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  1. I'm the same mate - I'm 44 and I love the longer days. Everything just seems better when we get the warm sun on us
  2. I've got some ball bearings here that you're welcome to if you think they'll be better for him
  3. I like this time of year - 4:20am and its not dark
  4. Basic pasta bake today - I do like coriander in the salad
  5. Arsehole. Paedophiles and their sympathisers should both get a good kicking.
  6. 1:30 this morning - I like these shifts, I get to avoid all of the 9-5 loonys on the roads
  7. My old mate was cycling home from Reading to Pangbourne, probably 25 years ago now, pissed as a fart - he hit a badger and came off his bike. ......... all of his scrapes and bruises were from him trying to scoot away from it when it ran at him before he could get back up
  8. Lob a few tomatoes at it and start running when you've pissed it off enough - you'll get Devons own Pamplona going ........... it'll beat their strange cheese rolling thing hands down
  9. Fkn 'ell Arry - 57%....... I probably would fall down after too much of that and, maybe even go through the whole long forgotten 'tried to piss in the wrong place' scenario again
  10. I agree mate. Scophield is one slimy little cnt - I couldn't believe the way they all fawned over him when he embarrassed his family. ....... it wasn't too long ago that someone would have slapped him for that.
  11. Neither. I much prefer a good Bourbon Although, I did have a couple of glasses of one of the Penderyn whiskys over Christmas - that was pretty good.
  12. I don't know if this has been on here before....... Very convincing footage shows big cat lurking in Devon - Devon Live WWW.DEVONLIVE.COM One person branded the footage as the 'very convincing'
  13. Don't be mean - he did his nails and brought out the good flip flops for that
  14. I agree mate - I like seeing it this time of year
  15. It wasn't a new moon last night mate.
  16. The police in that video were a fkn shambles - undisciplined, unprofessional bully boys - a bunch of wankers employed to fill a quota like so many are nowadays. All of that shouting was mob mentality - they wound each other up and made the whole situation worse. No one was in control, certainly not not the c**t with the shotgun. Matey boy and his dogs were carolled in between the building and the river. They had every opportunity to calm the situation down but, they kept shouting and moving infront of the dogs and (in my opinion) an unhinged person. Of course the d
  17. I shudder to think what I'd do that b*****d if he'd got anywhere near my daughter. A wood chipper and landfill is too good for him.
  18. A few days ago I found out that the port manager doesn't like me ringing him at 5am because his lads have left stone over the track that I won't send the train over
  19. Yesterday's unload....... after the points failure was fixed.
  20. I do like Kiwi fruit - I've never had it in yoghurt though.
  21. Just had this lot stroll into the yard that I'm working at today ......... I think they just wanted some water from the big puddles.
  22. Schools have a lot to answer for. They need to make a lot of teachers keep their weird ideas in check. Little boys should be taught to become men.
  23. That's a nice comfortable set up if you're planning long trips
  24. I do like a nice salad sometimes
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