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  1. The days were gone long ago who gives a donkeys they’ll never stop us till it’s a hanging offence
  2. Tell me what the sire and dame were and I’ll tell ya how much of each is in it
  3. Akela 80:20 Original Grain-Free Working Dog Food (80% POULTRY/FISH, 35% FRESHLY PREPARED) - Akela 80:20 Dry Kibble Complete Working Dog Food - Canine WWW.WHOLEPREY.COM <p><strong>Approximate Kibble Size:</strong></p> <p>Small Paws (for small breeds and puppies)...
  4. Best biscuit I’ve tried and I’ve tried the majority is called akela made in Britain 40 quid for 10 kg sack 39% protein top stuff can make em noisy if they ain’t doing that much tho
  5. Mad you say about it all 12 of mine have had it over the last couple weeks all we’re back to normal after 2 days
  6. Barely by looks of it your 100 metre infront
  7. Not in Leeds but I have a good one
  8. Why won’t you take the advice and let the pup be a pup? You’ll be on here in a few months looking for a new pup cose your one yap jacks and stalks and it will all be your fault, good luck with the pup anyhow mate
  9. Honestly mate you will spoil your dog watch your pals dogs start picking and choosing runs by the time it’s 2 year old were as yours will be raring to go and put em to shame if you was to hold it back to 14 or 15 month, take a good side on picture of your sapling at 10 month take the same picture at 14 or 15 month after some fitness different animal
  10. Just see pups only 10 month give it till 12 month old and start doing some road walks every other day until 14 month give the dog 2 days full rest then take it out and find it a squatter in open on lamp, it is only a pup stop lamping it if I was you mate atb
  11. Give her a month break don’t exercise her to much just keep her at her normal running weight take her out for very short walk on lead everyday just to empty, being rested for a good while can fire them up a bit
  12. Did you take that picture? it’s top class pic either way
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