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  1. That looks like the old saluki bull grey bitch that welsh fella on here has
  2. How’s that mate when a wheaten x and saluki are bred for completely different things
  3. Main thing I’d say is heart with out it the dog ain’t up to much
  4. That’s my only dog search my flat all they like won’t find anything there hopefully they think theyve took my dog and now I’m outta action
  5. Okay sir you stick with your whippet that does a few rabbits n rats, what a joker how can you have the cheek to comment on me when that’s what’s what your dealing with allow it mate I still have a headache from trying to get my head round that banger fellas bollocks
  6. Any doubters that can prove they are genuine more then Welcome to stop running they mouth and watch them in action
  7. I’m not that bad in the flesh I promise
  8. Any sort of a man I’m still a boy but a boy with better dogs than you so it’s a sticky one for ya none the less you too are invited on the social walk next season with your boyfriend if you and your dogs are up for it
  9. Aww he’s trying to get personal now because I called him out on his show dog how about this then if ya ever down south come over for a “social walk” with your dogs I can’t wait to see em go there owned by one the best (remember you said it) and as for being a turnip I’d rather be a turnip then a grass trying to get me banned pffft big man like you one the best trying to get a little turnip like me kicked off a online forum proper Madness mate
  10. Ohh here comes pet boys bum buddy Please disclose What dogs you own before you try get onto me your more then likely just another sausage with a show dog or jacker
  11. Okay pal your one the best you’ve beaten me I rest my case I’m a jacker and my dogs are all shit and I talk shit good day pet boy if mods would like to block me feel free it don’t exactly take a genius to make a new account
  12. Don’t have Facebook sir sorry to disappoint
  13. Not that it matters what it’s feet look like it don’t use em for running anything
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