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  1. I lived Ashfield valley as a kid as well lol
  2. Bonny pups wyl best of luck with them
  3. Nice strong bitch mchull what flavor is she..
  4. Do you know anything about the dog mush and it's lines be interested to know, also can I ask what it is that you don't like about it
  5. Is this the pure that Alan used on one of his bitches, how did they go
  6. Sounds like a well bred pup best a luck pal a
  7. Which dog was Lilly mate
  8. Does yours have any dark fringe or down tail Charley
  9. Smart dogs pal n some nice country there to
  10. Don't know we're that m came from my phones fecked
  11. mad ain't it pal they must have bred very tight but still crazy after 40 years
  12. I do find it interesting tho that although these dogs are long gone but even after 40 years you still get some dogs that throw back to the same look n stamp of old
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