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  1. Depends what your doing I suppose them beddy bull greys coco off here had looked nice types
  2. Surprised anyone keeps bedlington lurchers with the availability of decent wheaten lurchers now as I think for producing running dogs a wheaten has all the attributes people want a bedlington to have but they generally don’t I have a little bedlington fell x bitch decent bolting bitch but not the type of terrier I’d want in my lurcher personal preference I suppose atb
  3. Depends what ya like I suppose looks a nice litter but IMO if it’s got bull in it wants to be up for more than fox atb
  4. Be interesting to see some jagd lurchers i bred the jagd dog I have here to one my greyhound bitchs few month ago she didn’t take unfortunately my other 2 should be on in a few month so fingers crossed
  5. Run 2 myself one is race bred real good bitch but can be a nasty old sod got her at nearly 4 not too long ago and she’s flying not so good on rabbits tho other is coursing bred I’ve had since a pup okay bitch on edible not got the fire of race bred bitch tho
  6. That looks like the old saluki bull grey bitch that welsh fella on here has
  7. How’s that mate when a wheaten x and saluki are bred for completely different things
  8. Main thing I’d say is heart with out it the dog ain’t up to much
  9. That’s my only dog search my flat all they like won’t find anything there hopefully they think theyve took my dog and now I’m outta action
  10. Okay sir you stick with your whippet that does a few rabbits n rats, what a joker how can you have the cheek to comment on me when that’s what’s what your dealing with allow it mate I still have a headache from trying to get my head round that banger fellas bollocks
  11. Any doubters that can prove they are genuine more then Welcome to stop running they mouth and watch them in action
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