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  1. Sorry to hear that I hope you n your dog get some good luck Did your get say if anything could have caused it or just one of those things, you hear some people say kibble cancause it but not sure how accurate that is?
  2. Sounds like a good little trip Kieran be good if you do another n as you say will have learned from the first time round
  3. Cracking looking team n look well..
  4. Bonny pup you have there good luck
  5. Real shame can you be a bit more specific regarding the circumstances
  6. Cracking pup good jacket on him as well which troy normally chucks as well as good boots n engine, I only saw mysty run the one day but she didn't miss really easy to work with as well but as iv said before I saw troy a lot and he's a very handy alrounder been to the moon n back n a proper temp always a pleasure to be out with him wherever n he produces as well which we you know is half the battle, good look with your pup try n keep holding him back as you are if you can as I find them slowish to mature but once they do your away you should have a lot of fun with him I have no doubt..
  7. Like them all sandy but really like the Springer
  8. Would be a trip to remember that without a doubt
  9. Some of the Spanish hares do look a test dont they but I wonder how the dogs would do on a slop I do like the look of some of them galgos tho n some of them look like they can hang on abit aswell don't they
  10. Be good if sandy puts a trip on I'd defo be up for the trip over even I'm not a fan of doubles I sure do miss the Waterloo
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