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  1. Love it. Going on safari with dog and catapult is one of the pleasures in life
  2. 1745 i was using 9.5 and 11mm steel to be fair at close range there pretty accurate have used the tapered tubes before with hex nuts ,they worked ok but for speed and longer distance dont think you can beat bands
  3. After being inspired by mr Wilkes and his exploits I decided to tie a few tube sets and give them a go first go tapered tubes. Good and accurate but a bit slow so then tried looped tubes there a lot more powerful but he’d to pull back compared to bands dont think you can beat 0.7 20 15 gzk
  4. out tuesday what do you want ?
  5. good little video ,dogs getting switched on now
  6. never seen them before cool find
  7. its not just teenagers i,ve a 40 yr old bloke that works for me exactly the same
  8. Do they come with the clips or do you have to pay extra for them?
  9. Well done. Trouble now catapults are addictive
  10. Just swapped to ott to show these are 25 mm do bit of over lap and just to show how carp the clips are over tightened slightly and split the clip
  11. Shouldn’t be any excess. If the bands are to long cut them down to required length
  12. leaves are falling now ,so happy days on squirrel hunting
  13. The wasp ones really good no problems at all. The Celtic catapult ones break when you over tighten. Wasp clips on the blue
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