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  1. I've never been in a Starbucks or Costa - I can't be doing with all those daft names and the weird foam on the top. I do like a couple of strong cups of a decent instant before I leave for work, then I drink water all day. The missus likes good coffee - this is her favourite at the moment which, to be fair, is quite nice.
  2. I think that is true in certain quarters - places that I wouldn't even think of moving to. The folk round here though are good sorts - they don't give that mob an inch .......... The headmistress at the primary school down the road wanted to have unisex toilets - it got to the point that she couldn't be in the playground when the kids were being dropped off - the end result was, no unisex toilets and, 1 lefty indoctrinator put firmly back in her place
  3. Another sicko at it - writing books like this, aimed at young kids who have no business being exposed to this stuff. If this is how her depraved mind works, surely she can only be labelled as a paedophile. (Check out her graphic description of intercourse that she thinks is OK for a 4yr old to hear) Kids at that age should be starting to learn the basics on their academic journey and learning how to socially interact with their peers and having fun........ They should be allowed to be kids, they shouldn't be exposed to this shit. Also, why is this not a red
  4. Try to work out how he's wired up mate - it could be any number of things that's pissing him off. Boxing or martial arts might work, as already said, you do do tend to get a good bunch of lads in those places Alternatively, if he just needs wearing out, maybe give him something that's achievable but not easy - maybe a trek up a feckin big hill with a packed lunch and a photo opportunity at the top. This can be good fun - you often have to use your muscles and keep your wits about you.......... Caving UK: 10 epic destinations for advent
  5. He should hang his head in a shame - he's walked out on his 2 kids for a bit of fanny
  6. That's quite an admission mate
  7. Just because you typed it in bigger letters, doesn't mean it's not a fib
  8. Here we go - the race to stockpile vaccines again. ........ Roll up folks, roll up - get them sleeves rolled up, buy some extra bog roll, bang them pans again for the NHS, dust off those masks and save someone's granny - the new money maker, oops, I mean pandemic is building momentum. Britain's monkeypox outbreak 'DOUBLES in size': Eleven new cases 'will be announced TODAY' | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Nine Britons had been diagnosed with the contagious virus so far but a further 11 are set to be confirmed...
  9. Well well well, who would've thought it eh ......... Woke Brits clashing with not-so-woke Ukranians in refugee host homes - INSIDER COMMENT | Express Comment | Comment | Express.co.uk WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK GROWING numbers of refugees welcomed to Britain under the Homes for Ukraine plan are being... Zero fucks given
  10. I'd go careful with tucking excess wire into a box - I've seen stuff like that heat up. You could build a cupboard around it - leaving a hole or hatch on the side that's big enough to pass a plug through. If you make it big enough, the bottom part could give more storage. Also (I'm honestly not taking the piss) if you do build a cupboard around it, it might be prudent to put a smoke detector in there.
  11. Keep the feckin blockchain - some things I wouldn't change for the world
  12. Like a lot of things mate, it's only illegal if they find out
  13. I do use it to keep in touch with far flung family but, I'll admit, I do use it for other stuff aswell. ......... it can come in handy if you've got a high bullshit threshold Also, it can be good fun to wind up some of the knob heads when I've had a couple of beers
  14. Knife awareness week ffs. ........... How about we make the other 51 weeks of the year 'Stop and search and taser the little b*****ds' week This is a Local Facebook group and, the dipstick that posted this has actually mentioned toothpicks and spoons....... toothpicks and spoons for f**k sake .......... this is a rural county, full of field sports but, we're infested with these wet wipes - they almost internally combust with support when a local sab puts a post up. Check out his last paragraph - he actually said that knives cause crime. Wanker
  15. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to remember the life of (grooms name)..........."
  16. I once asked a colleague if he was going to the Pride march thing - his reply was, when you dress like a twat and prance down the road telling people that you like to f**k girls, I'll go to that he's in his 50s so, a different generation to some of the permanently offended fairies that we've got now.
  17. Jonjon79

    Another one!

    Because the ones that are grubby old nonces know that their powerful government mates will cover for them.
  18. It's fine - just don't put it in your back pocket
  19. I've always seen it as people being tribal - as a group, they'll naturally gravitate toward what they see as their own. It doesn't make them bad people, it's just what they prefer.
  20. It's like a national sport over there - It's just not very shocking or surprising any more. The first time I remember hearing about something like that was when Mum explained the story behind this song........
  21. Yes, and often work as traffic wardens or bailiffs.
  22. Duck egg Scotch eggs, made with chilli and leek sausages........
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