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  1. Busher100

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    She a first x mate?
  2. Busher100

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Be a good little team for ya next season I bet
  3. Busher100

    Poor kid killed by pit bull type dog

    Strange how people still call the bull headed mongrels pitbulls when in fact they are not pitbulls at all
  4. Busher100

    Poor kid killed by pit bull type dog

    I think that's were it goes wrong for the real pitbulls any old mutt with a big head bites someone they label It 'pitbull attack' when in fact the dog is not a pitbull at all and has about as much in common with a real pitbull as I do
  5. Busher100

    Poor kid killed by pit bull type dog

    Not in that game myself but weren't zebo and bullyson known man biters?
  6. Busher100

    Poor kid killed by pit bull type dog

    Any bully type dog the media are quick to label pitbulls, just because it looks like the public stereotype of a pit bull does not make it a pitbull
  7. Busher100

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    She's a big bitch for her age and breeding how big were her parents?
  8. Busher100

    How to tell a good ferret

    Some like a ferret that will kill and stay with them so you can dig them out I only keep ferrets that will bolt them and if they won't bolt kill them and move on
  9. Busher100

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Okay regardless of how classic they are bet they be classic jackers when pushed on more than edibles and odd fox I'd love a day out next season to be proved wrong
  10. Busher100

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Yeah she's doing okay thanks mate not done anything serious yet young still had half a dozen rabbits with her all daytime I'll do a post with some pics August time once she's been started mate atb
  11. Busher100

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Suppose depends what you think of as 'classic' personally a heavy saturated collie dog springs to mind but im sure your collie deerhoundys are more so ayy morton
  12. Busher100

    Beddy Grey x Deer Grey

    Regardless of the fact wether or not it looks classic if it does job does it matter?
  13. Busher100


    That's a okay terrier but be better if it had it's coat clipped then gently hand stripped, ears plucked and ass waxed atb mate
  14. Busher100

    Cesar cross ruby pups

    What has jumping out of a helicopter in seven sisters got to do with Caesar x ruby pups ?
  15. Busher100

    New Arrivals.

    Read it again I to said I doubt it would not be an allround rabbit dog because it would lack speed on fast ground