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  1. steg


    Mr Mathews our English teacher.. he said his bit and then went to the back of the class room. Anybody pissing about or copying would get a karate chop on top of the head from behind.. we never heard it coming, didn't really hurt with a thick head of hair back then cut basin style..was more of the shock factor. Had ring on his little finger too. We nick named him "JAP"
  2. steg

    Dream job

    Here you go mackem..off the edge of mount babadag (spelling) Olu Deniz in Turkey to celebrate 40th a few years back... going again this summer. Might have another go to see if my balls are just as mahoosive! ... or not!
  3. What's the fps variation like with another pellet? I've got a tin of heavies here all over the place on the chrono but then get a nice 5 fps spread again when I switch back to the guns favourite AA express
  4. steg

    Hw100 help

    You mean like this Dan?
  5. steg

    Got my new scope

    Get highs Mac or you won't get the sunshade on
  6. steg

    Got my new scope

    Medium mounts mate.. got about 3mm clearance off barrel. 35 yard zero with heavies and shit loads of elevation clicks to go at. ( ok couple of clicks right needed before you lot start)
  7. steg

    Got my new scope

    Get it on the 100 you twat..
  8. steg


  9. steg

    Man gets stuck going down

    .. .. https://youtu.be/mVN-5-I5iBo
  10. steg

    Diana pup

    GET a proper bullpup lads... 150 yard@localgolfcourse.. .. x
  11. steg

    Scope question

    That variation might just be the pellets.. only takes about 10 fps with say a heavy pellet to go from 11.2 to 11.5. Wouldn't have thought 10 fps would knock your zero off bn.
  12. steg


    Pint of grapefruit juice daily seems to keep it away from me year after year.. Addicted now! Seriously though I don't even get a sniff! Meant to be good for other things too.. said it now.. " Que sera, sera!
  13. steg

    Tx200 advice

    " Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with them." Not a pop at anyone.. ☺
  14. steg

    Hair we go

    Haha.. Looks like somebody's toupee has blown off Rezzy
  15. steg

    Christmas stress

    It's showing on the airguns section