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    4 hob ferrets good working parents 3 albino hobs 1 polecat hob 20 each


  2. View Advert 4 hob ferrets Kent 4 hob ferrets good working parents 3 albino hobs 1 polecat hob 20 each Advertiser Busher100 Date 13/10/21 Price £20.00 Category Working Dogs and Livestock  
  3. Lamp in a university campus ground on the regular gotta be careful tho
  4. Litter of 1/4 bull 3/4 greyhounds due tommorow if anyone is interested
  5. If your into rescuing and working dogs give a greyhound a go I have 3 all are keen they’ll surprise you Plummer didn’t know f**k all he had collie xs ffs
  6. Will keep my eyes out, Gutted for you pal, praying you get them back
  7. Don’t talk out your ass a fast bull x will do all that with with the plus side of it’ll go down the beam to anything unlike them collie deerhoundys who pretend can’t see anything more than a rabbit
  8. I ain’t biting today everyone knows that’s bollocks
  9. Cose they not proper ones only joking mate
  10. If you only have space to kennel the one dog a well bred fast type bull x will do most things
  11. They be cracking pups Is the red and white rough coated dog you had still about?
  12. Yes proper bull blood mate, my first x dog is 28 TTS I’ve only seen pics of his brothers and sisters they look big dogs too mines very racey
  13. I have a genuine first x dog out of a well bred bull dog and a coursing bred greyhound bitch he’s only first x I’ve came across rest have all been bull x to bull x
  14. If you can’t tell the condition of top dog and bottom dog your blind he’s done a good job I’d say looks ready to run to me
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