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  1. That's a good cartridge to kill ratio We dont have any maize up here , wish we did to get some autumn crow shooting.
  2. Feck that , I would rather cut my testicles off with a blunt knife
  3. Same here mate , enjoy others shooting who haven't shot as much
  4. 1st time for me in 30 years of foxing. It's always been a dream of mine. I know FD has achieved it , anyone else ?
  5. Clarifying what exactly? I shoot you dont
  6. Cheers Tim. It was a fantastic night but dont think I will ever repeat it , just glad to hit double figures which has always been a challenge of mine. Probably back to blanks local again
  7. Get a post up when the maize is off with a few foxes mate just to make the poor feckers who dont get out jealous
  8. It was my best night ever even though I wasnt shooting. I offered the invite to my mate to shoot as he hasn't had numbers like that before as I'm kind like that. I'm happy spotting and calling and get pleasure out of others shooting. Now feck off you jealous little turd , I really cannot understand why you are on here when you dont contribute any hunting posts . You cant wait to have a look every day to see what others have been shooting and the jealousy is eating you up Try getting out sometime you might actually enjoy it.
  9. Still wish I had that many local, there like hens teeth
  10. I too have searched for the holy grail for 30 years but never happened as we dont have numbers either. But this ground is good, always has had good numbers and always will. Thanks for the positive comment
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