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  1. Do you need a wire trace if you're likely to catch jack pike?
  2. Zeros and ones with Ethan Hawke. Absolute crap. More like a covid public information advert than a film.
  3. Obviously it's a Teagle PTO driven broadcaster fertiliser speader.
  4. That's what I thought, but there's no splines. Unless they've rusted away.
  5. I got it out. When I say I, I mean Ben got it out.
  6. walshie

    O Eddie

    It's a tiktok vid from when he "ran over a car" with his tank last year.
  7. Yeah. I've seen those videos on youtube where the object pulls out of the ground and smashes through the back window of the truck. Can't get the truck anywhere near that field either due to where it is.
  8. Today's update. It's in a mass of roots. I wish I'd never started.
  9. Yeah looks like one but it's about 5 times the size and I don't see the point of it hinging flat.
  10. I found this under a load of bramble in a field about 10ft from a stream. It's a hoop of approx 3/8" steel with a lump of angle iron welded to the top. It's about knee height and about 2.5-3ft wide. I tried pulling it out but it's in solid. About 2" below the surface each leg has a round hinge and pin that allows it to move backwards or forwards but not side to side and under the hinge appears to be more steel rod going straight down. I don't know how far as I didn't have any digging tools with me. Any ideas?
  11. Aye up pal. Wondered if you could shed some light on missing person. Socks. Jok.

  12. My old ridgeback could only eat James Wellbeloved dry food. Anything cheaper and she either had the shits or was sick. I'm sure there are other cheaper options with the same ingredients if you look for them.
  13. Ben's still coming but not fishing due to dislocating his shoulder today. 3 weeks to the day after dislocating the other one. Clumsy bollocks.
  14. No. I've found out how close it is to the largest traveller town in Ireland.
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