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  1. I have honestly seen this dog carry out pest control work . Hes past his best but still some dog imo. Jaw power is unreal . And a real good nose . Just my twopence worth
  2. Get down on the banks of the great salmon river . They can run there . Well they did a few weeks ago
  3. You always have the memories pal
  4. Yup . Rubbing coal stour into cuts to stop the bleeding and crack on with work
  5. Can still see the pit towels and soap lol . My auld man got offered the canaries when cardowan colliery was closing . He really wanted them . But my maws lungs were gubbed and couldn't handle them .
  6. Hed a had me down pit at 13 if he coulda lol . I left school during the strike . Probably lucky for me as I was going down pit , but pits were closing all over , as you say . Real men
  7. My da had me in pit boots at 13 year old
  8. Be a fair chance of working to northenlights little bitch . Shes tough but razor sharp
  9. Thanks for answering . Is it vanelle kennels?
  10. Finding it hard to find breaks in the weather and places runable . 4 weeks of near on continuous frost/ice . But just got to get creative.
  11. Rhvd is the main evil on rabbit populations. Add all the methods of control, especially summer hunting. Kill a doe , is she feeding young/ carrying young . And if a few survive and a new population is started, it's more susceptible to disease etc . They actually do need a hand , so instead of wiping everything out. Try replenishing small pockets near houses and public parks where no one can get at them as the snowflakes will protect them . Fingers crossed they branch out
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