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  1. Right, that's it - I'm off to get a vaccine.... or a rum. ......... rum or vaccine Rum will give me side effects tomorrow but, I'll try it anyway
  2. He looks like Streaky from the film McVicar.
  3. f**k me, you'd win a knobbly knees contest at Auschwitz
  4. He's got a thing about the Irish Francie - massive racist is that SHH He's got one of those old fashioned 'No blacks, no dogs, no Irish' signs up on his rag worm stall
  5. That's coercion - I hope any company that behaves like that gets royally f****d by the solicitors
  6. I've never known anyone's missus kick them out as much - fair play though, you make the most of it Most of us just go down the pub and grab some flowers from the garage on the way back
  7. We've not had anything asking formally but, we've had an official letter saying that all restrictions remain the same across all sites.
  8. My boss asked me if I'd had mine a few weeks ago - I gave him an honest answer ....... not now but, i may do at some point in the future depending on the side effects that come out and how Covid develops but, right now, I'm not at any real risk. He was fine with that answer. Another lad on one of the sites that i visit is like a vaccine poster boy - Always preaching, he seems to think that you'll end up like an extra from World War Z if you don't get jabbed. ......... When he starts going on, I wind him up and tell him that because i have decent genes, produce testoster
  9. Jonjon79


    Sounds like a 2 stroke
  10. Jonjon79


    Greb, have a read - the effects of shift work and disrupted patterns aren't to be under estimated, especially for those of us creeping into middle age. Our minds and bodies are conditioned to be awake in the day and asleep at night so, it does have an effect, physically and psychologically. Shift Work Health Risks: Heart Disease, Ulcers, Obesity, Diabetes, Depression, Accidents WWW.WEBMD.COM Shift work may raise your risk of health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity...
  11. I've never really watched family guy but, I'll look that one up
  12. Good on you Jimmy Let's hope that's 2 more young 'uns that continue with rifles
  13. More of a sad truth than a joke ........
  14. Just f**k them off if they're lacking manners - walk into Tesco like Carlin going into the boiler room
  15. Try it on the Westons - mum went mental at me when I was younger for giving our old cat Guinness. ........ it fell of the sofa, walked into the patio door and threw up on the living room carpet
  16. I think I remember reading about that - it was a bit like a hobbit house in the woods, grass roof and everything? If it's the same people, the local council should be ashamed of themselves, they weren't causing any harm. I suppose the way they did it, there wasn't much for the council to tax them for
  17. Agreed 100% - that would stop folk from exploiting it and encourage the genuine cases. It would also go a little way to giving people a bit of pride in something.
  18. That said - I'd happily buy a half acre plot, build a half brick, half timber home with a veranda and sit in a rocking chair with a shotgun waiting for HMRC to come down the drive
  19. Yes, I get that mate - it's good that they can stop big firms from completely taking the piss. ........ They should be protecting the folk that put them in power and pay their wages. The bit I don't like is that ordinary folk are given so many obstacles and restrictions if they want to buy land and build a family home - it even goes as far as how the construction of the building is classified. Try getting a mortgage or loan on something that's been classified as non standard construction. Most people won't even try because of all the red tape and fees involved.
  20. To my mind, it's all about taxes and control - it's all about what they can take from you. ......... make 1 little mistake on a tax return and those fuckers are relentless. You can't even buy a bit of land and build your family a home on it without permission and restrictions. I know both of those things are nothing new but, it still gets on my tits.
  21. The worlds shitest barbecue. They need GL over there - he'll have some peppers and spicy shrimp on them coals and a hungry looking dog watching it
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