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  1. Busher100

    Bull Grey X Whippet Grey

    I'm sure sully be along soon he likes this type
  2. Busher100

    Pocket rocket whippets

    Any pics of the bitch he went over sully?
  3. Busher100

    A few today

    Where ya keeping all the rabbits mate you must have a good few freezers
  4. For those who it may interest, thought it was pretty interesting myself a strange man
  5. Busher100

    All good then?

    Beat me to it haha
  6. Depends on the type of lurcher you got mate? I had a bull grey who got bit by one at 9 months and jacked and I have a greyhound that killed a big doe rat at 4 months so it depends on the individual dog mate (that bull grey didn't go on to do much tho I must admit)
  7. Busher100

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    Is she a good bitch mate?
  8. Busher100

    Which terrier?

    A proper terrier might be to much dog for just pottering about mate a pet breed Russell or a terrier from non digging dogs would be my choice to kill a few rats and be a pet
  9. Busher100

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    I'll send you them tommorow mate
  10. Busher100

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    How old are they now mate, how's Bruce these days?
  11. Busher100

    bobery packs uk

    Better off in the bushing section mate
  12. Busher100

    Wanted Small Lurcher For Stud Duties

    Is she after a working dog mate or pet?
  13. Busher100

    Rapid swelling and weeping of puss / blood...

    Don't mean to put the shits up you mate but Google some pictures and its on the nose are quite common, not surprising as most dogs have there nose down alot
  14. Busher100

    Rapid swelling and weeping of puss / blood...

    Could it be the start of Alabama rot?