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  1. He’s only smiling because he sat back down on two sections of pole
  2. Missed this picture yesterday, I think it sums the whole weekend up in one go.
  3. Hi ladies and gents thanks for yet another fantastic weekend, it was great to meet old and new friends. I have uploaded a few images from the weekend to my web site, feel free to download them. ENJOY Sean https://www.swphotosolutions.com/Clients-Area/Graduations-Charity-Corporate-Events-/THL-Charity-Weekend-2020/
  4. I believe he’s down ready for the 2021 get together
  5. Hi mate, they were from a place called Bake fishery in Cornwall, commercial fishery where people overlook the perch, was a couple of years ago not sure if they are still in there now
  6. Mate please elaborate a little more on the jumper incident, and myself and sam would be greatful if you could show the jumper to the wife and video her reaction
  7. Kev not the old 7ft Tope story, it was just over 3ft when it started
  8. Really enjoyed it Dan, cheers mate... Get this trip out of the way and we'll sort a few decent days and nights out.. To be fair Dan your dog never strayed to far away, it's probably because it was tide up like a kipper in the long net
  9. Still kicking the little f#€ker every time he walks past me
  10. Nice write up Kev (twat) you never mentioned Reggie pissing up Dans leg
  11. Socks I was there that day covering the withdrawal I will dig a few pics out and see if i can upload them
  12. Thanks Johnny boy, to be honest I always imagined you been taller
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