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  1. dodger

    Darcy Dvd

    Just bought this DVD thought it was really good aswell..
  2. dodger

    RIP Tegan

    Sorry to hear that R.I.p Tegan..
  3. dodger

    Next seasons runners

    Absolute belters..
  4. dodger

    MINSHAW .....

    Twas a good old shift n a grand strong lookin bitch..
  5. dodger

    MINSHAW .....

    Some crackin posts to blue..
  6. dodger

    MINSHAW .....

    Good pics them tree hands..
  7. dodger

    MINSHAW .....

    Would be a cracker ray the stories the pics the Craic n atmosphere n the way Andy writes somehow puts you right at the scene as if you were there lol but when I last saw Andy he never mentioned anything about a book so real shame
  8. dodger

    MINSHAW .....

    Smart dog bosun looks well.. Some good interestin stuff in this thread shame about the shite that's been posted Inbetween n no pics to see now unfortunately but still some crackin stuff amongst it n great to read some of the tales along the way again top Craic would've made a great book or series of books I'm not a big reader but dont think I'd put this one down..
  9. alright bud, hows tricks a still aint got  a phone yet, so if yeh have messaged me a aint ignoring yeh pal

  10. dodger

    whats the best food for lurchers

    Feedin mine meat veg n abit of rice or pasta at minute with a mix of gain 28 n Millie's 20% mixed in they seem to do well on this combo also give em lamb ribs n offal once or twice a week..
  11. dodger

    whats the best food for lurchers

    Not used it myself but a few lads I know use that moist n meaty from Aldi sandy n say the dogs do well on it..
  12. dodger

    Speed or Stamina?

    A fast dog that can run slow with plenty stay along with durability a good mouth n a big heart n touch wood the right temp to go with it to make all the time n effort needed to put in to it that much more worthwhile..
  13. dodger

    Greyhound dog

    Line bred lurcher x lurcher types lance
  14. dodger

    Greyhound dog

    I think he's razor x a minshaw type bitch pal
  15. dodger

    Greyhound dog

    I don't know if the owner would want to stud him or not but there's a member on here with a dog called Troy very good alrounder if your bitch is worth breeding from that's the dog I'd be trying to use..