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  1. it will be fine running it just remember to turn fuel off when you stop
  2. I don’t think that pipe goes to anything. Breather pipe
  3. Could be the float in the carb sticking up and not shutting fuel off.
  4. The shoot next to ours always put ex layers down but have stopped recently and gone onto poults and there returns are much better You need to confine them to the pen for a while so they associate it as home maybe split the pen down so it can be netted and trickle them out
  5. As above flexothane. Not breathable but waterproof
  6. Is the vet a specialist greyhound vet ? If not get a second opinion
  7. there in manchester city centre ,living on waste land, railway embankments etc
  8. the monkey


    Ha ha I am trying to thin them out as well Got a few catapults if you fancy one
  9. the monkey


    Just spreading the love
  10. the monkey


    I will swap it for another book if you want
  11. Hen I first started I used normal bands I was all over the place accuracy wise. So I switched to light bands to get my technique better. Worked for me
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