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  1. Star Trek Strange New Worlds - on Paramount+. A prequel series to the original series - it's been done in a way that any Star Trek fan will appreciate. Well worth a watch - a strong 9.5/10
  2. Spot on Len I went to Tunisia once - the place needs carpet bombing.
  3. Ah they were the good days - we used to go out the front gate, over the road and into Prospect park for the scrap. ......... I remember a teacher getting a full blown haymaker in the face when he tried to split one up - wanker
  4. It's in the freezer mate - me and the missus had a 1/4 each and, now there's an easy dinner for another day
  5. Lamb and veg pie with squashed spuds roasted in garlic and butter
  6. f***ing brilliant..... "I'm a tank, I'm a tank"
  7. That's a sad ending if it's true. Good film though
  8. Jonjon79

    Pet hates.

    That's the multicultural metropolitan shit hole for you - Sodom and Gomorrah must be embraced and, not wanting to sit next to those c**ts is a hate crime. Sorry mate but, it's no where that I'll miss.
  9. The fat b*****d burger Mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato on the bottom. Then 250g of beef mince for 2 patties with mozzarella in the middle and on the top, grilled. Then onions and chilli relish - jobs a good 'un.
  10. The jobs fecked mate - she said everything that she had to to get in and, she's going to be worse than Theresa May Take what you can and, look after you and yours because they'll let you drown.
  11. Wait until Waltjnr spots them feckin oven chips
  12. I agree, probably no more than a bottle of water at that age. Maybe pour in a good electrolyte sachet if he's tired or a bit under the weather. Something like an apple, orange or banana on the way there will help a little. I used to like a pint of milk with ice cubes in it after boxing my late teens/early 20s.
  13. That's fantastic - simpler times eh
  14. Scottish salmon and asparagus from Peru apparently - all done in the same pan in less than 10 minutes
  15. Yes, I get that but, ultimately it's going to take too long to get to the point where it benefits the people that need it the most or, A lot of the extra money generated will stay in the companies and people will see very little or no benefit from it. 'VAT free shopping for overseas visitors' is about benefiting foreigners - it's chucking them a sweetener to get them to spend their money here. I just think that our own should have the same or better terms than we're giving to foreigners.
  16. I don't see how that will filter down to help British families as quickly as it needs to. I see it creating more ill feeling - allowing foreigners to pay less for products while our own are having their finances squeezed. Don't we give foreigners enough already? Why not just cut or abolish VAT on more items for everyone? - it sounds fairer to me.
  17. Anyone remember this one? .......... I thought she seemed like a nice lady. She certainly put in some effort with the nurse theme COVID-19: Free brothel vouchers in Vienna for customers getting jab NEWS.SKY.COM Vaccination uptake levels in Austria are among the worst in western Europe. Those who are unjabbed...
  18. I've run out of likes mate but, that pie sounds bloody good
  19. Yes but, that's my problem with it mate - they always give good soundbites to curry favour with the masses then, do virtually nothing or the bare minimum. As far as I'm concerned, they can keep their 1% tax cut as long as they stop chasing down folks that do a few cash jobs.
  20. So they're going to 'Introduce VAT free shopping for overseas visitors'. Brilliant. How does that help British families? What are they supposed to do, black up and walk round Tescos putting on accents? As far as I can see, it's more of nothing from the same old politicians - they've done the bare minimum for normal folk and, nothing of any note has changed Here comes the new boss.............
  21. Remember that scene in Ace Venturer when he parks the Land rover?
  22. It's going to one of them days - the train is over an hour late, there's 2250 tons of stone to unload by 12:30 and, the feckin grab has gone into limp mode f**k it - It's Friday.
  23. I've just finished watching The Exorcist - it's a series from 2016 on Prime. The first series was pretty good - it follows on from the original film. The second series was fairly shite - it was like they tried too hard to keep it going for a yank audience. ........ Also, a poof Exorcist, really?
  24. It's a shocking state of behaviour - infact it looks remarkably like a scam Eastern Europeans aren't our friends, just like the rest of them aren't our friends - to them we're just a small bunch of islands that are ripe for exploitation and, the money grabbing exploiters among our own are seizing the opportunity. ......... The c**ts should be tarred and feathered.
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