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  1. The more species to hunt , all the better in my book Wolves ..now that would be interesting. What about bears ...bring it on
  2. Yep divide and conquer has worked a treat.
  3. Fascinating, love watching the coyote calling on YouTube. Wish we had coons and coyotes . Tim Wells is some guy with his bow and spears.
  4. Same here mate , worked for 40 years and now deserve plenty me time. Mortgage free , 2 cars paid for and lots of savings in the bank. Couldnt give 2 fecks what others think , my life is great. Some poor feckers have to clean up sheep shit for a living ...pity the feckers
  5. What a lame excuse , speaks volumes. If I get invited anywhere I break my neck to get there , if you're dedicated you make time ..Simple I've travelled as far North as Aberdeen and as far South as Kent ...needs must. Some guys live for the sport like me and you whereas others like the idea but dont make any effort.
  6. Feck gayboy , I need a trip down on a culling session, deer , foxes and geese with my Zimmer frame
  7. You need to get out in the field to experience stuff like that.
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