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  1. The commentary on those videos is hilarious
  2. Sorry for your loss Socks.
  3. f**k it, I'll have 2 please .......... and a van with a 1980s number plate.
  4. It could be a header tank - the sort of thing that you'll find in a loft.
  5. I agree - good morning Keith. ....... hope you're well mate
  6. I've always liked Jim Davidson and, that video is quality Good on him - I'd vote for him as prime minister
  7. Jonjon79


    Can't argue with any of that I think Boris showed his true feelings towards the EU months ago when he said they can go whistle for their divorce bill. .......... I get the impression that he doesn't like them but, he has to behave.
  8. Jonjon79


    Ms McBride is absolutely spot on
  9. I agree mate - I just hope that Shetland are looking to stay within the UK if Krankie does eventually get her wish
  10. Ol' Krankie can think what she wants - she can't have another Indyref unless Westminster permit it. .......... personally, I think she's just a seditious dick head. I hope Scotland and Shetland stay as part of the UK - on the whole, they're good people. ........... these little islands make up the best nation in the world - it should stay that way.
  11. Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. Steak, egg and chips. Rum. An axe or a big fishing net.
  12. Jonjon79


    So? The EU have been trying to shaft the UK for years and, they're still trying now - look at their efforts on the level playing field and fishing. ........ they're a bunch of shysters - I couldn't care less if our government breaks international laws in order to make sure that our islands get what we should have. ........ if they play this right, dead fishing communities all over the UK and Ireland could be thriving again. (Not to mention the huge potential for world trade) Honestly, I couldn't give a toss about the EU- I think the whole world has seen them for what they are: a nasty little group of politicians with 4th Reich ambitions. Any minor international laws that the UK bends or breaks will soon be forgotten.
  13. This one came on the radio on the way to work this morning - I do like a bit of Tina
  14. That's the thing - Fury isn't one of the all time greats but, he's doing well in his group and, he's a character. ........ I like him for all his messing about and flambouyance - he's interesting and he's winning. I do think that he would have probably been unheard of if he'd been in the same generation as Foreman and Ali but, he's not. .......... I like him and, I hope he goes on to win all of the heavyweight belts.
  15. It looks pissed, and there's no expansion joint, it'll have weeds through the pointing in 2 weeks Nice job - I'd be happy with that
  16. That crackling looks good Arry
  17. Impromptu bacon roll - but I guess it's no one off here
  18. I know there's a few railway lads on here........ anyone working on rd 3 at a siding in Didcot today?
  19. Ffs, I completely forgot Ugly Kid Joe This is one of my favourites............
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