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  1. A young 23 year old took a chance on this . His uncle is known to a lot of Scottish lads in the dog game . He put the lad up for the post . Might I say what a great lad . Learning fast . Has hardly had to shovel shit lol . Hes ready to start his qualifications etc . But what an honest hard working lad who took a chance leaving his old job and in a few year could be a technician in Australia if he still fancies that . Nice to see a lad take an opportunity and good to see a success story
  2. I think most novice lurcher men learn more off their first dog than a hundred books . We learn from mistakes. Well we should do . My first was a collie, grey x whippet. Caught some gear . But missed loads down to my inexperience. My advice is wait until something catches you eye , rear it like any of your other dogs but implementing field work training. Maybe get someone local to oblige a day or 2 out . Point you in right direction. Off you go . Best a luck
  3. Romeo ,himself crushes foxes . That's first hand
  4. Think you could put a hill collie to her and she would produce
  5. Yes little coloured bitch . He did say she had some potential. May he rest in peace. Great guy . Said it as it was
  6. As you know. Just waiting on the rain and cooling. Some pups have had a peek . And looked real good . But as you know. It's easy to be fooled
  7. No , romeo x chance dog put to Eddie sweeneys gypsie
  8. Some breeding that . I used to talk to stick hutcheson about cindy. Our double bred romeo pups just turned 12 month . Early signs are real good
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