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  1. From the archives ...2 guns on a rough shoot I once had
  2. Great stuff But cant be arsed to shoot the deer
  3. Never a truer word said Going solo you get to come and go as you please and do what you want and its quieter. Lamped with lots of people over the years ...good times but also annoying times like when they want to go home early or not ready when you come to pick them up. I used to pick a mate up and on arrival he would go in the bath ffs Solo is definitely the best option by far
  4. Grab the £400 mate. I have been involved with a lot of shoots over the years ....beating and shooting but realised I would much rather be mooching about on my own than listen to a lot of the cr*p you hear. I am out shooting 52 weeks of the year, dont know how these guys only get out on 8 pheasant shoots a year .
  5. Crazy mate ....wouldnt pay £10 a bird . Rather shoot crows or pigeons
  6. Yep did loads of ferretting with Blaze ...great rabbitting terrier. My best ferretting dog was my old Patterdale bitch ....mark a rabbit anywhere.
  7. 4am start yesterday morning . Chilly to start but started to warm up from 5am hence I only saw 2 does to start with . By 6am it was nice and warm and I was heading back when I spotted a buck frolicking with a young doe. I was 400 yards away and had to cross open ground but seeing as they were engrossed with each other I managed to stalk along the top hedge unnoticed . The buck then laid down which enabled me to sneak up to within 140 yds. I was watching him through the scope deciding on whether to take a head shot when he obligingly stood up so onto the shoulder and he dropped on the spot. On
  8. My new shotty was the best bargain FREE
  9. Gotta love the sxs and sorting corvids
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