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    They're just words on a screen,if they get under your skin it's because you let them. Dogfox didn't really annoy anyone from what I seen,he was funny,I don't know if it was intentional or not half the time. I remember him explaining how Akita lurchers are better than GSD lurcher's because his Akita's battered loads of of German shepherds (as well as along list of other breeds) on his estate. But he'd never seen an Akita x.
  2. It's not all bad,I've just got a free hoover off my mate,they've been throwing a lot of broken ones away at the hospital he works at recently. Or the cleaners and their managers think they're broken when they get rid,they actually just need a new bag In the world of 'everything for everybody' the bottomless hoover bag is a reality.
  3. Shared them? Like 2 straws in one can? Sounds a bit fruity to me.
  4. I don't,I'm fairly sure i could if I was free and single. The point is paying into this system is nothing to be proud of imo. I know you don't, just hypothetical. I don't think it's necessarily something to be proud of or ashamed of. Independence and responsibility are things to be proud of imo! Taxation is necessary for government and unless you are an An-Cap or Commy (I think?) then some form of government is a necessity. If we maintain the view that it's justified to avoid taxation because we don't agree with the democratically elected laws or enforcement of those laws the
  5. She's a nice looking little pup,but does look thin especially in the back legs. It could just be the angle and lighting,or she might just need to get the worms out her system.
  6. True,but I don't think Fuel or road tax'd be a problem on the dole. I reckon I could easily enough become a net negative. Hey, if you want to live on Welfare then crack on fella. I mean personally I'd see you and your family in a hostel being sent out to work for the council at the absolute bare minimum cost to society but under our current system you'd be treated better than that I'm sure. I don't,I'm fairly sure i could if I was free and single. The point is paying into this system is nothing to be proud of imo.
  7. Great if your self employed, but most haven't got the choice if they are employed. Not to mention you get taxed in more ways than income and NI. VAT, fuel duty, road tax, insurance tax, inheritance, council, stamp duty. True,but I don't think Fuel or road tax'd be a problem on the dole. I reckon I could easily enough become a net negative.
  8. I knew 2 homos in school,one made Julian Clarey look like Clint Eastwood in comparison,he got bullied pretty badly from the get go. I remember once all the lads from our year tied him up in skipping ropes,some grabbed his arms and some his feet and threw him up and down the playground for about 10 mins,when the teacher finally seen and came running over everyone ran over and started kicking and stamping on him,we must've only been about 8. Didn't see him again till secondary school and he was a lot less flamboyant. The other one wasn't effeminate,got on fine with everyone and I only
  9. It's obvious our state is working against it's people at least as often as not,so why venerate anyone for spending a long time feeding it taxes? Those taxes pay for operation Galileo,immigrant housing and benefits,more police to decide what you can and can't say. I do pay in myself,but if I was without responsibility I wouldn't.
  10. Ukip's gone from being economically right wing to more classically right wing,neither of which puts it nearer to being national socialist. In fact of all the current political parties in the UK it's a toss up between the greens and labour as to who shares more common ground with national socialism. The patriotic working class are a huge demographic,if they can tap into that with just a few local successes they're onto a winning strategy imo. Unfortunately that means more classically liberal minded people are completely without representation. Though win for one is a win for both,unfo
  11. That's the only way I've known average people deal with them.
  12. If you get to have a look at the CCTV take a mobile with a decent camera,they probably won't let you have a copy off them. Unless your daughter can have a word with someone and get it put to disc for you.
  13. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/609412/Blind-Jewel-Shuping-North-Carolina-America-Body-Integrity-Identity-Disorder I hope never to see the day a child with this delusion is pandered to rather than treated.
  14. That's how human societies work,the rest of the tribe straighten the wrongun out or make him go away. it's not pleasant,and you don't have to like it but try and change it at your peril. But the wolf getting the hiding hadn't done any wrong and neither has this kid. Why is everybody such an expert on this subject? Everybody is responding to sensational headlines. How about girls going to school in trousers does that excite the same moral outrage? Nature isn't subjective like morality (right and wrong),it's objective. that wolf needs to become stronger or disappear
  15. Absolutely true. We're being replaced by people who have retained their tribal instincts/customs,if current trends continue order will be restored within our lifetime
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