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  1. That's good you don't bump into them much be a bit off putting with all the deadly critters you got over there lol
  2. Well done pup good confidence boost..
  3. Do you ever bump into any snakes in the burrows down there let alone all the dodgy spiders you have lol
  4. Not surprised being surrounded by three dogs plus a great big net in front of it lol
  5. I was talking to someone last year n he was saying he gets pigs heads off a butcher n dogs do well off it he said its surprising how much meat comes off if you boil it it up for a while
  6. Ahh right I thought it was a dry cell when I saw it
  7. I used to like those battery's there doesn't seem to be many about now, what amp is it..
  8. For anyone on a budget who wants a kibble n meat diet arkwrightes is decent..
  9. Iv tried them all even orijen which I think is overrated the best iv found is aatu pal
  10. Good thread Dave you one of the good owners very keen n you've had some smashers for sure fair play..
  11. Still the odd folks about not in it for the money n breeding off tested stuff at working man's prices n try to to find homes were they be tested to benefit the lines for future generations not many these days tho unfortunately..
  12. It's my old bitch ryan her dam was a genuine 1st x bull saluki ie pure a working pit over Wilburs pure saluki star and her sire was snowys brother x sankys candy and candy by the way was a halfbro sister mating.
  13. my old bitch bred like that she thrived on lots of stick n the stronger the hares the better for her.
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