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  1. Done a bit of research and the Amber is the natural colour ,always loved tubes but found bands faster? just confused on sizes now. Is the 1745 faster than the 2050. I use 9.5 steel
  2. Who makes the Amber 1745 and is it better than the black?
  3. Every wheelie bin near me has a hole in it from grey squirrels
  4. The money is going back into the syndicate that they are a member of. It’s not a charge just a donation to the shoot that they will benefit from
  5. I have a few fork hits on mine just leaves a small dint. They are tough
  6. Another vote for the Chinese scout.
  7. we Will be looking for new syndicate members for next season 19/20.the shoot is having a shake up and needs new blood that are willing to do work parties etc ...north cheshire
  8. I,be got big hands and the small sniper fits lovely ,the big one must be too big for most people
  9. One of the guys on Facebook does 3000 for £35
  10. Wilkes is the place to go for hex nuts. I like them for short range. They drop off after 20 yards. But up to 20 yards there accurate
  11. Here’s a pic with a garden fork for scale
  12. i use dankung precise 0.8 very happy with it ,not as stretchy as tbg but lasts well
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