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  1. Nah, I don't think he's enough of a wanker to say 'reaching out' - that could only come from one of those pretentious pricks at work that you want to hit with a chair
  2. Jonjon79

    At last

    Work at Didcot at 05:45 this morning......
  3. Proper buttery toast with it
  4. This still makes me laugh........
  5. Sorry mate - I meant to reply earlier. Ours isn't a Ninja one - it's just a basic black and silver one. We don't use it very often but, it gives good results on things like chips and those little chicken drumsticks
  6. Spicy meatballs and pasta last night
  7. I don't know if Si Brown has still got his one but, he used to do really with it - good bits of kit
  8. Yes mate - she does knock up a decent dinner
  9. They're around 2" to 3" long, cut through a square chipper thing, boiled a bit, turned in olive oil, butter and a little salt, then cooked in an air fryer just once. ......... Maybe Marris Pipers, feck knows, the missus made them
  10. Enjoyed that tonight - Salmon cooked with crispy skin
  11. That thing in the video is a f***ing clown.
  12. Nah, I dunno mate - that picture looks a bit photoshopped Firstly, the shadows from the blokes legs look wrong. Secondly, I belive that you'd be impulsed to have a regular tidy shave for the camera. Lastly, I thought you'd be taller
  13. I hope you both don't catch it again It seems to be random how people get different effects.
  14. I heard the 'Wrong speak squad' put their doors in at 3am and carted them both off for some 'readjustment'
  15. I agree - it's not the first time he's made himself unpopular on here so, in my opinion, he's a shit mod for the way he's trying to give it the big un' with his petty PMs to members. ........ He definitely comes across as a little Napoleon. There's some lively blokes on here and, moderation with a light hand seems to work well since I've been here.
  16. Buy them all guns for Christmas Your uncle would look good with a Tommy gun with a round mag
  17. Bloke at work sent me this today
  18. A bit of cheese on toast for the missus when she got in from work today. Must have Worcestershire sauce
  19. I reckon the Welsh lads played a blinder ......... Threw the match on purpose so that they could get out of that shit hole ASAP
  20. Have they got enough 'aspiring young rappers' to bollocks the penalties again if they're needed?
  21. I've been fancying that for a few days - I'd have a big bit of butter on it, under the beans and cheese
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