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  1. there aint no woman to ugly. alcohol helping fat and ugly birds to get laid for yearsSince when do you need beer for a fat bird sure they're so grateful you get some shag for effort. Is she a Honda 50? You'd ride it but wouldn't want your muckers to find out. Ah yes... the good old days - I remember those. It's funny how fat birds and ugly birds are usually a good shag
  2. This is what I've been trying to say just step up and give her one - she'll be a completely different woman afterwards
  3. My recommendation would be the HW100, specifically, a Karbine ..... I've had a few rifles now but, the HW100kt is my keeper. It's solid and reliable.
  4. Very nice Has she got a sister?
  5. Get drunk with her one night, pop a couple of Viagras and, smash the living daylights out of her
  6. ..... just a thought - if it is glued on, try using a hair dryer to warm it. It might soften the glue enough for you to twist it off.
  7. That's what I was thinking. If that foresight is held on with a grub screw, it might come off easy. If it's glued on, it could be very difficult to get off. Deben do a silencer that comes with a few different adaptors for different sized barrels.
  8. Good pic Mark - 2 rabbits and a mag with 2 pellets gone - well played sir
  9. Hi Steve, Is this the rifle that you're talking about? If so, I'm guessing that the end of the barrel isn't threaded? Can you remove the bit on the end of the barrel? What diameter is the barrel? Do you already have a silencer that you would like to fit? Sorry for all the questions - I will try to help as best I can but, if it's anything like my daughters old XS501 (which I suspect it may be), this job could be a real bitch to do. Atb. Jon
  10. That one did make me laugh Lurcherman, just be glad you're not opening a butchers, ffs.
  11. I can think of worse places to just sit and watch the evening come in
  12. Cheers Si. I hope so, it's definitely a learning curve I'm not listening to that nasty Mac. Did you hear how much work his horrible German rifle needed before it would work properly?
  13. ..... Also, the firing cycle feels more snappy now. I think this is because the seal is starting to wear to the inside of the chamber. I don't mind this - I think the quick cycle helps me with accuracy. The original Air Arms piston was 218 grams. The new ally one is 142 grams.
  14. I had another play with it again this morning - I pumped the cocking arm a few times and put 20 shots through it to get it warmed up. I was using the FAPs again. I then gave it 10 shots through the Combro...... S1. 598fps / 10.65ftlb S2. 599fps / 10.70ftlb S3. 605fps / 10.90ftlb S4. 596fps / 10.58ftlb S5. 602fps / 10.81ftlb S6. 603fps / 10.82ftlb S7. 603fps / 10.84ftlb S8. 600fps / 10.71ftlb S9. 603fps / 10.82ftlb S10. 603fps / 10.82ftlb I then had a go at some targets - 30yrds, indoors. The lower group is 8 shots standing, leaning against a door frame. This is my best e
  15. Mac, stop posting pics ffs - I want to bid on this
  16. Weird things can happen when you're out hunting. Especially at night
  17. Cold McDonald ffs! Kids are little blank canvasses - we can make the best of them if we chose to. Some parents (Not all) are just lazy twats. Healthy packed lunches can be made on a budget......... we manage it. Don't get me started on the kids that don't do homework because the parents are too feckin lazy to help/push them.
  18. she blocked me off twitter for having ago at her ha lol I think you should take one for the team, so to speak - Offer her a night she'll never forget
  19. That's the beauty of them mate - nice rifles and, they're not over-engineered. I've only been back to air rifles for just over a year so, my TX seems to be the perfect thing for me to tinker with. I've built up a small collection of parts - seals, pistons, springs. I had mine apart again today - gave it a good degrease and polish inside. I fitted a lightweight ally piston - it's longer than the AA one but, shorter than the AA one with a TBT short stroke kit fitted. I put a Vmach seal on and used a Titan spring. Regreased it all and reassembled. The Vmac seal was was a little tight
  20. I just had a look at her Twitter page. To be honest, I just get the impression that she's never been laid properly
  21. My .177 Kt really isn't fusy. It'll shoot a lot of pellets well at 30-40yrds but, it's best pellet by far is JSB Heavy (10.34gn) - it gives good groups with these out to 60yrds and, they hit hard.
  22. We always use brochures, selotaped together, against a paving slab in he back of the shed. My daughters first rifle was a .22 SMK XS501. It was a lot of fun. Early last year, the backstop behind the brochures was a sheet of ply that had a baton screwed on to it, about 3ft up, to rest the brochures on. I took a couple of shots at it from 27yrds while the Co2 was low. The last shot hit the ply below the target, bounced straight back and hit me on the top of the head. My missus nearly pissed herself laughing.
  23. It is fun trying to master it. It's also bloody frustrating at times. I've wanted to get my TX by the barrel and lob it down the range more than once. Mine is doing well with FAPs. I tend to stark a session resting on a long V shaped bag, filled with rice - it's heavy and stable. Once I manage a good run of decent shots, I then change to resting on my hand. If the session goes well, I'll try some standing shots. As already said, there's no substitute for practice and, to be honest mate, if I can improve, anyone can. By the way, that last group is bang on. You should be very happy w
  24. ..... It didn't take long for us all to leg it into the clubhouse for a cuppa
  25. It was a wet one yesterday. Thank god the shooting bench is well covered It started off with thunder at around 2pm - Over the next 2 hours it was a mixture of torrential rain and hail. On the plus side, I still managed to hit a 5mm spinner at 30yrds through the weather
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