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  1. Great episode that can't see the modern Hilux being as tough as those older models and as you say that episode did wonders for them
  2. Is that the one Volvo was so proud of the miles they gifted the fella a new motor or was that Toyota
  3. I get were your coming from there must be a lot of money lost from people chopping n changing motors over a lifetime if it doesn't let me down is reliable n good on juice I'll keep It
  4. Real shame that after it served you so well but just goes to show what some will do if looked after do you think I modern diesels are as capable even tho there's more that can go wrong compared to older simpler diesels
  5. I heard the old dti was a good engine but never heard of any car capable of 500000 that is some going
  6. Really? Have you had to do a lot to it to get so much out of it..
  7. Whats the highest miles you've put on a car or what you know of, iv put 200000 on a 1.7 Cdti was thinking of trading it in however it still seems to be running well n after speaking to someone who's running an octavia with over 300000 on the clock I might just keep it a while longer what are your experiences..
  8. Sorry to hear that I hope you n your dog get some good luck Did your get say if anything could have caused it or just one of those things, you hear some people say kibble cancause it but not sure how accurate that is?
  9. Sounds like a good little trip Kieran be good if you do another n as you say will have learned from the first time round
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