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  1. 438 in 3 hours another decent day
  2. Ended up with 1044 went back Sunday to move about more rubbish seems we made a dent in the population give it 6 months we try again atb dd
  3. Jagds , pats borders Russell's and a bedlington 15 dogs mate they absolutely done be quiet in kennel tonight
  4. 5 hours today 957 back in mornin for few hours should have around 1200 mark dogs are knackered atb dd
  5. Invite em in thrash the living daylights out of em put them back in there van and take them to a scrap yard put grab threw top of van guarantee you now you never have problems again! We work hard for our dogs as they do us last thing you need is thieving scroats taking your pride and joy . Keep your wits about you lads Atb dd
  6. I had a dog if fed maize flakes would loose all fur off his back and look like mange changed his food right as rain as lenmcharristar said look into both atb dd
  7. 12kg spannable best of luck with him hopefully he comes good for u boys. How it should be look after people and they look after you Atb dd. Top man dc
  8. 26ftlb mate and there 30 gr but I'm yet to crohno it myself cheers lads
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