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  1. Jackknife

    Massive albino hob ferret

    Never seen the reasoning on Big lump hobs like that waste of fecking time for me personally, if ya got a use for it fair play not something I'd entertain.
  2. Jackknife

    Hunting the mice

    They got start somewhere lol
  3. Jackknife

    Pityriasis rosea

    You will know when it's me, I'm always pushing the fecking thing home
  4. Jackknife

    Pityriasis rosea

    Torso ....you obviously ain't seen the size of him iv seen fatter shoe laces
  5. Jackknife

    Best Bait To Use On Lakes For Carp

    Purple hi viz pop up on a zig rig two thirds up from the bottom
  6. Jackknife

    Average speed check....

    Its an old one
  7. Jackknife

    Average speed check....

    Remember my old boss saying he had a letter come through for speeding so appealed and asked them to prove it was him. They sent him a photo, so he sent them a photo of a cheque, they sent another photo of a set of handcuffs...... He paid the fine
  8. Jackknife

    Average speed check....

    Kills the bank balance
  9. Jackknife

    Average speed check....

    Speed kills.....slow down, 3 points and fine, speed aware course needed
  10. Jackknife

    Bull bitch

    Always thought bull xs were easily the most produced shit in the game looking at that thing only confirms my view.
  11. Jackknife

    Cannabis oil

    Only ever smoked it myself because of chronic insomnia, certainly helped
  12. Jackknife

    Bull bitch

    Got love fb
  13. Jackknife

    Missus wants a pet dog.

    Couple poofs down the road got a beagle pink jacket included barks from the moment they leave the house till they home, not saying they all like that but iv always seen it as a working type pack hound that thrives on plenty of exercise. As for the rescue centers iv heard exactly how you describe, minus inside leg measurement lol probably not worth my while cheers