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  1. Evening all, I'm lucky enough to have first pick from a friends litter. He’s crossed his Saluki dog with his Collie Bull GH bitch. I’ve only seen videos of the litter as he’s based in UK. Few different characters in the litter, some sit reluctant off in the back ground others play among themselves two are incredibly forward one more than the other. What key things do you look for when picking a litter? I’ve mostly ran mine on rabbits, reds and some others. Go stead, oshea
  2. Good evening Gents, Using this platform again as I find it a great way to reach out into a pool of knowledge and great experience. Now I don’t work my terriers to hounds here in Ireland, but more than often will find myself having a wonder about my permission and trying the terriers in some common spots. However, I have noticed I’ve drawn more blank days than good and wanted to know what those who don’t work terriers under hounds provide consistent work for their own, how do you go about your day out to guarantee an earth will be occupied and how do you feel about drawi
  3. Given from a friend of a friend, nice little bitch. I had her at six/seven months with little work out into her at this stage can’t comment too much on who had her in the previously.
  4. Good afternoon Chaps, Been working a new bitch this season, who’s incredibly game. Had two successful digs to her, she worked the both Charlie’s very well with no encouragement from me and held up well until I got through. However, on the last two occasions she’s rocketed in and bayed straight away with pure excitement. After locating her in a short time I’ve dug down to find her baying at fresh bedding /or a tight spot. I’m embarrassed to say on one occasion a rabbit has bolted in the far end of the earth (which is something I don’t want to encourage at all). Although she’s wasn’t
  5. I’ve just finished reading Nick Stevens book called “An obsession” and found it a really good read with a great insight into the life of a professional terrier man (Pre-ban). It got me wondering what made a great terrier man for the hunt, I know there are the obvious answers but Nick went into great depths discussing the success in fox population from good cover-laying in comparison to building artificials and went into great detail about the country and we’ll know earths. are there any well weathered terrier men that could cast their opinions into the past world of hunting and
  6. Couldn’t word it any better, it’s has sadly become common practice.
  7. Letting off the lead - Hello chaps, I was given a Powell bread bitch from a close friend who didn’t have the space nor time to accommodate. She came to my kennels at seven months, very game and unfortunately doesn’t always mix well with other dogs. I like to be able to walk mine off the lead, have them stock broken and have some recall! But this bitch is the most pig headed thing, off the lead, her head goes down and she’s off. I’ve tried and tried to improve things but she will not listen. Since having her I’ve accommodated for her ways and brought her on slowly, she
  8. Hadn’t ignored it and really appreciate your response. Time off and see how he goes, slow and steady but I won’t have any massive expectations.
  9. There must have been some miss understanding. As regards to being smacked I said he can incredibly timid like as if he’d been told off badly in the past. If you walk up to him too quickly he’ll sh*t himself. as regards to working him, he went to ground, bayed a bit, had a tussle and cam back out. Always eager to go back in, but didn’t bay as if he kept a distance. I just wanted some insight that’s all, no arguing
  10. Stupid questions? What about stupid responses, I’m a young and enthusiast lad who’s having a go with his own terriers. Circumstances have meant I was given a ‘partly used’ terrier which I don’t know much about and on his first actual afternoon out with me, he jacked. I came to this page for some insight to whether anyone else in a similar situation has had success re introducing a dog after a bad experience, and in return all you could highlight was ‘red flags’ when in fact you should acknowledge the fact that somebody is keen and willing to invest time and good intention into a dog - That to
  11. ATB? And what do you mean by a few easy wins? I’m sorry for the questions, only intentions are what’s best for the dogs. would appreciate your approach.
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