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  1. walshie


    Don't forget she chose the cabinet because they are yes men. Now she's go to get it approved by the non arse-lickers.
  2. walshie

    social circle

    Further East.
  3. walshie

    reloading .22 lr - is it worth it?

    I didn't think you could reload 22lr.
  4. walshie

    social circle

    What's water hunting?
  5. walshie


    I liked watching him juggling fish. "Ooops!" as he nearly dropped each one.
  6. walshie


    That's your street, that is.
  7. walshie

    One for the tin foil brigade

    They won't be f***ing microchipping me. Have you seen the size of that needle?
  8. Isn't the big bags part of the problem?
  9. walshie

    Corbyn, the poppy and the anorak........

    Both. Disrespectful and untidy, but he can wear what he wants because he has been given that freedom of expression due to the sacrifices of the people he clearly thinks so little of. The wanker.
  10. walshie

    Had a good night

    So the 22 and 25 managed to kill something, but the 177 didn't. Sounds like the knob on the back is adjusted incorrectly.
  11. walshie

    Lest we forget ......

    Much as I hate to admit it, he did. It was one of those tiny pin ones, same as he's been wearing the past week. Still a scruffy wretch of a man though.
  12. walshie


    Someone make sure he shoots something tonight or we'll have the whole palaver again tomorrow. Attention whore.
  13. I think it's appalling the system has to rely on other criminals to do its dirty work.
  14. walshie

    few things

    Exactly. One day giving it all up. Next day giving it all up except for one gun. Next day ordered a new gun. Next day going for FAC. Next day giving it all up again. Mac, stop being a big girl's blouse and just have a break for a while. If you still feel that way after a few weeks (which you won't) sell the stuff then. It'd be a right ballache having to buy it all again, not to mention expensive. AND WE CAN'T STAND THE SUSPENSE ANY LONGER. Atb.
  15. walshie

    Bit of foxing using the XQ38F

    It's the 2nd one down on the colour menu.