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  1. Very border looking that pup what did you put the bitch too?
  2. Will have a good strong head on it that
  3. Sounds like heaven what do you run out of interest
  4. That dvd was made when I was 5 mate don’t kee anything outta the line bred bull x types only outta game bred dogs
  5. Not after a pup mate just being nosey, I keep alsorts mate first x bull grey dog, coursing bred bitch, 2 coursing bred greyhound bitchs 1 race bred greyhound bitch a jags terrier doga little beddy fell bitch and a black cocker bitch plus a mongrel mastiff is it just the collie bull greys you keep
  6. Do you plan on breeding any them collie bull greys you keep mate they’re a nice type
  7. Lovely ground that mate bet there isn’t many things you don’t get living there
  8. What bull x bitch you got now mate put a pic up
  9. Depends what ya do mate not saying saluki x won’t see job threw odd time when they feeling fresh but would they do it again next night when they looking like a hippo in the face I think not different jobs different dogs and all that seen 7 coursing breds run only 2 would do A fox but they wouldn’t do foxs few nights on the trot like something with a bit of the right bull or terrier blood in it if someone has one with bull x heart I’d love to come up and see it
  10. If it’s too light won’t be able to physically see the job through if it ain’t got the bull x mentality more then likely wont stay at it once it’s had a few and knows what its gonna get when it catches just my opinion
  11. That’s a cracker mate built for most jobs how much bull and coursing dog in it?
  12. When they come right I don’t there’s many x that will better them but when they come shit they’re real shit
  13. Fair enough mate your honest about it Only one I’ve had of this breeding was a load of shit too she was mainly bull x only small drop saluki in her wouldn’t of made grade for any job tbh
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