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  1. Busher100

    Bloody dog

    No the dog would go off hunting not giving 2 fuks if you got eye contact or what, some dogs will only listen to a firm hand a bit of eye contact when they really want something is not a deterant not in the slightest for a headstrong working type dog but maybe a pet it would work on
  2. Busher100

    Bloody dog

    Not true a headstrong dog that's got other things on his mind won't be coming to you because you looked him in the eye.
  3. Busher100

    Terrier wanted

    Might be a bit of a long shot but I'm on the look out for another terrier either a well bred terrier pup or would pay good money for one that's already working, got plenty of work I'm not fussed what type it is or if its a dog or bitch will travel anywhere atb lads
  4. Busher100

    Mini Ferrets

    Seen some small jills but to think they'd fit through a ring would be silly unless you got extra fat fingers.
  5. Busher100

    Staffy Bull

    Of course it's a staff pitbulls are illegal don't you know
  6. Busher100

    First cross wheaten greyhound

    Reverse 3/4 Wheaten mate or 3/4grey ? Nice type either way
  7. Busher100

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Did he come from Ireland mate I have a reverse 5/8 bitch 8 n half month now, maybe same litter?
  8. Busher100

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Don't see a problem he clearly got plenty of work for it
  9. Busher100

    Good night

    So is he supposed to grieve for his injured pup when he could be finding work for another dog?
  10. Busher100

    Travellersways Kennels

    Any one considering a pup from a show bedlington wants to give their head a shake, imagine how someone would get slated on here if they said they were usimg a show staff to produce bull xs. Isn't beddy supposed to add coat and fire? If it's from a poodle lookalike I doubt it's gonna be adding either
  11. Busher100

    Coarsing type

    Meanest looking saluki x I ever seen
  12. Busher100

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Now that's a nice dog, what's his breeding mate?
  13. Busher100

    Looking for working lurcher

    Still just as lost as I was 5 minutes ago but okay.......
  14. Busher100

    Looking for working lurcher

    You've lost me mate
  15. Busher100

    Looking for working lurcher

    Who's this old man that likes younger girls?