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  1. C'mon. Outside, you little f***ing stumblebum.
  2. Joan and Antony? Don't forget to charge him shop prices as it's "just as cheap".
  3. No it depends on if you're pest controller or kidding yourself as to your motives.
  4. Where;s that Sean? Down your way?
  5. walshie


    It's not surprising is it with 650 people rammed into the H.O.C waffling hot air for hours every day.
  6. As long as people don't confuse pest control with going out and shooting 1 rabbit.
  7. How could someone come up with a figure of 1/4 hour drive? Round here that would be 10-15 miles away. In London it could be half a mile. I'd question whether whatever you were going out for was something you NEED to do, or WANT to do. Massive difference IMO.
  8. walshie


    Why would anyone want to walk uphill at the best of times, let alone now?
  9. I tried plugging the hole in mine but didn't have anything big enough.
  10. What does it taste of?
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