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  1. walshie

    The Gamefair

    Always up for a drink. Trouble is we can only make the Friday due to other commitments that weekend.
  2. walshie

    Shot fox

    Everyone I shoot for wants me to leave them somewhere he can see them then he disposes of them. If I shoot the odd one here or there I chuck it in the bushes.
  3. walshie

    how much food can one man eat

    Doesn't big shaun have his own house/family/job to look after?
  4. walshie

    people putting in for fac

    When people get refused FACs it's normally because of some skeletons in their closet. Perhaps they don't want to air their dirty laundry in public and I don't blame them. There's plenty of knowledgeable folk on here and other forums just a PM away that would happily give advice. They can only help streamline the process though. No amount of advice will let someone get a FAC if they aren't fit to have one. The only problem for the new guys is weeding out the genuine FAC holders from the dreamers who read too much on google.
  5. walshie

    Ftao walshie

    Bad news Bob. Sorry to hear that mate.
  6. walshie

    A long un!

    There has to be something wrong with that fox. Full of worms most likely. Nice shooting though.
  7. walshie

    disney star cameron boyce dies

    Socks did an RIP for McCririck about 11 seconds after he died. As for the Cameron bloke in this thread - never heard of him. Can we make RIP threads about someone people have heard of?
  8. walshie

    The Gamefair

  9. Anyone going this year? We haven't been for 3 or 4 years, but we're going on the Friday as mrs w wants to get some garden stuff and I need to restock my reloading supplies.
  10. walshie

    Young Vixen.

    I know what you meant. It was me who wasn't clear. I meant I only use v-max so don't have an issue with drilling, just shooting low.
  11. walshie

    Young Vixen.

    I like your purse! Sometimes the shorter range shots are trickier than longer ones. I don't have a problem with v-max expanding, but I am inclined to shoot low on close-in foxes.
  12. walshie

    Wow. That's a lot of foxes.

    We've always had decent numbers from this place, so it's not first time around, but it was the first time the owner called me to say he had a problem. As you know, one guy's idea of a problem usually isn't.
  13. walshie

    Wow. That's a lot of foxes.

    Just over 200 acres.
  14. A guy we shoot for told me last week he was "being plagued" by foxes and asked if we could go and take a look. We all know when people say that, they normally mean they've seen one, but last night really was an eye-opener to just how many foxes are around in certain areas. We went for a look at this "plague" last night, not expecting much. We arrived around 10 and it wasn't really dark yet, so we plotted up in the trees and waited. My mate Jack had brought a rabbit lure like a plastic bouncy rabbit that squeals for a minute, stops for a minute and so on, so we set that up at the base of a hill about 100 yards from where were were waiting. Within a few minutes the thermal showed at least half a dozen foxes in the undergrowth eyeing it up. Wasn't long before 3 fairly big cubs ventured out to have a look. I shot the first one but the others scarpered back into cover. More foxes were still watching, but wouldn't come out, so we moved on. Over the next hour and a half I shot 3 more. 2 vixens and a cub. The strangest thing happened when I shot the cub. The bullet hit home, it went down with a thud and checking through the thermal it was dead. As we walked over to it, a bigger fox ran out of the bushes, picked the cub up and ran back into the bushes with it. Never seen that before. The undergrowth was too thick for us to follow, so the landowner will just have to take our word for that one. Midnight was upon us and nothing was stirring. An hour passed and there was no sign of a fox, not even a glimpse of one. I gave Jack the gun, smugly thinking there was no way he could match what I had shot. The next hour and 20 minutes, he accounted for 4 more. A dog, 2 vixens and a cub. This also included chasing what we called the "ghost fox", which was visible on the lamp, but not on the thermal. It was limping a bit, so should have been easy to nab, but will live to fight another day. We finished up at 2.20 with a total of 7 (8 if you count the one that got dragged off by another fox.) A dog, 4 vixens, and 2/3 cubs. Without any word of exaggeration in the 4 hours or so we were there, was must have seen more than 30 foxes. I'd reckon nearer 40. I don;t know why there are so many, but we'll definitely be going back!!