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  1. Alot of vets are very clueliss when regarding ferrets . The jill jab is to bring a ferret jill out of heat not to prevent this . I would call the vets you had it done and explain this to them . Hopefully they will give the jill another jab out of goodwill . Atb
  2. Im just keeping the 1 jill and my mates taking the other 2 . Have a few other kits coming in so will have plenty for this season
  3. 3 jill kits. 3weeks old
  4. Well once the seasons here and if u fancy a days ferreting or lamping give me a shout ill get you out . I have a few big estates i do the rabbits on
  5. If your anywhere near dundee give me a pm ill help out best way i can
  6. If you were closer to me i would have had you out pal , im in scotland so cant help but all the best finding permission or someone with experience to get you out . We all started the same way and atleast your trying to do it right and get permission . Atb
  7. Spot on mate looking forward to it cheers
  8. Yeah i got some mate cheers
  9. Seen this in asda .. has anyome used it before does it remove the smell from the hob or just give him a shiny protective coat?
  10. Its a weird 1 . 1 my jills is due in 2 weeks or so and shes starting to moult and also her teets are swollen wheres the other jills a few days after her but no signs yet ..still early days
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