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  1. Those plastic bags of wet cat food have always been productive for me. Especially the one I found at the bottom of my shooting box recently. God knows how long it had been there. Do NOT get any on you.
  2. walshie

    Hard water...

    We have the opposite problem here with the water being so soft. The kettle has zero scale but a 5 minute shower takes 10 minutes to wash the soap off.
  3. I never once said we had it in the bag. The pressure of a World Cup final is immense as you know. Well you don't actually, but it is.
  4. They nearly got the bronze medal.
  5. England runners-up again.Well played S.A. Totally outplayed us.
  6. Unlucky Wales. Neither side played well though. Let's hope SA play like that next week.
  7. Come on Wales. Make it a Northern Hemisphere final.
  8. Good luck to both the British teams this weekend.
  9. I suppose it takes all sorts, but I couldn't turn my back on a friend or loved one when they needed me. Where do you draw the line? Dying of cancer - ditch them before they drag you down? Suffering from depression (as opposed to being depressed) - nah, can't be bothered to listen to that. People have different needs. It could be they've broken both legs and just need a push down the pub. They might need to get stuff of their chest. They might just be lonely and need to see a friendly face now and again. Different needs are still needs. Luckily I've never suffered from depression, but I've been in some very dark places for other reasons in the past and thanks to my mrs being the person she is and some very close friends, all of that is in the distant past. They can be a rock for me, I'll be one for them if ever it's needed.
  10. Serious question mate. If you were married or in a long term relationship and you got unlucky enough to suffer from depression, would you expect your other half to stand by you and support you, or would you expect them to piss off as it wasn't convenient?
  11. People confuse feeling a bit down or cheesed off, with depression. You can't walk off depression. You can't "snap out of it." It all consuming. The trouble is now it's fashionable to tell everyone everything and people who are a bit pissed off with things love to tell others they are suffering with depression, when they just feel how we all do from time to time. I've seen what proper depression can do. and it wasn't sitting there feeling sorry for himself. He seemed right as rain - right up to the point he took himself to the park and hanged himself.
  12. Can you please stop posting the same questionnaire in every subforum? It's technically a question about falconry and possibly gamekeeping & conservation, so I've left those 2 and removed the others. Thanks.
  13. Doesn't make sense as you can post other stuff.
  14. They can't give any details under DPA. The dentist couldn't even tell my wife that time my appointment was. Doesn't seem like a scam. Why would a dog thief register a microchip at all? Just make sure they know your mrs isn't the new owner and let them take it from there.
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