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  1. walshie

    More sh*te from Kwis Packbam

    Exactly right. Shooting birds on the General Licence just because you fancy it has never been legal. All wild birds are protected, but the GL makes exceptions in certain circumstances. You have to comply with these conditions first. It's all there in black and white, so ignore it at your own risk. I've tried telling people before, but their excuse even if the pigeons are nowhere near a crop is that "they would eat it sooner or later." That's not good reason, however guilty they look. "I shot the pigeon because he had a shifty look about him."
  2. walshie


    A Europhile calling Brexit cowardly is so ironic. Being scared to leave the supposed safety of the EU is like a small child anxious about being separated from it's parent. But they all leave eventually.
  3. walshie

    What a prick

    Thing is, the General Licence already protects the birds he's talking about to a sensible level. Once the conditions of the GL have been met, and there is still an issue, it proves they are a real problem. I would suggest he hasn't read or understood it.
  4. walshie


    Actually, forget it lads. It's all over. Uri Geller is going to stop Brexit telepathically. https://news.sky.com/story/uri-geller-tells-pm-i-am-going-to-stop-brexit-telepathically-11672961 c**t couldn't even bend a spoon without getting rumbled.
  5. walshie


    If they like talking about numbers, the 17.4 mill who voted leave were all on the electoral register. A lot of the rag-tag bunch of people who marched today (no way was that even near a million) weren't. By the time you take out the illegal immigrants, foreigners, youngsters and people ineligible to vote for whatever reason, it's a lot smaller number.
  6. walshie

    Metal detecting section

    Request acknowledged and filed in the appropriate place.
  7. walshie

    Metal detecting section

    Someone suggested a fishing forum and got one.
  8. walshie


    What's good about realising it? Do you think it's good to just give up? The leftards never will. I'm not talking about armed insurrection or anything, but anything I can do thwart these cocksuckers, I'll do. Bit disappointed to hear you think that to be honest mate.
  9. walshie


    We should stop feeding the troll now.
  10. walshie


    We're not frightened of one. You don't DESERVE one and you're not getting one. Simple as that.
  11. walshie


    A graph from some website I've never heard of doesn't mean a thing. I'm sure there are other sites with differing graphs. so no, that proves nothing. I would be against a vote as you said above because as someone pointed out it is splitting the leave vote. IF there was another vote there would have to be 2 options: Remain or leave. I'd also be against it because we've already voted. If the result was the same would you accept it this time? I doubt it. And we don;t need another 3 years pissing about.
  12. walshie


    Who said it is no longer the will of the majority? Just because you think something doesn't make it so. How is anyone better informed? What you said made no sense.
  13. walshie


    It is the will of the majority. So why isn't the will of the majority being implemented? I truly believe if there was another referendum, the outcome would be the same, but there shouldn't be another as the remainers don't deserve it and Brexit shouldn't wait another 3 years.
  14. walshie


    'Kinell. I never thought I'd agree with Max, but his last few posts have been spot on.
  15. walshie


    I'm sorry if being me proud to be British sticks in your EU loving throat.