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  1. I just knew you were the man to ask tbh should of not bothered with the thread and just pmd you
  2. Pm me for his ped if interested
  3. Dunno if it’s any good to anyone I have a very well bred bull dog here big dog 21 inch 60lbs if anyone has a greyhound bitch I just want 1 bitch pup off him atb
  4. Get well soon mate get yourself a little bushing Russell mate will keep ya company for the rest your days and get you out for a short walk here and there
  5. I’ve had 4 only 1 was good 3 were only fox I’d stick to black or white terriers
  6. I tend to keep any digging type terrier on a lead unless at the beach or somewhere as pups not worth the risk losing them chasing rabbits if you want a small dog for bushing rabbits get a cocker makes it easy for you.
  7. The sire looks a good one what’s the bull blood behind him?
  8. It’s a fine dog but pull ya tongue out
  9. People usually get sentimental with any animal they’ve put the hours into if you can’t cut your loses with a bad un you’ll have a kennel full of shit before you get one that’s decent atb whatever your decision it’s your dog
  10. Pm me or text me mate lost ya number
  11. View Advert Bull x beddy pup 12 week old dog pup The pups sire is “lees and hicks hollywood” who is a direct son of lees uncle buck out of “lees Stella” the pups dame is line bred bedlington patterdale bred by topper off here no pics of here she recently got ran over pup was my pic of litter only for sale as I’m working 7 days and have plenty other terriers already on pup will be plenty small enough to get to ground very lively little thing pup is in Kent call or WhatsApp 07462 680034
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