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  1. Its contract work . Bale up , move on .
  2. Only a good biocide would kill it off
  3. Just like to add . The contractors were in cutting the hay 2 weeks ago . Is that coincidence. I think not , when you read up on RHVD . This awful disease is so transmit able and clings to any surface.
  4. Moocher , unfortunately its RHVD . Ivd not been on here in 5 months. And only came on to see if anyone has came across it . I have 4 spots that had no rabbits 5 year back . I kept dropping rabbits from different areas to create a strong gene pool. And this summer has been an unreal breeding season. A friend was walking his terrier there yesterday and said he found a rabbit lying dead with no Mark's. I got the fear straight away. I took my fell terrier there today . Dead rabbits everywhere. Bleeding from nose . I was seeing 50 at a time . Seen 2 . And the thick brambles are stinking of de
  5. M/C you have been out twice today . No-one can slate that . There will be men crabbing that shit themselves to walk out and have a go . plenty up here like that . But sure as it will rain in Scotland. They will be back at it in 6 weeks . Not directed at anyone in particular btw .
  6. Everyone does something a little different with pups . There's no exact science to it . If your older and wiser , you learn by your mistakes and you make less of them . Once you've done right by a pup . Nurture it till second season. Its all down to them . Unless they are being flogged . Or owners are kidding Everyone on they are out when they ain't. Which is just as bad as flogging them .
  7. It will come good . Keep massaging
  8. Good thread this . Good opinions etc
  9. Was the fields at the Balmore Road not big enough
  10. Stick hutcheson ( rip ) . His old bitch
  11. Sire was romeo/ chance dog . Dam was Eddie sweeneys gypsie ( splodge lines ) . Thanks for the kind words lads
  12. My rabbiting bitch . Keeps me happy
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