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  1. Has anyone got any advise on how to stop this issue. My 10mnth old gwp x lab in constantly pissing in her bedding in the kennel all the time. I change it one day and then the next it's sodden!
  2. What do you all do with yours work wise mate?
  3. A few keeper mates have swore by them and wouldn't be without them. They are all grouse keepers right enough but they say they are great dogs for a bit of everything
  4. Thinking of getting this cross for general beating on moors and lowlands and using for roughshooting etc. Has anyone any experiences with this cross. My worry is it will range a bit far for pheasants
  5. Thanks dan, I did wonder why there wasn't many around
  6. Back to square one "again" I guess. I kind of thought this myself but put it out to hear others opinions. The vet said it popped back in a bit to easy aswell.
  7. Great!!! Had one dog with a snapped cruciate in March and now my other one has done this!! Just can't get the luck with dogs this time round!
  8. My lurcher bitch dislocated her elbow at the weekend when turning. We got her to a vet and he managed to pop it back in fairly easy. has anyone had this with there dog before and did it turn in to a reoccurring thing? She's about 20 month old.
  9. Has anyone working one of these or seen them working? Any info on them, cheers
  10. I moved mine on as she didn't really suit me. Keep in touch with the guy I gave her to and she is doing a good job for him for what he does
  11. Looking to do a bit of pigeon shooting with the air rifle at night, permission is moving with them. First time attempting it so anyone got any tips? Cheers
  12. It has knocked me. I gave up the lurchers for a few year after the best dog I ever had retired. I got back into it when I went and got a new pup. Spent the year training etc only for the dog to not come anywhere near what I was looking for. Moved her on to a home where she would be more use to and brought myself in another pup. She is 15 month old and is a good rabbit dog but that is all she will be at most. No fire in her belly at all. I got the big dog from a mate who had some difficulties and had to move the dog in. This was the closest I had got to having a dog like the old ones again, tot
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