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  1. Lucky dogs with that lot especially the sheep heads n tripe
  2. They'll do autarky as well then won't they mooch, tell us more what goes into these completes then as not often you speak to someone who's actually seen it all for real, what is the actual meat they use n percentages etc
  3. A fella had a mally Grey x collie Grey this morning its a right good alrounder and always looks bang on he feeds it wagg worker who also make Harringtons n half a tin of butchers tripe through it n nothing else.
  4. I know a few drifter and they said it's not as good as it used to be n same for skinners not sure why maybe they changed the formula or something? Give that new Dr john hypoallergenic 30 20 a try mate it's good stuff I haven't heard a bad word said about but suppose we are only just going into November but so far so good.
  5. It's a huge place almost like a village than a factory they make most the well known foods in UK n Europe n the companies put there own labels on etc most these companies such as millies wolf heart are just packing/shipping plants they don't manufacture the food as alot presume, I thought they also did chudleys and csj?
  6. Brilliant scran hares full of iron great recovery food
  7. GA make chudleys don't they along with csj millies wolf heart barking heads n most of the grain free that you see
  8. Wouldn't be surprised but surprising what dogs can do well on.
  9. Be from GA that king they do all that gear with the individual company's own label or bags but it's produced at ga
  10. Me to but I bet alot don't let people view, my mate toured the gilbertson n page plant tho and the huge GA and said he was impressed.
  11. Can't beat feeding game at least you know what it is n we're its come from I don't even bother freezing it mine had hares at weekend straight from field and a pheasant each today I leave guts in as well like.
  12. Must admit I do like to see them enjoy there tucker after a hard day and earned it and getting that goodness back into them to help recovey. Great photo..
  13. Very good post that cheers
  14. I think good as long as from a good source but enough fat n plenty calories really important for them.
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