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  1. dodger

    Rip love island

    Very sad especially with being so young
  2. dodger

    Rip love island

    is this what the films based on katch..
  3. dodger

    Rip love island

    Half the people that do this I wish they'd have given it abit longer and atleast tried to get the help available, but the others that didn't have that support network or those knew that nothing could help and that the end was near I mean they really knew then I do think they are brave must be so hard to do but they must weigh up the alternative which could potentially be a lifetime of torture.
  4. dodger

    Rip love island

    Real shame especially such a young age n like you say if only he'd of got some help or atleast tried, a lot of people luckily can get better I do think tho depending on the situation and what they've been through or going through that some people just can't be helped or get out that hole and they know it.
  5. dodger

    Rip love island

    For them that can and have recovered and also the ones that can't and take there own lives all have balls imo, like I say for some there could really have been no way out some people just aren't meant to grow old I guess, I do feel sorry tho for them that have done it for the wrong reasons and could have recovered, it must be absolutely horrible if someone changes there mind at the last second but it's to late but as others have said for some a lot of thought has gone into it.. As iv said I can understand why some have done it but I find it difficult to understand people doing it when they have kids unless they've lost them.
  6. dodger

    Rip love island

    I feel for the families and loyal friends of people that have been in this situation but sometimes there's families etc that don't do enough until it's to late, then you get times when people don't know what to say to each other and life goes on etc and the sufferer continues to suffer or can try to isolate themselves which also makes it difficult for families, real proper depression just a horrible thing all round and affects everyone different as well as situations..
  7. dodger

    Rip love island

    All people and situations are different, sometimes giving the head a wobble and cracking on can be a good thing but for others it can lead to a life time of torture no one knows what each individual is going through or what they can do about it if they've really hit the bottom, for some people sometimes there really is no way out.
  8. dodger

    Rip love island

    Terrible news brave girl..
  9. I still prefer it miles more than football n must admit there was some really good games in the lastWorld Cup especially from the underdog countries which showed a lot of bottle n heart, aye shame about the final England had done well up until then, peaked to early maybe?
  10. Really struggle to get into union just way to much kicking and so many penalties for next to nothing and so many times you here the commentary sayin oh what a try he's powered over the line when the truth is the defence we're shite n bottled it..
  11. Been using beef greaves myself over the last few days the dogs seem to enjoy it.
  12. Heard the same which surprises me just how many gun dogs perform so well throughout the season on 8-10 quid bags of complete obviously not all but there's loads that do n the dogs do there job well.
  13. Sounds like the greyhounds do well on that pal n I feed my spaniels the same as the lurchers awell but interesting what b h says as well, I know loads of lads that feed there gun dogs on cheap 8 quid a sack working dog complete with nothing else n some of them somehow look n perform well on it very surprising especially this time of year when they've been grafting all season.
  14. Good fun whippet greyhounds if you get a gudden non stop action for a minute lol n if they don't take there prize after that minute then it's after burners on n goodbye but as said good fun, how has she been regarding injuries..
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