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  1. dodger

    Pre Season

    Tip top mate good luck..
  2. dodger

    David platts

    They was n full a character..
  3. dodger

    Romeo x Tikka pups

    He's a smart dog for sure, miserable lookin but smart.. Yours is the only one left that's runnin now the others are either dead or permanently injured..
  4. dodger

    Romeo x Tikka pups

    Smart pups..
  5. dodger

    David platts

    Cold winds blow, lamps that burn so bright, truly mans best friend, heroes of the night..
  6. dodger

    Recent mountain trip

    Good trip and write up he's looking well..
  7. dodger


    Smart pup I remember a fella having a couple think they was imports if I remember or bred off one you couldn't get near his gaff until they got to know you properly right unpredictable feckers they was nice lookin dogs tho..
  8. dodger

    RIP franco columbo

    Yeh pal..
  9. dodger

    RIP franco columbo

    As said great friends for a long time was a good guy n Arnie be gutted I was only thinking the other week how Franco still doin ok considerin what he must of put his body through over the years fair play tho was in top shape back in the day. R.i.p Franco..
  10. dodger

    New podcast just gone live 🐆

    No sure how accurate they are but found them interesting n who knows gotta be something in it.. summet abit different as well as not often you get to hear about em is it..
  11. dodger

    bloody spiders

    There feckers for that or they seem to like wellies might have to start doin what the Aussies do if were to be gettin venomous spiders over here..
  12. dodger

    New podcast just gone live 🐆

    Is there just 3 episodes available for this then as in two panthers together, to close for comfort and the exmore one as that is all that I can see on the page or is there another link or something that I'm not aware of..
  13. Not at all real glad you got him..
  14. dodger

    New podcast just gone live 🐆

    Sounds good are they going to be doing any from up north or is it all south?
  15. dodger

    Fitness conditioning

    Iv just been road walkin mine the last few weeks when it's been cool enough n also down the beach or river swimming n been doing some doggin in the last week there not fit but about how I'd want them to be ready to start the new season..