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  1. Yes Id have to agree ,once things start to heat up they put more effort into chasing & catching you ,a motor then becomes a handicap ,however you guys have a very long history of poaching ,how to go about it, unseen and undetected, so I'm not going to tell you guys how to suck a egg.
  2. As I see it you have two problems over there ,one is its against the law to course hares and the second is, if you don't have permission you are poaching .Now I'm not in anyway judging anybody that does either or both ,I in fact did a lot of poaching in my day in New Zealand ,a lot of it was at night hunting the full moon for pigs .I got caught twice in 35 years and that saw me in court ,it didn't stop me I just got a lot smarter .So back to your country ,the whole matter wont go away & it will become one hell of a lot harder to go out and run hares ,catching people doing so will become im
  3. its strange how breeds or certain cross breeds come & go but for some die hold followers they never go out in the first place, you are one such person ,hope you enjoy this bitch as much as your other, who did you proud I'm sure.
  4. I only have to read the above post from Oldphil to be reminded that whose employed in rabbit control know that, being paid does without a doubt change the dynamites of everyone evolved & it can become VERY stressful very quickly . Sport(craig) & paid rabbit work are two different animals ,so that said here is how I look apron it .I never offer anything I cant deliver ,I'm careful as to the type of Jobs I take on ,my operation is dog based and lends its self to smaller blocks and holdings .I don't take on big jobs as my methods wouldn't have the required outcomes for the landowner .I
  5. Hitting anything solid at speed can do some real damage & can end a dogs working life . The light brindle bitch wants her own rabbit & is happy to honor the blue dogs rabbits ,nice to see .
  6. not a very nice way to die for anyone ,makes me feel sick at the very thought .
  7. I've brought a huge amount of fishing gear from there ,rods ,reels ,bags lures and have only had one item I didn't like .That was some mono line but since then I've brought other brands I'm more than pleased with .No problems with orders not turning up but due to the pandemic it can take a few extra weeks .
  8. That's a huge one there for me .I had gone out piggin and on the way back ,100 yards off the truck ,ole Dennis the one eyed c**t sneaked off for a few minute's to then arrive back after rolling in some bell ends dump .All over his rip & tracking collar ,I swear he did it just to piss me off ,ground into the buckle's ,it had me gagging even with gloves on .I think I saw him smiling ........
  9. Hand feeding a puppy is a huge undertaking Fenman1# so I tip my hat to you sir ,bloody great outcome ,your old dog lives on in this pup ,all the best in the sport pal.
  10. I would like to touch on the subject of breeding within pure bred dogs .These have been bred close by kennels or the dog show owners ,how close I'm not sure but enough to get both behaviour and appearance to show constantly the same . This close breeding has lead to a huge raft of health problems within in these breeds ,some of these problems are major ,costing their owners thousands in vet care and treatment, this has also resulted in some dogs having to put down. We now have so many breeds not fit for purpose , unable to deliver puppies without a C section, unable to reach old age without
  11. I don't think she's very interested....lol ....
  12. Yes , RHD does behave in that manner, in some spots the rabbits found there have a higher immunity level than others that live near by. These animals breed some kits in a litter that can carry that same high level .It took just over 20 years for the population to rebuild & to have a % in the late 80s of unaffected rabbits & in some areas in NZ there are now more rabbits than there was before RHD, but it does take time ,everybody forgot about them while sighting only a few sitting out in the sun or run over on a busy main road ,but breed & build they did unnoticed ....as they alway
  13. Yes the areas that I'm employed to rabbit on, now has low numbers, due to my efforts over the last 25 years .On the one hand I'm pleased ,I've done a pretty good job & on the other I know my operation now, does not require the big pack of specialist bushing catchers I have & at my age most of the dogs may well see me out .I could of started to down size the number much earlier & not started the 5/6 young pups as I did this year, but I can't or I'm not quite ready to hang up my boots just yet ,however the years of pig hunting & other outdoors sport has taken a toll. If I dro
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