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  1. Enjoyed that watch ,had to laugh that JR didn't want you to take "it's rat".
  2. I had at one time two high country golf courses that I delivered pest control 3 days per month each ,these days I work only the one.Last time I was there during the day one of the dogs flushed out a rabbit that was hiding under some pine branches ,just on the edge of one of the fair ways .Once on the move ,it flew across the fairway.It nearly made its home, in a bank of boulders but was just picked up by the whippet x greyhound bitch out about 350 yards in a catch that resulted in her loosing her footing at the strike ,and flipping over 3 or 4 times .The rabbit remained firmly held in her ja
  3. Hi ,excuse me for not knowing but what is the term hard blood in non-ped whippets? also did you prefer the red heeler to the blue ?
  4. OldPhil was that bitch a straight cross between a greyhound & a Aussie cattle dog ,commonly known as a Blue Heeler ?
  5. Plenty of suitable cover for rabbits there Daniel cain along with plenty of scope would keep a man busy for a long time ..
  6. That is fact and happens often here in New Zealand ,for the most part the break out is in the cooler months of autumn and early winter.
  7. Wow, she did you proud, that's a good-sized litter and given the rocky start it's all come together nicely for all those involved. I had a bitch who had the same problem, except I had to decided what I wanted to do as they were nowhere near full term.The vet told me," we need to get those pups out right now, they can't be saved, but I can save the bitch, we don't have any time to waste". So I made the best choice I could.
  8. Warning, if you have a few rabbits, best get into em because once RHD arrives it will blow an awful lot down, up to over 90%. This is why I've read many comments on about "oh there were a few rabbits on my permission, but now they have just disappeared"I know what that relates to. These comments appear to relate to areas from one end of the country, to the other, sadly nature will have to run its course, hopefully the numbers will build back up with the passing of some years. The sport of catching rabbits is under pressure from so many quarters in your country and worldwide, as mentioned the l
  9. I'd of tapped that pup as soon as I knew it was blind, then as fast as possible driven to the London Bridge and thrown myself over......
  10. Grown dogs can't handle milk, what animal drinks it within nature, once they are weaned & full size? Over the last couple of years I've cut back my dog numbers, the 2/3s that are left still eat a lot of food in one form or another. My local home kill guy sends me a text once or twice a week to go uplift any full bone bins. These I load onto my car trailer, some weeks I could get 200kgs, at other times 50kgs. Its scrap trimmings, fat, head, hearts of beef, sheep or red deer. I sort it out, throwing the boneless meat in one corner, big bones in another. The waste fat is made up of any f
  11. Some of you guys are really quite funny, it's a crack up for sure.??
  12. There's a few on here that would sniff some old boilers dirty knickers, if given half a chance, then spend the next 3 minutes stuffing 'em.lol
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