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  1. Exactly why would any landowner take you seriously if you asked for permission with a catty ...they are just for pi$$ing about not serious pest control.
  2. Getting colder , today on the tops
  3. Did Sunderland even turn up .....wilfully poor. I didnt think it was a very good game , Sunderland gifted it to Newcastle with an own goal , penalty and stupid mistake.
  4. This weather is absolutely ridiculous , its pi$$ing down again . Will there ever be an end to the wet
  5. Decided to stay in a little copse for last 1/2 hour to see if any pigeons came in to roost , not many but bagged a few plus another bonus pheasant
  6. Seeing as it was actually dry today I thought I would have a wander out with the shotgun for a pheasant or two. Well my shooting started off terrible missing the first few pheasants with nothing to show except a few feathers. I was beginning to think there was no lead in them before I connected with a squirrel followed by a magpie which tried to sneak over the top of the trees. Continuing onwards I eventually got my eye in and bagged a few.
  7. I agree a long cold wet winter will have many fatalities but nothing like RHD. I too have found many emaciated rabbits that are skin and bone in a bad winter but come the Spring/ Summer there numbers are back , this never happened with RHD. On ground where there was thousands it literally killed them all off over night. Thankfully now I am seeing numbers of rabbits emerging where there were none.
  8. Long time since I've done golf courses but taken plenty off them over the years.
  9. Rabbits are just like any other quarry , you have them or you dont. My permissions range from high populations to zero. Same with foxes , never been many up North yet go down South and tripping over them.
  10. It wouldn't have been the cold but disease. We used to get much worse winters than that and rabbits survived, they cant beat RHD.
  11. Good on the youngun but feck me he looks older than me
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