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  1. Popped up to one of my rabbit permissions last night just to to see what the numbers were like , disappointed as there wasnt much about . Expected to see lots of young bunnies but nothing , even the pregnant does I shot weren't that far on . I'm sure it will change over the next month though. Started off taking a rook off a fresh barley drilling followed by a rat with a large abscess on its side. Saw plenty hares, mallard, geese but not many rabbits On dusk I popped back to where I shot the rat as the holes in the hedgerow were well used and ended up having some great fun zapping the long
  2. Would love to but costs a fortune as would need top gear. All my time is shooting but often wonder the pics I could have taken . Would love to take it up when older.
  3. Might just be the pic mate but looks like shes had Cubs?
  4. Goose decoys View Advert Anyone got any decoys they dont want in North east Advertiser FOXHUNTER Date 07/05/21 Price £12,345.00 Category Miscellaneous  
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    Anyone got any decoys they dont want in North east


  6. Only viable choice , Labour are fecked for a long time now ....thank God.
  7. On my ground for 4.30 am this morning and it was chilly , when will it warm up Haven't taken a buck off here yet so was hopeful. I first spied 2 roe chasing each other , which turned out to be a buck and doe. The buck stopped on the edge of the wood but was 230 paces away. I thought he was going to disappear so aimed a touch high but unfortunately missed for some reason ....however he ran out into the field and stopped broadside, no mistake this time , a solid strike and 20 yard dash and he was down Perfect heart shot 230 paces. After gralloching him I noticed another buck through a gap
  8. I bet there has been more accidents occur with thermal than is reported. You have to have plenty restraint , unless you are 100% and can clearly identify your quarry you must refrain from shooting. Plenty idiots out there shooting as it is without throwing thermal in the mix.
  9. Just had a couple of hours before dusk. Saw 1 doe and a humbug but did see a first for me , a female mandarin duck sat in a stubble field but no Male with her.
  10. Foxes a lot easier down South mate
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