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  1. dug my first fox with a border lakey 1988 around that time there was terriers bred this way in nearly every street in my scheme and not the boxy stuff you see nowadays right rough n ready wee terriers...wish i could get my hands on something like that now
  2. like the readig your posts casso makes sences when see it written doen......
  3. what kida size is the bitcj your puttimg bruce over davey?
  4. crackin nic chris looks fit as a fiddle
  5. Your a Jonah asked about my dogs feet never been right since.... some blk magic shit eh
  6. cant be soap em c**ts dont wash
  7. put that big monster of yours over a racy bull x an il have a pup out that think they make some great lurchers
  8. we just had a big job on one of the islands cancelled because of it mate working for an old couple in a big ole house now and there telling us to crack on as normal what do you do when you need the dough.....
  9. no fae me you wont
  10. if you want a russel pup il give you one for nothing?
  11. She’s a cracker mate nice solid looking bitch your going have some right good crack with her
  12. can you mind the doo shops on maryhill road and keppochill road going back 30 year here?
  13. just got up for work walked into the bedroom door n split my head open was in a c**t of a mood.....ffs that just put a big smile on ma coupon cheers sinda.....
  14. same here mate never had a job interveiw in my puff.....
  15. bad crack don keep the chin up bud.....tweet f****n tweet mate!!
  16. lucky men that guys broonies a cracker mate he wont forget that in a hurry eh...nice one
  17. cracking photo that is mate.........
  18. mate the coppers are the biggest gang in the world they can and do whatever the feck they like had lamps and nets taken fishing gear took charged with police assualt when iv had the shit kicked out of me...taking a lurcher and making your day to day life a misery is sport for some the feckers as long there note books match in court whos going beleive a lurcher owner over two coppers an it dont matter to them if you walk or not theyve had your dog and caused you a power of grief.....shower a shite the c**ts....
  19. if socks doesnt sort you out mate drop me a message
  20. baw would a made a good job eh the yank lot he was funny as feck...did he not make a womans account an have messages of lads on here?
  21. in a nutshell.......the yanks are the funniest thing for years in this section
  22. mate my nephew had the same thing last week and they rushed him into hospital....hes like new kid said nothing for months then days of blinding headaches to the point hes on the deck in tears hes only 19
  23. iv been in the same position....a few times
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