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  1. Don't think iv ever seen a greyhound saturated dog that didn't lack wind?
  2. Lookin good Jacob comin on really well
  3. Good mag back In the day as was shooting news shame both gone. As said how times have changed in this country n don't even shelv hunting mags in newsagents quite sad really.
  4. Absolute stunning pups Jacob you n misty done a crackin job..
  5. Belters they are Jacob as said fat as butter n looks like troys given them that double coat that he throws.
  6. To reiterate what breeze said look to be doin grand Jacob..
  7. Great news as said what was the circumstances.
  8. What's the chance of flying further than Europe over the next few weeks does anybody know, iv regularly checked with the FCO and they have continued to advise against all but essential travel but no specific advise and iv not been able to reach them lately for one reason or another does anybody know of any updates..
  9. Grand looking dogs one at the back is some lump chest like a steering wheel
  10. How are you getting on Kieth
  11. No disrespect to Keith tomo I genuinely wish him well n very sorry to hear about his good lady n it’s not a competition but there’s people out there that’s genuinely got nothing not a roof over there head or a pot to piss in an dads that can’t get to see there children due to a bitch of an ex or kids thousands of miles away caught up in a web of corruption. Listen Keith this really is the best advice you will get England is a postage stamp I know your older than me so wish you no disrespect but if my kids were only two three four or whatever hours away from me right now then I would run walk or crawl to get to them even if only for 5 minutes just to hug smell and kiss them tell them I love them and always will and to not forget me and il never stop fighting. Keith mate you get one life but your daughter is literally down the road go see her, you been given a chance TAKE IT for a lot of dads to be able to see there children once a week or even once a month is better than life mate, go and see your daughter for all those that can’t atb
  12. Just remember your not the only one going through a tough time mate Keep trying to be positive and hopefull best you can if you can because I think once you've lost that you have nothing, good luck. edited to add one big positive I can see for you is that you already have a 2 bedroom house safe n secure that they won't try and evict you from so atleast you won't have to become homeless, second thing is im guessing that your daughter lives no more than two hours drive away from your current adress that you can visit when ever you want to a degree, two huge positives there for you please try and realise that and understand that your circumstances could be a whole lot worse for you I hope you take this in a positive way because it's the 100% truth, be positive be strong and make the most of your situation try to take the positives from rather than the negatives.
  13. Have any ever been brought over here does anyone know of, can’t see why they wouldn’t take to our climate?
  14. When I worked at a greyhound kennels they used to use this with some meat n veg the dogs did well on from what I can remember, I ain't seen any for years now does anybody still use it..
  15. I remember a couple doing that about 25 year ago on abit of waste land I think just off an old bridle path the council tried to get them off but they managed to stay there for years not sure if there still there now they was getting on abit and I ain't been round there for a while but do you think you could get away with doin that these days or would they just turf you out.
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