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  1. 2 months off his 100th birthday. RIP.
  2. Don't forget to reset the time on your trailcam.
  3. England 5th. FFS. Now I know how Wales felt last year in the 6 Nations and the Autumn Cup. Well done Wales. Deserved to win.
  4. I suspect you have a dodgy camera and the pics are bad because it's dodgy, not because it's Chinese. If you got a new one the same make it might be perfect but it might not be. I bought a chinese camera to replace my Bushnell when it died and it was terrible, but I've heard reports people with the same make having no problems. I just reckon the percentage of duff cameras per production run is higher with the cheaper ones. I got a Browning in the end and it's spot on. I think it was just over £100.
  5. walshie

    Pet hates.

    Everything everyone says or does.
  6. Be more to the point to have a curfew for policemen.,
  7. Glass is specifically excluded from most of the major carriers. Sent at the sender's risk.
  8. Anyone wondering what words are and aren't acceptable is missing the point entirely. It's about the same people diving into topics and ruining them every time they pipe up.
  9. West Wales. The regulations here are the same as the first post. I was talking on the phone to a mate who lives in the South East about it and he had never heard of it even though he loves his sea fishing.
  10. Thanks BH. You've managed to sum up what I was trying to say in one paragraph.
  11. Agreed. Anything can be discussed in a reasonable manner. Hopefully the children will take this on board and leave the adults to talk about adult stuff.
  12. This thread was purely to point out the forum guidelines in case anyone missed them, not to turn it into another opportunity for a dig. Now everyone is aware of the same thing, I assume there will be no crying when people get moderated instead of being given the chance to act like grown ups.
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