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  1. walshie


    I never thought about collecting what I consider a tool. It's like having a collection of screwdrivers IMO, but fair enough if that's your thing. Like Deker, I have 2 x 22lrs, a semi auto and a bolt action, but they have different uses so I don;t consider them duplicates. I suppose it's different with airguns which (at the moment) are unlicenced, so you can get as many as you like. Cheers for the answers. I'll start a new post with my other question.
  2. walshie


    I didn't want to hijack another thread with this question. I've asked an avid airgunner and he couldn't really give me a proper answer so I thought I'd ask here. I can possibly understand why someone might want a 22 and a 177. I can also understand why someone might want a springer and a PCP. That would make 4 guns. A 22 springer, a 22 PCP, a 177 springer and a 177 PCP. I know there's other calibres but I'm trying to stick with the common ones. My question is why do some people want 2, 3, 4 or more (for instance) 22 springers? If a 22 airgun is accurate and powerful enough, why would anyone want more than one? You can only shoot one at a time. Genuine question. Not a pisstake. P.S. I have another question after you've answered this.
  3. Hi Walshie i cant pm you as i have no access to my pm's so i had to put up on here

    like i say i have no access to my pm's and i dont no why? do you know whats going on with my pms

    i have sent 2 Contact Messages to the mods/admin other the last few days but i haven't had reply

    so can find out whats going on and why i have no access to my pm's

    thank you


    1. nick703


      Could be something to do with me asking a certain seller to price match your srx , if it is sorry , 😬

    2. ukhunter


      whats its got to do with them what price i sell my SRX i was not breaking any rules

      and i still have no access to my pm's its a joke :censored::thumbdown: 


  4. walshie

    Kew Stabbing.

    A man was stabbed this morning near Kew Gardens. You'd like to think you'd be reasonably safe in Kew anyway. It's hardly a ghetto, but 8 o'clock Sunday morning? About time the Government cracked own on carrying knives in public rather than spending their time bickering or making it illegal to call people names. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/01/20/man-stabbed-near-kew-gardens-tried-enter-car/
  5. walshie

    advice needed lads

    Perhaps no-one has used one?
  6. walshie

    Grandchild no.8 !

    Congratulations BB.
  7. walshie

    Bloody anoying adverts

    I assume you aren't. We were talking about annoying adverts.
  8. walshie

    Bloody anoying adverts

    "are you going to bingo...."
  9. walshie

    snow much did you get

    Been a glorious sunny day here. Why doesn't your merc work in a dusting of snow?
  10. walshie

    I'll just leave this here

    I expect that cost them a lot more than the money they saved on free meals. Still, it's only money normal people would have spent on income tax, N.I., VAT, council tax, car tax and insurance, with a few quid out of their benefits.
  11. walshie

    I'll just leave this here

    Delete delete del.......argh.
  12. walshie

    I'll just leave this here

    My wife's 100% Irish and she's a bit of a cow.
  13. walshie


    I'm actually glad she got voted down. Her plan was about the worst outcome we could have had. The government will win the vote tomorrow just due to numbers so we won't be wasting time pissing about with a General Election. With a bit of luck they'll all continue voting down plans and whining while the countdown clock will continue to tick until March 29th and it won't matter who wants what then. We'll be out. No deal is better than a bad deal as some treacherous cow once said.
  14. walshie

    The Classic HW 77

    I've changed the title as requested. Can't seem to move this as it's another topic rather than section. Feel free to repost there.