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  1. Sorry to hear that ,sounds like you have the pups doing better with a bit more age and solid food.
  2. pups doing well
  3. The hound looks like hes ready for more .
  4. I agree .My dogs are kept for rabbits and them only . Im in payed pest work but I enjoy it just like sport . We don't have foxies here in New zealand but there other small animals that they dogs would enjoy as much as chasing rabbits . While most farmers don't want these other pests, they above all want the rabbits controlled ,targeted and hammered .So I only want dogs to target them as that makes for a better team for the reasons I've outlined. I need the dogs to tell me I need spend more time in that area. Its the owner choice what animals he wants to target for sport.There are no rules ,its just about enjoying the time spend with our great four legged mates .One last point is if you are unhappy with your dog there are good methods to retrain and retarget the dog so to take advantage of the drive that these dogs have without the outline problem you dont like . I love these types of dogs my self ,highly driven ,always keen,they love the hunt and I never get sick spending time with them and hunting wild game .its a blast ,hope you enjoy his company.
  5. The key to this problem is two fold ,all my whippets including crosses along with my two greyhound whippets are fussy eaters .The first thing Id do is get a coat for her & next Id up the fat content of her food ,this can be a problem as most don't like the fat but I sneak it in but mixing it up after mixing and feeding it warm .
  6. I use old dench containers which I cut in half length ways & fill them up with dry sand ,they last about a week before its requires cleaning .It catches all the piss which helps to keep the smell down .
  7. I worked a kelpie x greyhound ,a big dark red dog with plenty of wheels & ....huge ears lol nice enough dog ,He shifted away so I didn't get to find out how the dog went long term.
  8. It is sad that a person thats looking for a new pup chooses to buy from a " puppy breeding kennel" when they are so many working types out there ,doing the hard yards then bred for a replacement .I'm a very firm believer in breeding from good working stock not that I ,a time or two, have not tried non workers but Id rather know that the parents can do the job to a high standard .I bred about 6 litters over the winter ,sounds a huge amount but Ive kept a pup or two from each litter for replacements ,this has allowed me to spit the dogs into two teams ,the rest of the pups were on sold as this helps to off set the costs of keeping the others ,some were given to good mates that required a replacement a pup to work .This helps to spread the risk of the lines dieing out .I'm sure everybody has their own ideas and while I may not agree, I respect the opinion of others.
  9. Another up date ,all three pups have shown no signs of this problem since they were 2 months and all 3 are now working .I still have my two ,who have been lightly worked till now .Both weight about 50lb at 9 months old ,I will measure them today.
  10. I had a golden lab x golden retriever that I used for bushing and over the ferrets using both gun and nets .He was a great bushing dog & could catch a rabbit on the fly due to his long wheel base ,bloody handy dog on a big river too on ducks,swam like a seal & had a very good tracking nose ,he just didn't know the word quit.
  11. No Bundy89 ,it appears while their bodies did not make enough white myelin ,which is the coating that surrounds the nerves ,once the lucky ones get to about 9-12 weeks old the body starts make enough and they fully recover ,however if it affects the spine and liver they outlook is grim .I will see if I can upload some pictures ,they are very very fast and seem to be able to run pass and around objects with slit second timing,they are honing the act of chasing and catching on each other. I usually start to take pups out about 5/6 months old but that depends on breed as I like to have they all schooled by by 10-12 months old ,once I get they going well enough I run them one out around the long net .Even though I run a big pack of dogs I like to have several dogs trained to do the whole job of flushing ,chasing and delivering to hand .
  12. Ive had the best outcome possible,I was able to give the smallest bitch to a friend who is another full time rabbitter ,and I kept a lovey brindle bitch and a black dog with white toes.By the age of 9 weeks old all 3 pups had made a full recovery.The bitch at this point is faster than the dog but a little smaller ,I doubt either one will be any taller than the average whippet .They have spent their days chasing each other at high speed around tree stumps ,kennels etc up till now . I started the bitch yesterday and will take one each day till they are fully broken in ,at this stage they have got a lot to take in .The bitch has plenty of drive ,she not only shares the same color as her grandmother but the same no nonsense nature.
  13. I have a number of beagle x terriers ,I find you get a good tracking dog that can also catch well.i only bush with them after rabbits .
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