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  1. That's his litter sister fens . 18 months now
  2. A buck rabbit will seek out a small leveret and kill it
  3. To my mind , I'd imagine not always possible. For various reasons. And I'd think keeps a dog sharp . Back in the day football training was all about distance runs . Then the European clubs showed us the short sprints we're also needed . Jmo
  4. Most likely the lads just lamping for fitness I'd imagine
  5. Bob on both sides . Indies sire . Romeo is his grandsire fens
  6. He and his sister have made an auld man happy
  7. Hi pal . Its most likely a pierce from a thorn . Seen it before. Its the eye protecting itself. Should go away
  8. Is missile owned by sm . If so . The lineage traces back to the old dogs from castlemilk. Lurche x lurcher then s bit of coursing blood entered along the way
  9. What's the breeding John. Dam and sire . Looking well
  10. Great Post. Imo the rabbit man should try and help out mid winter . Catch 6 rabbits let a few go where they have disappeared or are struggling. And fingers xd an immunity will eventually build up over the years . Unfortunately they are looking into a 3rd strain . Always release near grazing pastures etc . They get picked off in the arable during summer months
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