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  1. It is..Few more since! Just when I think that's it..
  2. steg

    Funny Joke Thread

  3. For fukc sake.. this has just added ammo to walshie's all puffgun user's are bent thing!
  4. Think they took control 09.00 hours this morning if this link works Phil.. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/general-licences-for-controlling-wild-birds-letter-from-environment-secretary-to-natural-england-chair
  5. steg

    A meaty piece.

    Sounds like one of the Riddler's riddles
  6. Wonder where we will stand then if he doesn't apply for one or delays it but still says come on.. I'll sort it..carry on regardless?! Errrm..Can I see your licence please Mr farmer/ keeper/landowner?
  7. Apologies for my poor wording.. two man lift was meant. They say the ev is right at the back of boiler so the whole boiler has to come off!? Health and safety no doubt. I'll see Tuesday.
  8. Got worcester Bosch coming out to fix mine in a few days. Pressure shooting straight up to 3 bar and water coming out of prv pipe outside. Expansion vessel they think. A two man job apparently?? 4 weeks left on a 7 year warranty and they agreed to do it!
  9. Neighbour's got piles of soil, rubble, broken slabs etc behind his shed and the rats are loving it. They been coming in under his fence and through into mine behind my shed. Shot maybe a dozen in last 6 months with airgun but just not got the time for that so ordered a couple of mark4's. And with the helpful posts of you gents on here.. First one yesterday.
  10. steg

    2 handed fly rod

    Have a look at some "switch rods " . Sort of a single hander / lighter form of a double hander. Can be used as either. Got a cheap one a few years back when tennis elbow set in and the single hander was getting way to painful.
  11. steg

    Sea trout

    Middle stretches mate. Durham city to Bishop Auckland waters.
  12. steg

    Sea trout