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  1. Yes, and often work as traffic wardens or bailiffs.
  2. Duck egg Scotch eggs, made with chilli and leek sausages........
  3. Good bits of kit A few of the old boys on the railway still use them - they like them because there's a hotplate in the loco cab that they can warm them on if need be.
  4. I don't think many took much notice of the last lock down mate - folk round here took a few precautions to be on the safe side but, the majority didn't go all in for the narrative. Most of us did the bare minimum to avoid the grasses and a fine. I held back (thankfully) because of how quick the vaccines had been rushed out - the missus had 2 jabs because of her asthma, I had none. She had covid last December and it was like a mild cold. We we're still getting our jollies pretty regular but, I never caught it. I reckon I'll take the same attitude wether it's Monkey pox
  5. Nish Kumar - thinly veiled hateful c**t
  6. Is anyone else watching American Gods? I'm 3 episodes in and, I can't decide whether to stick with it or not ......... I like Ian McShane and all of the supernatural stuff - I'm not a big fan of all of the nudity and gay scenes so, I'm hoping they pack that in pretty rapid.
  7. Yep, I agree. I can't stand this prick and, to hear that he's right up himself nowadays just makes you want to put a forehead on his nose even more
  8. I don't imagine that that's the sort of spare that someone would have hanging around mate. ........ Ady at A&M is probably your best bet
  9. I haven't had this for ages so, I popped in the butchers after work today ........ belly pork done in the oven, then cut up and given a few minutes in a pan with some butter and maple syrup.
  10. Jonjon79

    Evil Bitch

    I hope they all get beaten to death in prison
  11. Last nights dinner - crispy pork with sweet pepper, cherry tomatoes and spring onion in a sticky teriyaki sauce.
  12. That was my thought......... if they're allowed to crack on with this freak show, it'll be organised visits to primary schools next
  13. I shit 'em both mate - I once walked home from Basingstoke to Reading, along the railway tracks, pissed as a fart when I missed the last train. .......... I got home before it was properly day light
  14. 'Family Sex Show' that urges FIVE-YEAR-OLD children to explore 'sexual pleasures' is cancelled | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Theatre company ThisEgg complained it had been forced to scrap its show, which encourages... This bunch of sexual deviants and paedos were actually given tax payers money for this shit. Then, when their freak show is rightly cancelled because of public opinion, they have the cheek to label normal folk (you know, the ones that actually feel a need to protect children) as extremists. If this grooming event
  15. The good ol' chicken dinner .......... basic and tasty.
  16. You can't beat sitting outside with a fire mate
  17. Jonjon79


    Have they really announced the end of it? Is that it, it's actually being done away with 100%?
  18. If these parrots will have a Yorkshire accent, I'll put a deposit down on one now
  19. Crispy chicken stir fry tonight
  20. Ain't that the truth
  21. I think it effects people differently - I smoked it every day for over 15yrs. I stopped about 10yrs ago. ........ I was always a heavy sleeper anyway but, the first 2 weeks after knocking it on the head, I had some really vivid dreams - not bad ones, just some mental ones and a couple of really good ones it doesn't take long to get back to a regular pattern Although, I will admit, I do sometimes fancy a smoke now and again, and a glass of orange juice and lemonade with loads of ice
  22. Brace yourself for the weird dreams mate. Nice looking grub
  23. That's exactly how it is 100%
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