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  1. A club I was a member of years ago used to use wooden clothes pegs to attach the targets to the frame. The club secretary used to go mad when his 2p clothes pegs got shot which obviously made them a go-to target from then on.
  2. Sorry to hear that Sean. Fingers crossed it turns out ok for the lad.
  3. I thought being fully vaccinated lessened your symptoms. How could they have been more severe than dying?
  4. Excellent first post. I was just wondering where to buy an elk bugle tube.
  5. Bit early really. You normally hear them calling for mates from the end of November onwards. At least round here you do.
  6. Bunraku. Martial arts crap. Managed 10 minutes of it. 1/10. The Vanishing. Decent actors, decent story if a bit slow at times. 7/10.
  7. I've been married a long, long time. Of course adultery shouldn't be a crime. I'd hate the thought the only reason my mrs was faithful was because she was worried about the legal consequences of doing otherwise. Dog shit on her car door handle, yes, but I don't need the law to protect me or her.
  8. Excellent news Bry. She looks a real sweetie. Congratulations to the parents and grandparents.
  9. Been away for a few days and came back to these beauties in the garden. The big ones are about 6" across and the little ones like golf balls.
  10. It's strange how they change from year to year. Last year it was practically impossible to sit in the garden with a beer because there were so many. This year I literally haven't seen one wasp, but we've been inundated with horseflies instead. Nice. Is the decrease of one and increase of the other related?
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