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  1. Nice work I've been resisting the temptation to add a .22 hw100 to my cabinet for a while.
  2. Don't put your keys in the fruit bowl.
  3. Nice gesture. Someone's going to love that as their first rifle. ....Well done that man.
  4. Nice shooting and, nice rifle. I'm also not seeing many big 'uns on my main permission at the moment. I'm looking forward to the long warm evenings.
  5. I've tried these in .22 and .177. They're fast but not accurate. I'm now firmly of the opinion that you just can't beat a good soft lead diablo. FAPs are fantastic in my .22.
  6. I think I know her
  7. Wtf is that all about? How would they even get those bulls to do that? It looks cruel and very painful. Not good.
  8. Those comments keep making me laugh on this forum If you post pics make sure everything is spotless and well finished with no embarrassing clothes or you'll cop a load of that kind of flack!! I'm thinking of doing exactly the opposite - I might put something in the background to see if it gets spotted
  9. Those comments keep making me laugh on this forum
  10. I've been able to vote for almost 20 years and, I've only ever felt that I'm picking the best of a bad bunch - it's always felt like an exercise in damage control. As I said, I will most definitely be voting in this referendum and, for what it's worth, I'll be voting out. I Just don't expect our government to listen to it's people. If the out campaign does win, I suspect that they will twist and turn everything so much that we will see very little change. We moved to Wiltshire for our daughter - So that she could attend a school that doesn't have a quota of foreign students that sap he
  11. That liver looks like coccidiosis (I googled it), and opinion is that it is unfit for consumption, couldn't find anything about the rest of the rabbit that the liver came from though. I'd rather be safe than sorry and discard the liver and the rabbit. Cheers. I just had a look at that. It's a shame to bin the poor bugger but, I'm not going to risk it.
  12. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/49891-white-spots-on-rabbit-livers-what-is-it/ There is an earlier thread on here discussing the phenomena, sadly no pictures. I am on my second bout of Man Flu in 5 weeks. This time the Dr gave me a 2 week sick note, to make sure I clear it from my system. Work aren't impressed. At least I've stopped coughing up melted cheese now. The mild winter hasn't killed off the usual bacteria 'Melted cheese' At least you have a couple of weeks to go shooting - I mean resting and recuperating. Try it, I slept like a baby last night
  13. Oh I'm definitely voting out without a doubt. I just don't believe that it'll all be done fairly after the vote. I think the politicians will just keep being sneaky politicians.
  14. Cheers Mac. Quite a few have come and gone over the las 12 months but, this has always been my 1 true keeper
  15. I always gut the rabbits on site but, leave the livers in - I like them with tomato and english mustard. I know the livers are also a sign of the health of the rabbit. The attached picture is the liver from the larger rabbit. I wondered if someone could help me with a bit more info for what I'm looking at here?
  16. I was feeling pretty rough yesterday from a good dose of man flu (not those sniffles that the missus gets). After sitting here pissing with sweat for a while, I decided to take a walk round my nearest permission. At 10pm packed up my HW100 and headed off to a rugby club 10 mins away. There's 7 warrens in the banks around the perimeter. To be honest, I didn't care if I didn't get anything - the way I was feeling, it was just nice to be out in the cool night air in a tee shirt for an hour. As it turned out, I did manage to get 3 from different areas.
  17. Hatted the little fecker loved him to if you know what i mean he was a moody, grumpy, stubborn little twat and if im honest a big miss ,a big miss atvbmac :thumbs: I know what you mean. Mines a proper little Jekyl and Hyde - she's so happy when I get home but, she'll snarl at me if I move her when she's got comfy. I wouldn't want to be without the little shit though. Yours was a nice looking dog. Sorry for your loss.
  18. I don't think it matters what way we vote - personally, I think it'll all be twisted, bent and spun to suit what the government wants anyway.
  19. £9m for this shit. I wonder how many new childrens wards or specialist cancer care centres that could provide? How many pensioners, that have paid in all of their lives, could it help? How many homeless exsquadies could it take off the streets? The list is endless.
  20. Those .22 FAPs are also doing really well in my TX. I wrote off AA Fields a while back when the .22s wouldn't group with my old Airwolf and, the .177s wouldn't work in my old Ultra. To be honest, the Ultra was a pain in the arse from start to finish - it was the one rifle that I was glad to see the back of. I thought I'd give the AA fields another crack but, I've never considered going for the smaller size.
  21. This one does usually which is why it surprised me.
  22. Shooting this old phone was fun I'll give another vote for extra strong mints. Also, there's loads to print on the internet - Selotape them to an Argos catalogue and away you go.
  23. I popped into an rfd near work last week. I didn't have much time so, I was in a bit of a rush. I wanted to try some AA Field. I meant get 4.52s but, grabbed a tin of 4.51s without looking. I know the sizes in the tin can be all over the place but, I tried them in my daughters Goldstar se (compared to others) this morning and, they were absolutely bang on The picture below is a 10 shot group. I've just rezeroed at 30yrds and, have been hitting pellet holes. ......So far, a fantastic pellet.
  24. Mine are all within a 30 minute drive.
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