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  1. walshie


    We had one in our living room the other night. Flew straight in the window, but didn't seem to be able to find its way out. It was doing circuits of the room but avoided touching anything.. Frightened the hell out of my mrs who was sure it would fly into her hair. After a lot of screaming and shrieking, I finally calmed down and opened the conservatory doors and it flew out.
  2. It's bad to hear how the regions vary, but I applied online to renew my coterminous tickets on 6th June. FEO called round for cuppa 2 days ago and said my new tickets will be with me before the old ones expire. We all pay the same price. We should all get the same service.
  3. Mine are Harris 9-13 swivels. 6-9 are OK for bench rest, but a bit low for normal shooting. Swivel is a good feature for uneven ground. Don't know about other makes but these have been bulletproof so far.
  4. He had a shit Sunday to die 3 times.
  5. I agree. Especially the fart pipe bit.
  6. I always vote. Got to the polling station to find the only options were 2 Plaid, 1 Labour and 1 Independent. I must admit Plaid do a pretty good job at council level but the rest of their policies stink, so I voted Indy.
  7. walshie

    Pet hates.

    He certainly seems to be getting the hang of the forum for a new member who definitely hasn't been on here before.
  8. Great stuff mate. Congratulations to all.
  9. Contact Socks on here. I'm sure he'll help.
  10. I wonder why people call the PM Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson and Tommy Robinson Stephen Yaxley Lennon but are quite happy to watch Michael Caine films and listen to Elton John music without needing to refer to them as Maurice and Reg?
  11. walshie


    He was in Columbia. I wonder if some local grown food or produce could have disagreed with him? Great drummer though. R.I.P.
  12. Normal felt tips then wipe the marks off with white spirit or surgical spirit.
  13. The first 5 posts need approving. Nearly there.
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