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  1. This weeks work schedule means no drinking for me............. until Friday night. Inspired by the Newcastle Brown Ale post (haven't had one for years), I picked these up today - I've been eyeing up the rum for a while. ........... I also picked up a big slab of belly pork - roll on Friday
  2. Yep, I know how that works mate.
  3. Buy it and enjoy it mate - you're a long time dead
  4. Go through the xhamster browser to get on THL - that'll give you a secure connection
  5. Jonjon79

    MP stabbed

    Skinny on the roof?
  6. Should have let the dogs go again.
  7. We have some strange ol' laws in this country - because of the violent crime reduction act, you can't order and have delivered an airgun silencer..... a metal tube with bits of plastic inside. But, you can order a compound crossbow, as many arrows as you want and, whatever broadheads you fancy, no questions asked, next day delivery.
  8. I don't know mate - I think if we're going to critique big groups then, yes IQ should be a part of it but, so should things like how they care for their elderly, how many homeless they have, the state of their healthcare etc. I know that might sound a bit bleeding heart but, it's a big question and I'm under qualified to answer it.
  9. Sadly, that's all very true and, part of the reason that I stopped giving a stuff about wider society a while back. Thankfully my daughter is growing up with an extended family that are enthusiastic about seeing her and like to engage with her - some of the lessons she learns out of school are priceless. ........ it's encouraging to know that a lot of kids get the same treatment. I can't change the school system, I won't even try but, I will give my own a leg up whenever I can.
  10. An IQ test is a different thing to how educated a person is or how much knowledge they can retain - it's more about cognitive ability and problem solving. ....... It's how I see our school system going wrong nowadays - kids are taught to remember answers so that they can pass an exam. I think there are very few good teachers that can actually coach a child to think in ways that will develope their IQ. It's possible to find a British professional, full to the brim with academic qualifications and a wholly average IQ and, an Amazonian tribesman with minimal knowledge of the out
  11. Actually, that's a good point - I did hear about some little stasi failed traffic warden types checking on people. Hopefully they've eased up on it a bit now
  12. You'll be fine walking the dog mate - the fresh air will probably do you good while you're fighting off the lergie
  13. It's the old saying mate - don't stick your dick in crazy
  14. Her tonsils were worse today so, I took her up to the GP clinic at the hospital and, we actually found a doctor that would have a look at her - turns out she's got glandular fever, not tonsillitis. .......... Useless feckin local GP and crap telephone appointments Apparently she just has to ride it out and treat the symptoms until it goes away - we stopped at Tesco's for some Diflam spray, Ibuprofen, a new toothbrush, bottles of water and Strawberry flavour Strepsils. ........ We also got some natural honey - I'll give her a spoonful morning and night. Hopefully it'l
  15. Fillet steak and stilton pie
  16. I'll have a couple more of these after dinner later It's nice but, not the best I've had. It would probably be better for sipping if it wasn't 54%. ......... For a spiced rum, it's not too sweet which is a good thing but, the flavours are a bit more subtle than I'd like.
  17. Our little 'uns got tonsillitis at the moment as well - we're still not seeing any Covid around here but, the seasonal ailments are creeping in. The doctor wouldn't even take a look at her - lazy f****r prescribed penicillin on the back of a quick phone call.
  18. Did you get her number?
  19. For me, it depends on the individual - if they're a bit slow to learn but, willing to work hard, I'll put in the effort for them. If they're a blatant piss taker, they can f**k off. Timekeeping is a big thing for me - like Qbgrey said, you turn up early and be ready to start at your start time.
  20. You could have a word with GruffaloGriff on here - he's done some nice bits with antler
  21. To be fair, I didn't see anyone in that clip being roughed up or battered. How they were moved out of the road wasn't very graceful but, when a fully grown adult decides to go floppy like a 2yr old having a tantrum in a supermarket, all you can do is drag them. There was plenty of harsh words but, frustration is to be expected - especially with the way that old boy kept slithering back into the road after he'd been moved and, the way that woman kept dumping herself down in front of traffic that was about to pull away. In my opinion, these people are a pain
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