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  1. Great stuff GL. I haven't seen a gudgeon in years.
  2. First thing I checked. Definitely not a loose mount. Cheers. I'm using the cardboard tube out of a bog roll at the minute. Seems better than the Pulsar.
  3. Further to my post about the N355 losing zero, I thought I'd do some investigation. Last week I tested my gun and sight with 5 shots and got a fairly decent result, so didn't adjust the zero in any way. Friday night, I managed to shoot a few rabbits but the sight seemed to be getting more and more off zero so I called it a night. I tested it this morning expecting it to be shooting about a foot high, but it was more or less still on target for the 1st 5 shots,, with the first shot a perfect bullseye. The 2nd 5 didn't group too badly either. Not perfect, but a lot closer than I was expecting. 3rd 5 grouped not too badly either. But when you look at the whole picture you can see the 1st group was Ok-ish. The 2nd group was about 2" higher and the 3rd group 8" higher. By testing only 5 rounds last week it showed me the gun was zeroed - BOT ONLY FOR 5 POXY ROUNDS. Each one was getting higher and higher. I shot about 30-40 rounds on Friday and the last few shots were so high we didn't even know where to look for the splash. Will it stay zeroed for 2 years? Yes. Will it stay zeroed for 10 rounds? No. Somehow it seems to be losing zero then miraculously regaining it when the unit is switched off for a while, We tried switching ti off and on on Friday but it made no difference. Luckily it's still under warranty.
  4. The Mountain Between Us with Idris Elba and Kate Winslet. It's billed as "action adventure" but has no action or adventure in it. Total shite.
  5. Went out Friday night on a rabbit job with my N355 that "didn't need zeroing" as when I checked its zero a few days ago, it was cock-on. It had survived being taken off my 22LR, put on my Hornet and back on the 22LR again, not to mention a 1000+ mile round trip to Scotland without losing zero. First few shots of the night, no problem, doing its job as expected. Then all of a sudden - miles out. It was so far out, we didn't even know where to look for the bullet strike. Apparently this is a known issue with N355s suddenly losing their zero. I'd always defended them as I had never had a problem, but when there is one, it's a big one. Luckily it's still under warranty, but I don't know if I want a replacement now as I know of someone who has had 2 replacements and they've been just as bad. I'm going to check it tomorrow to see how far out it is. I think it'll be nearer feet than inches. Put that night down to experience. Saturday night we went out after a few foxes. It was cool, dark and windy - maybe a bit too windy but we gave it a go. There were quite a few out though and in 4 hours we managed 6 dog foxes between us. They were all big and healthy. This one was healthy too - except for the obvious. We probably could have got a couple more if we had stayed out but the wind was perishing and the idea of turning the truck heating up to 11 was just too much to resist so we called it a night.
  6. Good call. I think I'd rather have a Clarke that's made in Europe (Italy I think) than anything from ching chong China.
  7. Sorry for your loss mate. RIP Chicky.
  8. You turning vegetarian Ken?
  9. Yeah, my bad. You posted as I was typing out my essay.
  10. All the people genuinely interested in this topic seem to have gone leaving it as a FD echo chamber. FD - We know you don't believe, so how many times do you have to tell us you don't? No-one is trying to MAKE you believe. This forum is a place for people to kick ideas back and forth, not to keep having digs at other members. That goes for both sides of the argument. I've deleted pages of nonsense that ruin the thread and make the site look bad to any outsiders reading it. I don't want to lock it. I don't want to delete it, but I'm sure as hell not going to waste any more time deleting stuff. I've asked nicely twice now. Thanks.
  11. Well he still hasn't been back. Our words of wisdom were wasted.
  12. And all wearing identical lifejackets.
  13. Lads, lads, lads. If you think I'm going to spend my evening going through every post and deleting pages and pages for the third time. think again. If you aren't interested in the subject, find one you are interested in.
  14. I wonder how they'll behave in rural areas. Up till now they've been housed in luxury hotels in town centres full of metrosexual men who probably welcome the invaders. I doubt rural types will be quite so welcoming.
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