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  1. It's difficult to find someone who can soak up the piss taking and criticism as well as me mucka
  2. Just busy at work and then getting miles in on the bike mate You're getting a lot more quarry now I'm not there, must be lack of my sneaking skills hahahaha
  3. Congratulations mate, hope they're doing well. Hope Niki is okay and all is well mucka, good shooting as well. Nice to see you and Sean getting a few mate
  4. Cracking shooting from you and the lads Billy, that's what's called serious thinning
  5. Hope you all have a great day, it's sounds excellent but I'm saving myself for next year. Plenty of pictures please fellas I want to be With envy
  6. No problem James it was good to meet you too, I'd like to see your birds of prey next time. Put a face to a hoot lol
  7. For sale as above, condition is like new. It has been on my Logun for one range session and the removed. Comes boxed with all the gumf plus parallex wheel, covers and sunshade. Bargain
  8. It's not getting enlightened use Phil, plus I'm loved up with my .177 Rapid. I'm selling everything apart from that, then just use a lamp for what night shooting I do. I've got someone coming round to have a look at the Cat this weekend and I've just accepted an offer on my .22 Rapid as well
  9. id forgotten how much i dislike gutting rabbits nellyi threw the big one, it was rank and proper stunk atb si PUSSY,S ALL YOU NEED IS ITS QUICK AND NEXT TO NO BLOOD ON YOUR HAND AND VERY FAST MUCH BETTER THAN A KNIFE ATVBJIMMY :thumbs: You weren't saying that when you were wanting to borrow mine? Then had the had the nerve to say it was blunt!!! Remember Si?
  10. id forgotten how much i dislike gutting rabbits nellyi threw the big one, it was rank and proper stunk atb si You feckin' wimps - that's the smell of a successful night :laugh: it fcuking mingin jon ya sicko :laugh: It's good shit mate ......when you get home in the wee small hours and you're sorting your kit, still with that red line round your finger nails. As you lift that little shot for a sip, you smell rabbit - good times Happy hunting mate That Streamline is obviously an awesome bit of kit Wrong just wrong JJ
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