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Found 28 results

  1. Found some oldies i've never seen before, hope they are of interest...
  2. Well just looking at different terrier locators and was thinking about buying a mk3 but just wondering about your thoughts?
  3. Does any one have any experience with border. X Lakelands thinking of getting one and wandering what there like
  4. I jus learning about des terrier and I came across hunt terriers or jadg terrier. Are Dey as good as patterdales?
  5. Hi there i am getting started in terrierwork and just wondering if you have any tips or suggestions and my two terriers are jrt.
  6. Hi I am just curious as to how many of you work fox terriers if so send on some pics please.
  7. Hi What’s the best way to find permission for working terriers on ? Thanks
  8. Just wanted to know anybody's thoughts on my Dachshundand anybody's opinions on using them in place of, or alongside terriers.
  9. Now I gave a 3rd season bitch to someone in Hunt service in Wales a very well known pack..Only because the previous well known Huntsman had recomended him to contact me..The bitch was given free of charge but on conditions when she had a litter I could have a bitch pup back..Now the bitch was lined but he told me she never took ..I found out the bitch had 5 pups thanks to a few members on here..I rang him and he kept denying it,then after more calls he admitted the truth ..I asked for a bitch pup as that was the deal but he has refused so I told him to send the entered bitch back this he has done,, he has a bitch out of the litter but refuses to give it to me ..A few lads on here know the story ,,Now in my eyes he is just a dog thief ,,Whats you lads thoughts..I have given him to this coming Saturday to give me the pup
  10. Hi lads I am a newbie on the site i have always kept working terriers but I have always found a big difference in opinions when people are asked what age they start there dogs off would like to hear what your opinions are on this thanks
  11. Am generally new to the sport done abit of ratting when I was younger just thought I’d ask for some advice for getting more into it by this I mean tools and equipment tips things like that. I have a keen Russell bitch 11months and was hoping to introduce her in the new season.
  12. anyone know how this dog was bred an has anyone dug to him
  13. WE just had all our dogs stolen last night, 3 hounds(Black and brown), 2 lurchers(one black broken coated bitch and one tan dog with one black ear), and 5 jack russells.(pups 3 smooth coat mainly white with black and tan patch and male dog white with brown spots and bitch mainly white with a black ear and brown spot). if anyone has any information please let us know.
  14. i have my 12 month old black bitch for sale she 100% unspoilt she is smooth coated you can spann her. she has been on a few digs and seen a couple of charlies she has done a load of rats. ive not got the time to work her as much now i have become a keeper and i have other terriers, she is out of my black dog and her mother is no longer with me (she was to hard).i want £200 for her contact me on 07826251330 i wouldnt let me put it on the working dogs and livestock forum for some reason
  15. Guest


    Thought i'de put these up for another member who sent them to me. The dog digging on wasn't a worker as shuch but a 11 or 12 week old pup who was digging himself in on a rat in his kids sand pit, i'de like to say he got it but he bolted before he knew what was going on. The force is strong in this one me thinks. I'de also like to add that he never encouraged it, it all happened naturaly all he did was go and see what the fuss was all about. Edited to say this is a pup off Teds first litter.
  16. hi there was just wundering how many of you gents and ladies can say ther earth dog`s dont mark rabbit or go to ground on them?iv only ever had the 1 my self that never bothed rabbits! thanks for sharing
  17. Here's a few pic's of my Bull Wheaten pup's, ten weeks old. Shud be gud stock for next yr. These r 2 bitch pup's from a litter of 8, bred from my Wheaten bitch. Hope u like the pic's lads!
  18. how do you train a dog to do bushing mine dont seem to know what to do?
  19. hi, i have 3 border terriers and i want to know how i can train them to go to ground and chase the quarry out of there warrens ??
  20. just sat here at 03:20 on the floor in front of the patio doors on facebook cos I cant sleep and the dogs have kicked off down the garden so I looked up and there it was a F##king fox looking straight at me through the patio doors so I jumped up and went to let the guys out there kennels before they woke the street up as I walked down the garden the fox was running backwards and forwards around the garden among the trees and shrubs as I have a 6ft fence around it,by the time I had turned the alarm of down the pens I could hear the fox scrambling to get over the fence,I opened the doors of the kennels and the dogs nearly knocked me out with it, the dogs where gone that fox soon cleared than 6ft fence Only telling you this because I was quite suprized to see it as I live in the middle of town and the sheer cheek of it, thought it was pretty cool though
  21. Hi guys. It been a while since i have been on the forum, The lay out has change a bit too. Well the reason I am wanting to chat to you guys is this morning my 2 year old Pat/Parson cross got run over with a car. We live in the country but the road is very busy so it is a full time job making sure the dog can't get out of our enclosed yard. However, we moved some of our bantams to the front garden in a wee cope I made. My wife went out to let them out of the box and took the dog with her. My dog, Nell, has an extra ordinary nose, I think she is 1/2 hound. While the wife was open the cope door, Nell picked up the scent of a fox and took of like a greyhound accross the field straigh out unto the road and got hit with a car. She is going to be in the vets office until Friday. She needs an operation to the front leg which has serveral breaks. They are going to have to put a steel plate on it to hold it together to get it to set. My fear was from what they told my wife it would never knit back, but I have a shooting friend who is a vet and he assures me it will and this procedure is the best for good recovery. Here is what I want to know. Have any of you every had such a break with your terriers and if so did they come back to full spec. Nell is so athletic and will run all day. I just don't want her to jump over a ditch some day and the leg snap. Would value your experience here. I love this littler mut and it seem like a life time to wait until Friday before I will see her. BD PS. The fox was also hit by a car 1/2 up the road so at least she maybe played a roll in killing that one.
  22. Been out today on my permission with the guns and beaters and I was abit embarrassed we bolted 5 foxes 3 of them in one wood and we only shot one I wasnt embarrassed because we only shot one it was because there was 5 and I cant find the earths anywhere,Ive been round every bit of the land/woods, Ive been working them for 20+yrs they are like my back garden,do you think they could be coming in from the adjoining land that I cant go on,if not where the f##k can the be holding up
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