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  1. Got to mate as rain forecast from Thursday
  2. Well a day of 2 halves today , out at 4.30 am and managed a murder buck , good one to take off the ground as could do serious damage in the rut. Then in the afternoon I sat on a barley stubble, not many birds about but what there was decoyed fantastic.
  3. Because I'm a skilled professional mate no need for thermal and nv.
  4. Should be as that's only 1 out of one litter and 2 out the other plus I couldn't do the field I wanted to do as still uncut rape , a field that usually produces
  5. Just winding you up mate. I have shot a few foxes with mine and dont rate it either , most were runners. If going foxing I take the centrefire, foxes were opportunistic whilst rabbitting. I have shot rabbits and hares with it too that weren't dead either.
  6. Well it turned out to be a great night. 1st port of call was a farm with 3 barley stubbles. I set up in the 1st field and after 20 mins of calling had a cub coming in lovely to hare distress call , shot at around 120 yds but it was a runner dropping after around 50 yds , amazes me at times. Set up on the 3rd field and had a vixen barking her alarm call over the river over the boundary so nothing showed here. On to the next farm and 1st call where I was hopeful produced nothing so headed down to the next field with rushes adjacent a copse. No need to call as spotted a fox straight away , a
  7. Just a derelict barn but had a pair of little owls in it.
  8. Well I've been out since 4.30 and no sign of the buck , only saw a doe. Feeling hungry I headed back to the car and on route spotted a bunny sitting 100 yds away , so shot it with the .243 , contrary to popular belief hardly any damage so the dog will be having rabbit for tea as the freezer is getting a bit low on venison for him. Need to start filling it up soon with bunnies. Just had my pizza and off out again to see if I have any better luck with the foxes
  9. Surprised you got out mate as the weather was mist and drizzle all night up here. I was having a new boiler fitted so was indoors all day but not to worry as I've got all week off to get some shooting done. Off out tonight to try for an old buck I've been after then lamping to see if any foxes about
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