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  1. Nice guys ,some very nice bushers picture here.
  2. when I read about dogs facing teeth on here I smile ,some of the dogs pictured here were killed during a encounter with a boar ,at least with the tracking gear you can find them .A wild boar is a real test for any dog, week in week out, some jack it and lose any interest in answering the bark or to bring a big boar to bail. These dogs are either rehomed or given away . A dog that rips the ball bag on the chase is highly valued .Every boar is dangerous & by the body language it sends out, the dogs know, to handle with care even so some pay the highest price .
  3. We would carry the pigs as above for miles ,sometimes over steep ruff ground where the under growth is heavy & thick.
  4. 90% of the trout I catch I release back into the water as I don't eat them & I like the idea that the fish is there for somebody else to catch and enjoy .I don't know if anyone has noticed the bed rock in the pictures ,rivers that have this also have good number of fresh water Crayfish which the trout target making their flesh bright Orange ,fine table fish .
  5. Jett always seems to get himself in the right spot for any escaping rabbits ,he seems to know the right spot .Without doubt I more than most ,know that good dogs breed good dogs .With each breeding I like to see a improvement ,at times you don't get one but it shows up on the next cross, part of my cull program is I will not breed with a substandard dog or bitch .I used Jett who is rising 6 now over a good bitch & the pup I kept is showing signs of being what we term a "goer" the rest is up to me .I wont require the pup called "snow" to do anything huge or mind blowing until he's fully b
  6. They will be blasting the side of the cage in the morning if its venny ,it rips though em like a hot jet of lava with smell.
  7. no moles buddy ,sneak in pretend you are a famous Doctor or rock star would work ,wig ,dark glasses, Minnie skirt & fishnets and we have Cher.ha ha ha
  8. I don't need to go very far to fresh water fish ,since I live on a dead end road leading down to one of the best brown trout rivers in New Zealand but I also like to fish different waters so we try not to fish the same waters twice within any given season .I'm pretty sure I wouldn't see more than 4/5 other fishermen during a season but that depends on where I go however there is never a shortage of spots ,any water that has a bridge over them ,you can find trout in them ,even after 50 years of fishing I still can find a spot I've never fished before ,that keeps it all very interesting .ATB TB
  9. The above is from some of my trips to Far North Queensland Australia ,a wonderful place full of adventures .
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