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  1. It's not often one gets the chance to voice there opinion so fair play to him however although the show is regarding farming its a shame he didn't have a couple of lurchers mooching about with the collie be for all the farmers watching the show to see that lurchers arnt out of control dogs running riot n killing sheep that alot think..
  2. Crazy how we've just had a ban for rabbits here yet a couple I know have recently returned from a holiday in Northern Spain and in a bar was a TV for the footie and on the other wall a TV with galgos coursing how surreal
  3. Sounds good advice I remember as a kid seeing some collies that chase moving cars and try latch on to the tires the positives could be some good heart but surely must have been head the balls mental
  4. My kind of place is that near the borders..
  5. You are right I think alot have taken things that we have for granted unfortunately, people can get to comfortably which can and does happen and then things tend to creep up on you n bite folk in the ass..
  6. Iv found front line crap but front line + good. For ticks iv found brevecto good.
  7. We will be in labour's pocket for a while mate.. It's a shame conservatives have made such a mess we'd would have been OK as it was always labour that was the enemy of the countryside and working man..
  8. Very good point all these new big housing developments have something put down aswell if there's a few about does anyone know what it is I don't think the Chinese one but wipes them out the same unless its gas?
  9. That's great to still have a pensioner out n about like that fair play she'll be tired buy will have loved it, nice scenery ✌
  10. Iv always liked this type a few lads who used to have them say line bred as in other types produces far better results ie both parents d g c g as opposed to both 1st x parents, makes sense..
  11. I was speaking to an ex mayoress but still has contacts, she was saying that things are changing fast and not for the better but if shooting goes it will be a while yet due to reasons including your own however running dogs although nothing in the pipeline in England would likely see more problems once labour have been back in for a few years and then leading up to there next election for votes to keep them in power, this is of course just her opinion nothing factual
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