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  1. I must add I'm not a hater of the coursing bred dogs and would own a dog with coursing dog in it.... aslong as it had a fair chunk of the right bull blood
  2. When you add bull and the gameness comes through it will change most working breeds for the better imo, I'd breed one or have a pup if it was bred right heard of some good ones
  3. Seen em take odd f+d single handed but they made a fuss and racket bout it thats not game. Not too me anyhow atb
  4. I've seen enough of em to know that to call em gamer than a decent bull x Is a load of shit
  5. The saluki xs ive seen in the flesh look very half hearted on anything that's gonna give em stick not yet seen one I would call game and as for 1/4 bull only one worth a carrot that's just as much bollocks as ya other statements
  6. That's the most logical thing you've said since you been on here
  7. A Saluki saturated dog gamer and stronger than the bull xs ?any pics I'm dying to see it mate
  8. That's most definitely not true how many bull xs you had?
  9. You been buying off the wrong lads bought a few good adult dogs bull xs and terriers
  10. Feels like I been to that place there before by looks of it is that in kent mate?
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