that'll be a good 'un when the days are warmer
  15. Jonjon79

    Tattoos 🤔

    Be happy Mickey - there's nothing wrong with a bit of old fashioned patriotism
  16. I hope it's got a really gay name, like fluffy or something, that you have to keep shouting while you look for it all joking aside, I hope you find it before little 'un becomes upset
  17. I can't understand a feckin word they're saying - it's like they're reading from a script that has no spaces or punctuation The subtitles on the clip that MH1 put up are funny though
  18. Good luck for tomorrow mate - I hope you get the answer you want
  19. Nice one Daniel It's good to see someone make use of the pelt. I think most of us on here only use the edible bits.
  20. http://www.rotherhambugle.com/2020/01/10/furious-queen-challenges-meghan-to-a-straightener-in-palace-car-park/?fbclid=IwAR1aQ9t1NfORjOd3ilS7IcxA1HhF-m7-02bX-ASW4hiz_WzMnu2fU6rs2Pg
  21. I never knew that - I just saw it as a massive bit of pork ......... maybe just the beers then
  22. Stories like that make me wish I lived there. I hope he got it on a spit and told everyone to bring beer
  23. Jonjon79


    Because you watch it for the storyline and dictation
  24. I've got the 4" tube ready and waiting mate
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