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  1. walshie

    Tattoos 🤔

    That's how they used to spell it back then, along with defence instead of defense they use now.
  2. Definitely 11pm as it's midnight in Scweinhundland.
  3. walshie

    Tattoos 🤔

    I was wondering that RARSEP stood for.
  4. Any calibre will kill a fox with a decent shot at an appropriate distance. Your personal preference won't make any difference to its deadness.
  5. About time. I know he was struck off a couple of years back, but now the other vultures in his firm are out of work too. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10720428/lawyer-phil-shiner-firm-goes-bust/
  6. What's wrong with you? Why can't you have a decent discussion like normal people?
  7. I know Sid's postcode. PM if you need it for anything.
  8. I bought my last coarse fishing line in 2008. Should I get new stuff?
  9. You know where I live right? It's simple. I'll reverse all the way there, then if I meet a tractor, I just drive forward to let him past. Basics of caravanning.
  10. It's a camping and caravan site.
  11. walshie

    Harry & Meghan

    He's 6th in line now William has 3 kids. Thing that annoys people is they are both multi-millionaires but even now they want nothing to with royalty, we still pick up the massive bill for security. I always liked Harry before he was pussy whipped.
  12. I don't see anyone on the list crying off, and still a few more to add yet. Lurcherman877 going?
  13. What the actual f**k is wrong with you?
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