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  1. Firstly your wrong they can do what they like all everyone says is they’re just a charity bla bla bla in this day and age they are not a charity. can a charity keep your animal in their care try prosecute you then charge you kennel fees? what everyone’s saying is right they can’t do this and they shouldn’t do that but they can and do. anyone who has had anything even a touch serious with police will know they will bend the rules withhold evidence to suit themselfes. the knifes had been cleaned off I was not told my dog was going to be given to the rspca they grabbed me put me in cuffs took my dog and dragged her off to their van cose she wouldn’t not go with anyone but me I said can I at least put her in the van so she feels abit safer my reply was no you are under arrest. For the people going on about signing the dog over if I didn’t sign her over I would have a good chunk of kennel fees that I can’t pay and the bitch would more than likely still be handed over to the rspca. I posted just to show that someone wearing camo bottoms and walking a lurcher can be stopped and hassled dog given to rspca without letting you know etc etc. But for some reason most think I’m talking shit, it’s a strangee old world
  2. Couldn’t be arsed with paying loads for kennel fees and the likelyhood would be they would make me give the dog to the rspca anyways cose the dog looked worked.
  3. You can think what you like mate be a bit strange to lie about having a dog taken
  4. When you get arrested with a dog they take it and cose she had a few marks they gave her to the rspca without telling me they were going to do so
  5. A bloody big surprise at that believe you me
  6. I Signed her over no way I’m paying their kennel fees and all that shit f**k that I’ll take that one on the chin that I won’t see the bitch again but I’m still in action baby so onwards and upwards
  7. Not yet mate went magistrates had to ask to go crown court as anything to do with a knife these days they will try throw the boom at ya hopefully the jury should be abit easier to explain to
  8. I’m more than sure I’ve seen that fella about before does he come from east London?
  9. It was a 3/8 bull grey dog over a full grey bitch outta westward hawk
  10. Ginger beard off here has a dog outta the litter I had a bitch out of same litter she didn’t make the grade tho, but the breeding did produce a couple good ones
  11. Well I’d still rather sound like him then you yas northern wanker
  12. If yas gonna be willing to spend the money importing a pup from over here to be honest your probably best off (and save you time rearing a pup for at least 2 years that might be no good) looking for adult track greyhound bitches Over where you are and testing them you’ll go through a few to get one that has some balls but that’s the same with any breed and the best greyhound to breed from I’d say is a decent working greyhound regardless of how it’s bred.
  13. Depends what yas hunting I suppose but I don’t know if a Mali or Dutch herder x would have the same fire as a well bred bull x I’ve not seen the Mali or shepherd Xs go but that’s just my opinion
  14. Be sure not to be trying for 3/3 or anything daft and you’ll be sweet mate, they tie up if given run after run exertial something or other it’s called my brindle bitch had It after 2 gruelers f****d her for a week drinking loads lost lot of weight was back running right as rain 2 weeks later tho
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