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  1. You was right about this I watched it in two goes and really liked it hope they make a series 2 of it now
  2. Yes as said for all the Eastern Europeans as you say you never used to see them in supermarkets until recently did you very expensive mind
  3. Not into wrestling but that iron claw review looks good
  4. Just watched the new road house while on the train not great but good I enjoyed it Connor played a good part n was funny as was the broken armed guy. No idea what they was thinking with the boat scene tho was like something outa baywatch
  5. Not a fan of him myself but apparently he's done better than alot expected in this but I ain't seen yet
  6. Saw a chav with one of these xl things off the lead while driving through an estate today huge thing it was ran into the road at one point luckily no car coming then went past a school this was about 2 30 1/2 hour later kids be out may well be ok with kids but still makes you shudder n not worth the risk
  7. That new road house film that's just come out is getting some good feedback so far has anyone seen it
  8. Main thing is that he's ok isn't it but felt sorry for him to n like you say he was so confident after the first first fight and expectations for him high from alot of people
  9. Fake? | Hmmmm | By Tyson Fury FansFacebook WWW.(!64.56:886 Hmmmm Camera angle but can see why many was thinking it was rigged especially with how easily aj dismantled him
  10. Agree he tries to be like a UK 50 cent or something but I would like to finally see him fight n beat fury but it won't happen as usyk beats fury despite fury ageing him out best he can furys finally been found out imo
  11. Hope he's ok went down hard Fury made him look alot better than he was in the ring
  12. Got the kids with me tonight after being let down again by there mum last week it's nice to enjoy the boxing while listening to them snoring in the next room
  13. dodger

    Super rats

    Yeh no doubt the photographer took the photo to make it look bigger for the article the fella described it as the size of a small baby from nose to tail tho 18 inches it said. Iv heard a few lads saying they've seen some huge rats lately, iv seen some biggens I hate em all but wouldn't describe them as these super rats.
  14. Narrabri I spent some time living n working out there remote but land and hunting to die for
  15. Love snatch n lockstock n quite a few of his others but this just looks stupid doesn't it?
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