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  1. dodger

    Minshaw dogs

    Crackin dogs lads..
  2. dodger

    Minshaw dogs

    Hopefully the fella was stitched up can only hope that that's the case it's a horrible thing to think about either way and a horrible thing either for him or the poor kid which ever way you look at it or what happened nothin worse than a sick pedo but horrible if he was innocent but it's not the dogs fault n be good if one day there could be a decent unspoiled thread about these dogs they could definitely graft and they were closely bred for along time to create a strain that although were never like peas in a pod you could always tell was a minshaw or had minshaw in them good stamp some of them good strong durable well put together dogs..
  3. dodger

    Running dog addiction

    Its a good nook r d i n as for darcy he's sound I like his old dog even more not everyone can or will get on in life whoever it is but i take people as I find them n he's been spot on with me always himself not full of shit n doesn't mess you about either if he's going to do something he'll do it not let you down which goes a long way with me cant fault the fella as a person and he is always out with dogs or doing something very keen man best a luck to him..
  4. dodger

    Dog or bitch pup

    Iv got 3 dogs n two bitches all live inside and no trouble at all..
  5. dodger

    Pups out of troy

    Proper sort is troy good alrounder durable big heart n still doing his job at 8 with a great temp as well..
  6. Have you got any vids of that bitch runnin one in the open socks..
  7. Aye bitch well to nail it in there I thought..
  8. dodger


    Ope Millie's isn't made there as that's what I give mine with there meat as think of it as one of the good dry feeds out there but could just be made at the same factory what ever you get lol
  9. dodger


    Dirty mudder fxxkers not doubting your word but can't be that bad surly?
  10. dodger

    toddler bitten

    Poor kid, disgusting that proper fecked up..
  11. dodger

    Eating less ?

    Looks good that g l.. Is bury black puddin still good that was always talked about as bein the best or one of..
  12. Looks a cracker racy and strong bet she has plenty stamina as well to go with it..
  13. dodger

    Lurcher bitch

    Looks a nice well balanced bitch that..
  14. Like the look of the older dog socksis she bred from gaffer..
  15. dodger


    Lookin good