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  1. I don't have any access to fallow SL .Stav has kindly invited me so will need to fit in with his schedule.
  2. Ok mate sounds good just let me know. The rut is just about to start
  3. Did it say which part of country they took 240 ? If Yorkshire Dale's not too hard to achieve. I remember in the 90s in the Scottish Borders lamping , shot 213 in a few hours then stopped as got boring , if stayed out all night could have been 500 + but didnt want that many as couldn't shift them.
  4. Do you have traditional rutting stands on your ground SL.
  5. I dont know you Jimmy but my heart goes out to you , I cant begin to imagine what you are going through. I have a daughter too and couldn't cope if she was I'll like your daughter. I am fighting back the tears as I read this, truly heartbreaking.
  6. Just had the pup out for a walk round the shoot and he found a freshly killed hen. Rang the farmer and he said he only had 2 and they were there at 4pm , I said well you've only got 1 now. So a fox has turned up and needs sorting .
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  9. My favourite season is Spring , the rebirth of everything. I was out for some rabbits last night even though the weather conditions weren't good , pretty light and not a breath of wind. Anyway I shot a hare and left it at a gate to pick it up once I had done the high ground. On my descent down the hill I went to pick up the hare and discovered Mrs Tiggywinkles feeding on it. This is the 2nd time I have seen this , on the first occasion I caught a hedgehog feeding on one of my rabbits.
  10. Yes mate the Geordie people are very friendly, probably friendliest in the country. I just meant I hate cities as they are full of vermin and weirdos. Where in the Toon did you work ?
  11. Feck me RSPCA must have had a drop off mate. See any big cats when you were out
  12. Dont believe they are out there as no real evidence. When you think that there are keepers and shooters out every night of the week with thermal and nv they would be seen and shot. Cameras everywhere and hounds out drawing ground how come there is no evidence , tell you why because they ain't there.
  13. You can only shoot them if they are there , if you shoot 100 it means theres plenty. If you only shoot 1 then why are you shooting them ?
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