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  1. The OP hasn't been online since 2nd. Seems the norm to ask for permission, check a couple of days later to see if they've been gifted 5000 acres and if not, never come on again.
  2. walshie

    Rip a ghost

    "A music guy or something."
  3. You should have texted me. Just about everyone else did. You know who you are...
  4. So THAT's what that button does.
  5. They can probably get away with that with any new employees they hire, but trying to change existing contracts is asking to be taken to the cleaners.
  6. It's a shame we can't just ring fence a bit of Scotland for the Nats and excommunicate them from our Armed Forces and money. Decent Scots deserve better than Sturgeon and Blackford.
  7. Wasn't aimed at you. Just in general.
  8. Why is it the more left leaning you are, the more likely you are to blindly believe everything you're told and refuse to take any personal responsibility? The vaccine may have been tested, but they certainly haven't done any long term tests on it. I may or may not get the jab, but I won't be one of the early guinea pigs.
  9. Boats are the cheap bit. Engines are an absolute fortune. Rough guide £1000 per 10hp for a new outboard.
  10. Oi. This is a serious thread to stop people being scammed. Not a Mother's reunion.
  11. I'd say mid to late 1800s and French or Belgian. Looks very like a Belgian wall hanger I have but mine is a bit later (1900ish) and top lever. Get a pic of some of the marks off it.
  12. Toyah fact: She was born with a club foot and no hip sockets.
  13. If anyone buying or selling anything on here has had a pm from ex-member Dextron asking them to contact the above email address, have nothing to do with it. He's a scammer. Just google the above to see he's been trying it on on several other forums recently.
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