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  1. Busher100


    Y Kitt measuring comp ayyonly on f****n thl
  2. Busher100


    Day old chicks just eggs with feathers not had time to develop mine get plenty pigeons too
  3. Busher100


    Best thing for ferret kits and nursing hills is dead animals preferably rabbits and rats but most anything whole will do
  4. Busher100

    Out Today

    That bitch out of Steve to pure grey mate?
  5. Busher100

    The pup and new addition

    Lovely pair sully I'm jealous mate, how bigs the dog now
  6. Busher100

    Old Photo's

    Is that fella black ?he Looks it or maybe just bad quility photo
  7. Looks well for his age mate can tell hes been looked after. Atb
  8. How old is he mate
  9. Busher100

    Airdale cross lurchers

    airdales over in the states are used slot as coyote decoy dogs I never saw one that would actually get hold of its quarry like you'd expect a terrier to do, every pic or vid I saw they were barking at foxes, coyotes and raccoons and these are the supposed 'working' line airdales redline think they called, i read up on them from various people and none were actual game dogs , probably only good thing to add to runners is their coat and nose which is rather pointless if they cowards, would love to see a airdale doing proper work over here tho
  10. Busher100

    Slat mills

    Postage was free mate
  11. Busher100

    Slat mills

    Just bought a carpet mill from Europe This one was 600 I've not seen slat or carpet mills much cheaper tho mate
  12. Busher100

    Strange bred

    Lovely dog mate but was his sire and dame workers ? Strange mix is why I ask. Atb
  13. Busher100

    Dog pup

    Try find a better bet mate, nice pup
  14. Busher100

    Dog pup

    Cost 70 for passport and vaccinations and pound for the courier that's all
  15. Busher100

    Strange bred

    What x is he mate and how much of each?