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  1. We use ivermectin on our dogs and me mates bitch didn’t used to come in season off it heard a few lads say they don’t have big litters whilst using it
  2. White dog 8 Month old half cross dog Black bitch 3/8 5/8 bull greyhound cant wait to get them out next season
  3. Pic of my half cross dog and my 8 month old 3/8 5/8 bull greyhound bitch
  4. Exactly the same way as the black dog mate half Cross he’s. going to be a big lump hope he does the business he’s not my dog he’s my misses brothers
  5. Any tips for some races today lads
  6. My bull cross bitch pup roughly 3/8 5/8 I think so I was told
  7. I think she’s roughly 3/8 5/8 bull greyhound Roybo on here would know more mate
  8. He’s just gone two done everything I’ve asked of him so I’m well pleased with him cheers mate
  9. Yeah she’s coming on tidy now mate can’t wait to start her next season now, yes he’s been doing well FairPlay it’s only his second season so I’m well pleased with him so far
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