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  1. Schoolboy stuff. Better off going on your own if that's the case as making job harder.
  2. We all miss that's life but it gets annoying when it becomes regular. He probably just gets excited which is understandable but doesnt improve much if you're not shooting foxes regularly. I haven't shot a fox for about 3 months and when I eventually see 1 again will be so excited God knows if I will be able to shoot
  3. My God the right decision for once.
  4. I'm sure he will be back on soon with accounts of his forays
  5. Had a wander out this afternoon round the shoot in search of a roe. I had to go right to the boundary and work back up through the wood to keep the wind right. I stalked through the wood at a snail's pace as its difficult stalking and eventually spied 4 roe but they were in next doors field. There was a mature doe , a yearling doe , a 6 pointer and a buck kid who was in poor condition with a broken back leg that he couldn't put down. So I watched them for around 1/2 hour hoping he would move my way but unfortunately they headed the opposite way. Hope I catch up with him soon to end his sufferi
  6. Is the shoot just continuing as normal next season ?
  7. Cracking , must be some stock of squizzers round you.
  8. Hope he wasnt in one of your fenns I'm sure he chose your Doc traps
  9. Good post SL. I also remember when I started calling and shooting foxes some 30 years ago , every fox used to come trotting in with a hand squeak. Definitely different ball game now as back then foxing wasnt really that popular not like now where it is a fieldsport in it's own right . There are lots more fox shooters now ,therefore foxes naturally have adapted.
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