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  1. Brilliant nets , atb Benny
  2. Sad news that blackneck. Bob go back to same land and put down a few cage traps put a couple of old hats or t shirts in them and bit of liver . Got my best ferret back after 8 days
  3. 100% . His hoose was up the track right behind the distillery. Was only me and some pals that went there from the milk . Does the name basher ring a bell. And what bit of the canal? . I was always out there as a lad . The fields were great for a run behind the possil loch . But hares crossed the balmore rd . Family from milton?
  4. No pal . Always lurchers . We were the same . Bus from castlemilk into Buchanan bus station . Then bus to dumgoyne. As you say . Lifting with gear . Sir Archibald didn't like me lol
  5. Didnt the arabs import British coursing bred dogs back over to improve their own dogs
  6. If you want to see large numbers of white hares. Generally, you go to a managed moor . There was a moor close bye to me . 30 year back it was managed and had hares abundant. They stopped managing it 20 year back . Thickest of shitty heather now and no whites .
  7. Theres men who go out with dogs for high numbers of bunnies. Is that any different. Not having a go at you personally
  8. I can mind the clip of the EBT protecting the Spanish lad being gored in the bull ring . Brave wee dog that
  9. Thanks for sharing buddy . Some hardy looking old mutts
  10. Biggest team is the mighty Glasgow Celtic
  11. Castlemilk. I went out coursing with hairy joe
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