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    It's good to be out even if the cover is still up and it is still quite mild nothing beats being out with a dog, a box of ferrets and a flask full of coffee The young pup is coming on well and is benefiting from a bit of one on one time as her mother is currently in the sick bay. Roll on those crisp frosty mornings, happy hunting.
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    I've been off facebook for 12yrs, recently signed back in to do a business page. I was invited into a couple of hunting groups so joined them. People been posting bags since August. 40s 50s 100s 200s. f***ing mental. Nettles not even died back yet. No wonder most can't get a run if they are doing this all summer. Not many have a freezer or buyer that will take 200+ bunnies. Has everyone lost any sense???? Or is it now just a case of 'if I don't get em all someone else will get em'. If I go out and get half a dozen I'm over the moon. That's enough for the day whether that takes me 10hours or 10minutes. I know pest control is different but some of these are just at it for the numbers and the pics/likes on fuckBook. There will be no longevity in this game. People posting the stuff they do loading the guns for the antis, all hunting will soon be shut down.
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    My collie, bull, grayhound Going on 4 in September
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    Did the late tide on the pier tonight . It was fish from the off and we couldn’t make wraps fast enough to keep all the rods in at times . It was mainly doggies at first and then we started getting rays and huss . Only took one drop net out of the cabin and came unstuck when we both had good rays on at the same time and my mate netted his first and I lost what looked like a double just as I brought it over the net .
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    Got the chance at having another first cross bull whippet today, 9 hour round journey but well worth it. Bones.. 14 months old.
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    Mate, nobody on here thinks your blind and deaf......
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    WELL THE RAIDER AINT GONA WIN IS IT LOL Me and sean hit the old perm tonight time set was 8,30pm sean 17 hmr scope pard spotter/ thermal me raider single shot 22 scope photon spotter/pard nv 019 RIGHT HERES AWAY ***************************************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************* *************************************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************************************* *************************************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************* ******************* *************************************************************************** ******************************************************************** ************ RIGHT DID YOU GET ALL THAT Any way iv had a right head bash over the last few weeks with the photon not holding zero its clipping the mod i was told so changed it . its the barrel over to the right so sean fixed it Then when we were sitting having a coffee and the rifle was on its pod on the floor sean noticed that the mounts were not sitting right on the rifle so i got in touch with Pav (Allan) he knows these photons like the back of his hands he told me what to get so ordered them but then i saw there coming from china,,, Feck. So me and sean jumped into the car and went to see my mate john the rfd who sorted me out with a weaver block and some low mounts to fit got home and fitted the photon to it set zero to 18yrds and had a little feck on zeroing it in but got there in the end . AND AS FOR 18YRDS THATS ALL I HAVE FROM MY SITTING ROOM TO MY YARD LOL Any way got to the perm set the target out to 31yrds using the range finder fired two shots and spot on did not even have to touch any thing or re,zero it set at 18yrds and on zero at 31 yrds cant get my head round it mind lol first rabbit was at 32 yrds it ran behind some nettles and all i could see was its eye shine so lined the shot up and let the jsb go it hit hard and the rabbit did a back flip and dropped dead to the ground . Went over to get it and could i feck find it (forgot my lamp again /on the bench at home ) so went back to the tank to see if my other one was there nope left that too . So went back to look for it again i stood at the gate and looked through the spotter and there it was so 1 in the bag. Next was 42 yrds had to shoot through a fence but the shot was spot on same again it did a back flip and fell dead but this time i used the spotter to look for it before i went over the fence to get it lol. ANY WAY SEAN 4 ME 2 And now its sorted AGAIN lol atvbjimmy
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    Sadly common sense isn't so common, people taking large bags of rabbits in the summer when they should be left to breed unless it's for pest control reasons, then wondering why numbers are declining. No appreciation of there quarry just want to look good on fb
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    Like everything else now, social media has changed the world. It’s become competition and a copy-cat thing where grandiose narcissism is the new norm. For me, these types of pictures are the olden days equivalent of lining up 100 dead rabbits on the high street, face beaming, saying ‘look at me, I’m a great hunter’. It’s bound to piss off some people, so why do it? Whatever happened to just going about your business quietly.
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    Banjo check,dungarees check ,6 toes on each hand check,bloodhound called Cleatus check
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    Ffs... starting to wonder about this forum, slug spunk last week and reverse shitin
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    Nipped out today for couple hour as my lad had his mate stop over and wanted to get out , was bit to hot for my liking and nettles still full sting , turned up at paddock and was plenty about did half the hedge and ended on 17 with couple lost
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    Little bitch was 6 months yesterday, coming on great, marking great, very steady around the warrens, just wants to work, very very happy with her, think she could be a real good one for me. About 17 3/4 ", not going to be a big one. That pic be at 4 1/2 months old, had her on a bit of pest control, she did great.
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    Young bitch starting to click
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    Mate we taking about dogs not my wages or how I vote, looks like you got a hard on for me is it summat I said,? An for record it’s 17 an hour if you got a phone I’ll happily prove it what’s matter you still on min wage after all these years? Cos other Otjer than you being bitter about sumat, it’s not relevant an of you actually read I said I come from a family of, not I do, I hunt purely for pleasure, as you’ve stated I don’t need it to put food on table
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    I have been lookig for a suitable tank for a while now and checked every large tank from plumbers merchants and building merchants along with bith Wickes and B&Q but they all have these baffles / fins / molded in strengthening plates at the bottom of the sides to stop the swelling. The smaller ones do not have them. These baffles in the big tanks stop the flow of water running around the tank so the filters cannot work properly. The tank SL found has no strengthening plates inside which is why I say it is ideal, trust me finding a fecking tank suited to my needs is driving me bloody mad, if I could pop to the merchant and buy a water tank..............I would have. So now you all know what a boring pratt I am spending time looking inside water tanks for one that ticks the boxes.........................sad ole tart Phil
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    Bolloćks, its a transport vessel, beamed down by poacher aliens, intending on abducting the gamekeeper to reverse shiť him with slug cum. Duh!
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    i wonder why us brits always think our hare is the best......I mean has anyone ever speed tested all the hare species......that critter in the clip looked pretty bloody quick to me... just saying like
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    When I was younger I would give a dog away and just convince myself it would settle and be ok and most probably were, but now I keep my dogs till death,I only hunt now for the pleasure of watching the dogs work so am more forgiving of their faults.I think you look at things differently as you age.
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    Made some soft bread rolls to go with my Lamb Stew. Cheers Arry
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    well I hunted them two ways one was on horse back coyotes love eating cow crap so I would take my hounds everytime I moved or checked cows they would follow the horse and ignore the collies only problem is if they see a hare then they are gone for a bit but come back after there snack. I would hunt them out of the truck in the winter I only used a dump box once and a while with pups the dogs would only jump out after a yote . The problem here as anywere is finding good dogs I went thru alot of dogs to get that hairy buckskin dog. The black dog named Mindy in the first pick was good she was always on the neck she was stolen. The white one named bond was full of fire straight greyhound off the track she was just to small I gave her to a guy when i got out of staghounds the middle dog in the back of the truck was saluki staghound he was fast could run for days but was scared of teeth. the big dog on the right is stitch he was a yote dog deluxe single handed killing machine I sold him to Dan Edwards on here. the bulldog knuckles was used as a kill dog when I ran gyps or jumped two yotes he was also used on cattle some to help the collies he was killed by a bull. the white dog in the last picture was Morris the moose He was alright he got to big and heavy. He fell thru a frozen snow drift and broke both his back legs. The last dog was forrest he was a grand old dog but thought he was to ride the world of porcupines that eventually killed him when some quills migrated to his brain. I usually dumped from far away to watch the dogs run. the Balck dog in the new picture was a stag whippet named Cookie she went to Blue collar on here to run rabbits She was to small for yotes. The last picture is Stitch Mindy and there pup Jack
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I'm after a photo of a hare in its lay, seat, couch to base a pastel on, need photographers permission to use it, so if any of you have one I'd be grateful. i've an image in my head and want to get the idea of them ready to explode out and away. I would send them a quality mounted print of the finished work. Cheers.
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    Dogs tried hard but can’t catch what ain’t there
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    But of a mix ,what do you think .
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    Never the dogs fault. I've kept Bull's half my life. Back in the day, I'd walk one of mine down the road like I was Tom Cruise, in Top Gun. Absolutely focused on every single aspect of what surrounded me. " Corner coming up on the right. Pass well to the left, in case someone comes round it with a dog. " " Pavement getting crowded, ahead. Check for people moving away from possible, incoming dog. Check behind; Anyone with a dog catching up? Cross the fukking road! " Never had a mishap. Simple responsibility for what I had there. 'Five year old Tenisha was shot dead by her six year old brother, D’quell, after he found his mothers boyfriend, Lemar's, Glock 9mm stuffed down the side of the latter's favoured chair.' The Glock's fault. Obviously. Don't be a Nigger. Take some fukking responsibility.
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    Rub your finger across the screen.if you have a braille phone...
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    Seems like you got no faith in anything at all. But at least your mortgage is paid off making your monthly bills slightly cheaper.
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    I gave away a dog when I was younger,very loyal and one man type,I found out later it went crazy and was put down.I wish I had PTS the animal as I couldn't keep him,he was a working dog/whippet type lurcher.Still feel sad about my decision 30 years later.
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    Back out the night only twenty but the Dandie showing lot intrest the night Pud
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    A dog is for life shouldn’t be listened to when saluki’s an kelpie crosses are concerned
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    They don't ever hurt any animals mate. Middle one currently has 10 butterflies that she has raised from caterpillars and is trying to tame.
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    Been catching a few bits and pieces with the bitch, took a nip on the leg the other night but doing well, diffrent animal from last season that's for sure
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    My pal biggest trout so far no scales to weight it but a solid fish thought it was a small barbel with first run it made but he was happy with it
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    Great result lads...and thanks to everyone chipping into the pot on here...
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    The thing is, this dog is obsessed with me, just like his sister is, and I can't say for certain that this lad is ready for the shit holocaust the dog might bring, and possibly upset his other dogs in kennels, my family want me to keep him, and I thing for all parties involved,.. The dog.. The possible new owner and me it may be best if I do,..
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    Bitch and dog will be 2 next month. Seen a few bits last season but looking forward to firing the work at them this year.
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    Cheers bird Av 3 collie bull greys definitely do all you ask from them if you get the right one Left is kong (son) 1 sessons under him Flick middle ( sire ) 8 seasons under him Right sky (daughter ) only had a couple of rabbits Different dams
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    I'm not a fan of sand, around here it's the old coal dust or duff.... Can be naughty if it's pissing down.... I always enjoy a day out in that chalk
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    Nice on mate, I was out this morning and had this ginger one..
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