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  1. Now the whites are a minority in those towns, they'll be able to have a White Police Officers Association, a Christian Council, be immune from any criticism, be able to play the race card and victim card at every opportunity and have the police look the other way at any crimes they commit. Or doesn't it work like that?
  2. Yeah, I think I'll stick with the 308 for the time being.
  3. What are those fish Wolfdog? They look very bony.
  4. Bugger. I knew there was something.
  5. It's quite hard to draw the line between banter and personal attacks and I think most people try to keep things civil, but sometimes trying to maintain that level becomes unpopular. For instance we get report after report saying "This member is ruining every topic he's on.." If we do nothing, we get more reports and loads of posts saying "Why is he still here?" etc etc. If we remove him, we get page after page of "Why has so-and-so been removed?" If a member wants one of his posts removed, we'll remove it. If he wants 7000+ posts, removed then removing the member was the only way, b
  6. Only with washed and weighed pellets.
  7. I was thinking of changing my 308 for a 243 or possibly a 25-06 but a mate suggested once lead is banned, getting deer-legal weight bullets for a 308 would be a lot easier than finding 243 offerings in 100gr plus. I haven't even looked at the lead free alternatives yet. Any thoughts?
  8. Person A: Where did the topic go? Person who actually started the topic: I asked for it to be deleted. Person A: I don't believe that.
  9. We've owned them, singly or in pairs. and fostered them, for 30 years now. The longest we went without one in the house was about 6 or 7 months from when our last bitch died till we decided to get another. I've never had one that wasn't 100% reliable. Why would anyone get another one if they weren't? The breed suits us as they're big and able enough to protect the house if required but being a hound are laid back and happy to lay around snoozing without constantly needing something to do. They've all been rock solid around kids whether our own or friends, but anyone who left a
  10. Just a spammer. He sent a few of these out. He's gone now.
  11. R.I.P Dangerous Davies.
  12. Any advice you saw in the old posts would still apply. It would all depend on what your run-ins with plod were all about.
  13. walshie


    We had one in our living room the other night. Flew straight in the window, but didn't seem to be able to find its way out. It was doing circuits of the room but avoided touching anything.. Frightened the hell out of my mrs who was sure it would fly into her hair. After a lot of screaming and shrieking, I finally calmed down and opened the conservatory doors and it flew out.
  14. It's bad to hear how the regions vary, but I applied online to renew my coterminous tickets on 6th June. FEO called round for cuppa 2 days ago and said my new tickets will be with me before the old ones expire. We all pay the same price. We should all get the same service.
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