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  1. Best bit was when they stopped making that racket.
  2. And another £20 today from Shovel Leaner. Thanks.
  3. It's good that you travel light but doesn't the fully assembled picnic bench take up room in your rucksack?
  4. Yeah, we're probably going Saturday if the weather isn't too bad.
  5. Forgot to say Delswal lost a bet with Gnasher and agreed to donate £20 to the fishing comp. Del sent me £20 cash in the post ages ago. Just found the envelope so I'll chuck it in at the comp.
  6. For me 22LR 22 hornet 223 308 12 gauge
  7. Loss of smell and taste, high temperature, cough etc?
  8. walshie

    65 today

    Is it your birthday? You should have said! Happy Birthday Stan.
  9. We're definitely going. Usually a good day out.
  10. Nearest beekeeper to me is 40-50 miles way, but they all cleared off yesterday afternoon anyway.
  11. It's not actually. It's 25-30ft deep max and known for coarse fish, especially pike. This is the one I'm after. The Afanc. cryptozoo-oscity: Llangorse Lake -home to a lake monster or a monster fish? CRYPTOZOO-OSCITY.BLOGSPOT.COM Llangorse Lake in Wales is a glacial lake about a mile (1.6 km) long and fairly shallow in parts about 10 feet (3 meters ) deep on a... Altohugh I'd be happy to just catch a double to begin with.
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