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  1. Wow, she did you proud, that's a good-sized litter and given the rocky start it's all come together nicely for all those involved. I had a bitch who had the same problem, except I had to decided what I wanted to do as they were nowhere near full term.The vet told me," we need to get those pups out right now, they can't be saved, but I can save the bitch, we don't have any time to waste". So I made the best choice I could.
  2. Warning, if you have a few rabbits, best get into em because once RHD arrives it will blow an awful lot down, up to over 90%. This is why I've read many comments on about "oh there were a few rabbits on my permission, but now they have just disappeared"I know what that relates to. These comments appear to relate to areas from one end of the country, to the other, sadly nature will have to run its course, hopefully the numbers will build back up with the passing of some years. The sport of catching rabbits is under pressure from so many quarters in your country and worldwide, as mentioned the l
  3. I'd of tapped that pup as soon as I knew it was blind, then as fast as possible driven to the London Bridge and thrown myself over......
  4. Grown dogs can't handle milk, what animal drinks it within nature, once they are weaned & full size? Over the last couple of years I've cut back my dog numbers, the 2/3s that are left still eat a lot of food in one form or another. My local home kill guy sends me a text once or twice a week to go uplift any full bone bins. These I load onto my car trailer, some weeks I could get 200kgs, at other times 50kgs. Its scrap trimmings, fat, head, hearts of beef, sheep or red deer. I sort it out, throwing the boneless meat in one corner, big bones in another. The waste fat is made up of any f
  5. Some of you guys are really quite funny, it's a crack up for sure.
  6. There's a few on here that would sniff some old boilers dirty knickers, if given half a chance, then spend the next 3 minutes stuffing 'em.lol
  7. Can that dog see out of those eyes ? lol and where's the rest of his ears and tail. Did he fancy a midnight snack?
  8. Taking out some youngins is one of the most rewarding, neatness things you could do in this sport sharing it with a grandson is even better ,job well done ,I tip my hat to you sir .
  9. I wanted to fast track and improve the brown bitches strike, so I started her on a fizz be. At the first couple of throws, she walked over & gave it a very slight push with her nose, within five minutes she decided to murder, that red flier. It has now become one of the most important things to her, only a slight second to her joy of chasing a rabbit. Nanna has never been one for half measures, it's always 110%,in anything she does. If she can catch the disk before it hits the grounds, she's as happy as a dog with two tails, it's a type of game to her, catching that flying red bugger befor
  10. Aussie Whip we bred this bitch ourselves, her Dam was 50% collie 50%kelpie and her Sire was a working whippet imported from Aussie. She's very full on and bossy as all hell, also has a truck load of brains.
  11. Since my wife required to be dropped off at her mother's place in Central Otago ,I thought it rude not to take advantage of the high rabbit populations that can be found around the lake in central Otago so I threw a couple of young lurchers ,ferrets and nets on board and after dropping her grace off, I bolted off to one of my favourite places, an area of flat ground with some large pine trees around the local collie club. There is a walking and cycle track that runs along the water's edge at one end, a busy man road at the other and the two other boundaries are both fenced in rabbit netting.
  12. Yes that's a common problem over your way Aussie Whip, once the dog has heated or heat stoke (call it what you want)the dog then becomes prone to it, over heating faster each time. In some cases, this has ended a dog's working life, making them unsuitable for any hard running and hunting.
  13. Interesting enough, there is now a huge housing problem in the states brought about when hard-working people lost their jobs over the Covid this along with a number of new drugs hitting the streets has seen 1,000s of middle income earners homeless .1,000s of people living in tents on the side walk and in parks, most addicted to a killer drug that leaves people in a zombie like state ,bent over passed out standing & another new one, that eats the flesh on the bone resulting in fingers falling off without any knowledge what happened to them. What a very sad state for a country to find the
  14. I find there is no value long term to fall out with the landowner, yes at the time, after ripping the farmer a new asshole, you feel vindicated however with the passing of time you realize that you will never get back onto that property while that farmer still owns the land. Now when this happens to me, I nod, smile and say "ok if it doesn't work out you know where to find me "then I walk off. While this has only happened a few times, twice I've had the landowner ring me at a later date, and ask would you be interested in doing some control work on a couple of hotspot areas to which I've agree
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