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  1. I would walk those pheasants off that are in the rape field on the boundary and shoot as many as possible
  2. 300 is some going Mr Sausage wish I had them numbers to go after I've only had 36 so far. I only shoot them with my 12g , love it it's great fun , running on the ground or up trees
  3. I remember an old boy telling me that when myxy hit in 1953 there was that many corpses lying about that they blocked the local river.
  4. They breed all year round now , bolted younguns in January before.
  5. Disgusts me to think anyone would use disease to control an animal population...even the humble rabbit , the countryside would be a sadder place without them. I used to shoot rabbits in the Borders where there was literally thousands until keepers dropped RHD and literally wiped out a 10 mile valley overnight. Very sad state of affairs
  6. Went mooching today and had another mixed bag. Ended up talking to a fisherman on the river for a good hour and he was telling me he caught his best salmon last year at this spot 26lb, and showed me the pics to prove it Carried on my quest of clearing up spent cartridges, its getting addictive.
  7. Well my mate was on the phone today and he eventually found the fox , it had travelled about 400 yds and he found it out the back of the copse lying in the next hedgerow with a wound channel across it's back He has another fox to sort out as his mate has lost some hens and has asked us for help , once the moon is off.
  8. I have been shooting foxes for 30 years and averaging the same amount year in year out using the lamp but when I started taking another guy out with nv the numbers were decimated and that's why they are low now. I only go out on my own now with the lamp and hope they recover somewhat. I have benefited all the other wildlife and there numbers are well under control but I would like to see a few more about.
  9. No mate , a very wise decision as would be redundant now. Also I don't like it , I like being more traditional
  10. Good times , no thermal or NV required
  11. Your missing the point mate , it's not I cant find any foxes there arent any to find so thermal wont make any difference . I mentioned thermal and nv as we used to use it and it decimated the population so would rather not use it now so the fox population can hopefully recover. I was an avid fox shooter up until the last couple of years but enthusiasm has waned now due to the lack of foxes. Glad I never bought all that expensive gear now as it would be up for sale Thermal and nv do have their place dont get me wrong just not for me because as a fox shooter I want foxes on the ground instead
  12. Yep but why even go out and find foxes if your not going to shoot them , you might as well stay in the house and watch Coronation street Also why spend a fortune on that gear only to not use it
  13. Find a fox I know what you mean , they are now extinct on my grounds due to thermal and nv use. I used to go out with a guy for about 5 years using this combination on my grounds and we were out every other night hammering foxes consequently I am now regretting it as after 2 years the population still hasn't recovered. I can safely say I will not be buying thermal or nv, they have had a devastating impact on foxes round me , they are now an endangered species
  14. I also think they are fascinating , the first time I ever saw one in Cambridgeshire I was in awe. Just wish they were round me as would make a lovely challenging change.
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