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  1. toolebox

    Shakey puppy syndrome

    Another up date ,all three pups have shown no signs of this problem since they were 2 months and all 3 are now working .I still have my two ,who have been lightly worked till now .Both weight about 50lb at 9 months old ,I will measure them today.
  2. toolebox


    I had a golden lab x golden retriever that I used for bushing and over the ferrets using both gun and nets .He was a great bushing dog & could catch a rabbit on the fly due to his long wheel base ,bloody handy dog on a big river too on ducks,swam like a seal & had a very good tracking nose ,he just didn't know the word quit.
  3. toolebox

    Shakey puppy syndrome

    No Bundy89 ,it appears while their bodies did not make enough white myelin ,which is the coating that surrounds the nerves ,once the lucky ones get to about 9-12 weeks old the body starts make enough and they fully recover ,however if it affects the spine and liver they outlook is grim .I will see if I can upload some pictures ,they are very very fast and seem to be able to run pass and around objects with slit second timing,they are honing the act of chasing and catching on each other. I usually start to take pups out about 5/6 months old but that depends on breed as I like to have they all schooled by by 10-12 months old ,once I get they going well enough I run them one out around the long net .Even though I run a big pack of dogs I like to have several dogs trained to do the whole job of flushing ,chasing and delivering to hand .
  4. toolebox

    Shakey puppy syndrome

    Ive had the best outcome possible,I was able to give the smallest bitch to a friend who is another full time rabbitter ,and I kept a lovey brindle bitch and a black dog with white toes.By the age of 9 weeks old all 3 pups had made a full recovery.The bitch at this point is faster than the dog but a little smaller ,I doubt either one will be any taller than the average whippet .They have spent their days chasing each other at high speed around tree stumps ,kennels etc up till now . I started the bitch yesterday and will take one each day till they are fully broken in ,at this stage they have got a lot to take in .The bitch has plenty of drive ,she not only shares the same color as her grandmother but the same no nonsense nature.
  5. toolebox

    Unusual Bushing Dog

    I have a number of beagle x terriers ,I find you get a good tracking dog that can also catch well.i only bush with them after rabbits .
  6. Ive called out to him a time or two.Lol
  7. That makes a lot of sense to me morton ,great post .
  8. toolebox

    Sheet netting

    Id like the same thanks .
  9. That pretty well sums up most of my days hunting rabbits every day for a living never gets old ,I don't view it as a job, to me its great sport I happen to get paid to do jesus christ some days I pinch my self to see if I'm dreaming or not .I run a bigger pack of up to twenty dogs, depending if I breaking in any pups or not ,its a mix of trackers ,bushes and lurchers,they are expected to catch most of what they flush out or catch in heavy cover that our rabbits live in ,these places are gullies ,tree lots and hated gorse ,that bloody gorse can grow up to 3 feet in a single year here in NZ ,its not unusual to see several hundred acres of it .
  10. toolebox

    A sadder than sad day.

    I think that last line pretty much sums it all up ,during our life our dogs be they workers or just a valued pet leave us and are gone but they are never forgotten .
  11. toolebox

    New vid from the weekend

    I enjoyed that video ,I bet the finger nail bite brought tears to your eyes ,the flesh underneath is tender along with a lot of nerves .
  12. toolebox

    Shakey puppy syndrome

    Quick up date ,two of the pups have stopped shaking and that only leaves one and shes not that badly effected ,they are gaining weight and are starting to play & chew bones just like normal pups .early days yet ,but its a good sign .
  13. toolebox

    Shakey puppy syndrome

    No not at this stage ,but going by the the time frame ,vet and the symptoms Im sure this is what they have ,Its the very first time Ive ever heard about it .A mutated gene seems to be the cause of lack of a white coating around the nerves called myelin .When this protective sheath is too thin, as in hypomyelination, the electrical impulses can get lost between nerves and cause the nerves and corresponding muscles to malfunction.
  14. toolebox

    Shakey puppy syndrome

    From what I've read ,there are two possible out comes depending on which area is effected & the key seems to be the age that the syndrome starts .Some pups were badly effected so I put them down ,atm I have 3 left,of which two are only slightly effected (now 6 weeks old ).I wont breed from the bitch or pups nor will I pass them on to anybody else ,just going to see what happens for the next days ,weeks ,months .