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    Who can forget The Shamen?
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    I'd never heard that before so, I just listened to it all - it's a cracking song on a couple of levels that I reckon a lot of us can relate to
  3. Jonjon79

    Camper van conversions

    From the outside, it looks like it should be parked on a verge, catching speeding motorists.
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    Guns N Roses is my all time favourite, especially their earlier stuff but, I enjoy most music. Stand By Me by Ben E King is a big favourite. I'm 40 so, I like a lot of the catchy dance music from the 90s and 00s. Some of the older rock n roll, older Motown and Soul. Some of the Vietnam era yank bands. I can't get my head around Jazz - it just sounds like a load of pissing about with instruments to me. I can't stand Rap or Garage music. ........... the worst is when some fuckwit remakes a really good song and dumps a load of rapping in the middle of it - like Every Breath You Take by Sting.
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    https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/sep/12/northern-irish-court-dismisses-case-against-no-deal-brexit At least the Irish judge has seen sense
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    Snow this year? Yes or No?

    I hope we have a good winter with bollock-deep snow.i like a bit of extreme weather
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    Yellow Beetroot

    No. Straining too hard for a dump is usually what causes piles in men. If yellow beetroot is causing you constipation, it could be a contributing factor but, that on it's own won't be giving you piles.
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    Have you still got a days work in you Micky?
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    My brief introduction.....

    500 acres and nothing to go at? ......... What is it? A housing estate? A runway?
  10. Jonjon79

    Blackpool airguns

    Don't worry Rez - crap shop anyway. Lloyd is only concerned about noshing off Tony Bellas on YouTube nowadays
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    I'd like to think not - not over words on a forum
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    Flute band

    Ah, ok. It's a shame that comes to that - some of them young 'uns that take part do really well. ........... I remember seeing some of the young cadets in the military bands at the royal tournament - I could never play an instrument so, they always impressed me
  13. Jonjon79

    Flute band

    I've never understood all that marching band/marching season stuff They all seem to put in a good effort and turn out a decent performance.
  14. Jonjon79

    My brief introduction.....

    It does that on here sometimes - welcome to THL Hang around and get stuck into some of the other areas
  15. As some of you will remember, this was the C1 that Ethan and Jimmy brought back to life and, Si worked his magic on the internals After mentioning it to Ethan on his return thread, I thought it was about time to get it back out again - it's been a while. ........ all I've done to it is add a sling and mount a little Hawke Sport 4x32 duplex in a Dampa mount - apart from that, it's exactly as I recieved it and, I think it looks great It's not the easiest thing to shoot - the straight stock and single stage trigger promotes a quick shot style and, it really does punish any lack of technique I like it Anyway, I had a free afternoon so, I popped to the butchers, then round to Black Cat.
  16. I reckon one of those pellets in that calibre, doing 900fps would be a real stopper That crackling was awesome - work keep asking me when I'm bringing in some more ....... the secret is to rub coarse salt into both sides really well and, just before you're going to take it out of the oven, put honey on the fat side and give it another few minutes - it's really good when it's still warm
  17. Jonjon79

    Garage floor..

    Yes, Warmup do make underfloor heating but, they also do insulation boards that are similar to the Wedi boards. ........ you couldn't just put the boards down, they're too fragile for that but, once they're tiled over they're stable and they insulate well. Celotex and ply will be quicker and cheaper
  18. Push up your '97 mate - seriously, that's probably one of the best springers I've ever fired
  19. Jonjon79

    Garage floor..

    That's a good shout - especially if you plan on spending a fair amount of time in there If you want to go go nuts, look at Warmup or Wedi boards and tiling over- obviously this depends on what you want to turn the room into. .......... I've got some experience with this so, feel free to give me a shout if needed
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    Micky, take this blokes advice ........ he's even got 'Sox' in his username
  21. Jonjon79


    Why have you put your snares out for recycling?
  22. I'm grateful for the Primos sticks when I'm out with it mate - it's not really a walk and stalk set up. It'd be interesting to see some accuracy tests with those Hades if you've got an FAC .22?
  23. It does feel a bit like that sometimes mate At the moment I'm PCPless - I might sort another but, at the moment I'm enjoying the springers and, I've got the TX to a point where I'm happy to put NV on it The rugby club has been a bit dead for a while but, we have picked up 2 big sports clubs that are 15 minutes from my front door so, next time you're down here......... Hope you're all well mate
  24. It's spot on Jimmy and, the chrome work is holding up really well ....... but, I do give them a quick wipe with Balistol when I get home. I forgot to say about that - anytime that C1 makes an appearance at the club, it gets attention ....... it's something that most have never seen so, it does generate interest. Those Hades are pretty good - they're a bit gimmicky but, they are accurate. ........ they're good in my '77 as well but, they really push the power up for some reason The C1 is a cracking little rifle mate - I like how it looks and how it handles. It kind of puts the fun back into it for me. ......... it's a credit to you, Ethan and Si
  25. Cheers Mark I never knew your FWBs were like that - I'd always assumed they'd be 2 stage triggers. ........ I do like it though Atb mate