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  1. Bad luck I kind of wish my missus would nick my guns - it'd be nice to share the hobby with her but, she's got no interest in it all. I even offered to buy her whatever rifle she wanted a few months ago. Well done on the nice deal.
  2. I do like Danish oil. I used it on a black, blue & grey laminate stock that I made. It made the colours pop out well and the finish felt hard wearing.
  3. Cheers Mac. It was a lot less involved than the work you've been doing lately but, it was nice to do.
  4. Thanks for the kind comments. I do think I was quite lucky to get a stock with a nice looking grain. I've also done a little work on the inside - a good clean, degrease and a short stroke. The firing cycle is pretty short and sweet. It feels a little low on power at the moment. I'll have a look at it over the Combro and adjust it as needed. I'm looking forward to getting it out and getting it's first rabbit. I think it'll do well now the mornings are getting lighter.
  5. Cheers Mark. It's got a Rowan trigger guard, adjustable trigger and adjustable butt plate.
  6. After reading a few stock threads on here, I finally decided to crack on with my TX stock I had a .177 TX in beech last year but, this is the one that I really wanted - a .22 with a walnut stock that I'm very happy with. I started putting English Walnut Oil on it a week ago. The instructions say to use a little each time and rub it in with your hands. It's had 6 coats like this. It's also had a good buff with a clean rag. The result is a slightly darker stock with a satin sheen. I'm very pleased with it.
  7. Imagine the look on her face if you'd accidentally put your hw100 in there
  8. That's the thing, most of us aren't Neanderthals - When we hunt, we look for the quickest, cleanest shot possible. We use what prey we can to ensure that as little as possible is wasted. We have respect for what we hunt. We also carry out conservation - We clear what diseased animals we can to protect the rest (Mixy Rabbits). We reduce the numbers of some invasive species (Grey Squirrels) to give native species a chance. We have as little impact on the ground as possible by, for example, using natural hides. Believe it or not, none of us do what we do because we hate the animals we hun
  9. Was it reliable that 501 mate? U. Well, it held Co2 ok and, it was accurate with Daystate Sovereigns but, I think that whatever mechanism released the Co2 behind the pellet may have been faulty. Occasionally it seemed to release an odd shot with a lot more power. The rifle its self never felt any different but, I could certainly hear the difference when one of those shots hit a target. Also, I once took it out to get some pigeons. It performed really well. Then, I went for a chest shot at around 25rds - it put the pellet right through the pigeon. I saw the feathers burst away behind it.
  10. Open sights are a very satisfying way to shoot when you make a good shot. I used to have an SMK XS501. That was a single shot co2 in .22. It was very light and pointable.
  11. That's a nice spot. Good shooting. It looks like you could catch them before they hit the floor
  12. These were the shorts. It's good to know that the longs fit an HW mag - I reckon they could be more stable at longer rangers if these shorts start to awry. I've got longs in .22 to try in my TX
  13. I found it really funny. I was pissing myself laughing when Fury did his Vlad impression. It's just show business. We haven't someone this interesting in boxing for a long time.
  14. Cheers. It was indoors, prone, off a bipod. I wanted to be as stable as possible so that I could make sure that they didn't shotgun with a further 10yrds added. I still want to try them at some longer range targets. To be honest, I'll be very surprised if they don't start opening right up.
  15. Same here Rez. For me it's JSB Heavy .177 in my HW100 and FAP .22 in my TX. I just can't help experimenting and tinkering. I'm thinking that the Polymags are working well so far because they're a soft lead hollow tip but, the plastic nose is reducing drag as they fly through the air. Maybe they work a lot better than H&N Hornets because the brass tips on the hornets are too heavy for sub 12. I don't know, just a thought. I managed a 40yrd group of 14 shots yesterday morning.......
  16. I popped up to the rugby club last night with my shooting buddy. We stayed for about 4hrs. The weather was good - clear, dark, a slight wind. He brought his S510 Superlite .177, using JSB Heavies. I took my HW100kt with the Polymags that I've been testing. I really wanted last night to give me an opportunity to update the Polymags thread but, it wasn't to be..... We checked most of the usual spots - no rabbits. I found 3 rabbits in a tree line, at the top of a bank. They were relaxed and happily eating. I took the time to keep watching them on the nv while slowly creeping clos
  17. Fantastic story. That dogs a keeper.
  18. Not the best backstop for a .243
  19. I'll second that. He's a top bloke.
  20. Kind of old meets new - I like it. It's not even my rifle but, I'm really looking forward to seeing it back in one piece.
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