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  1. Jackknife

    Farm job, leyburn...

    If only you was closer lol
  2. Jackknife

    Lamping with lurcher

  3. Jackknife

    New cars to have speed limiters and black boxes by law

    Makes no odds
  4. Jackknife


    Shame that, met him few times over the years always put on a good set at the scooter rallys. R. I. P
  5. Jackknife


    just got another myself, well more of a companion dog for the wife really, house dog, had him couple week now coming on well.
  6. Jackknife


    Compared to your typical beagle, spaniel terrier x types they next to useless. To big to slow and no coat protection they get sore quick. I used to give mine a morning out once a week with the bushers after couple hours continually pushing on through bramble looked like been dipped in red paint, ears torn to shreds. Never going to be serious contender for bushing bramble, blackberry etc but if nothing else give it some fun.
  7. Jackknife

    That time a year again

    Been thinking the same last couple year but at 52 and knowing feck all about it I'd feel a fool rocking up asking for a job lol
  8. Jackknife

    Speed cameras

    Sat nav shows speed camera locations, not the mobile van ones obviously.
  9. Jackknife

    Help Please, Plumbers/Anyone

    I believe its called a coupler, you can by them at plum center or e Bay do a kit
  10. Jackknife


    Yes sorted now cheers
  11. Jackknife


  12. Jackknife


    I'd go on docs say so pal, all good welcome to the club, knees to chest two fingers knuckle deep, bit uncomfortable, nearly put me through the fecking wall
  13. Jackknife

    Bloody Running Dogs

    Car door
  14. Jackknife

    Bushing pup for sale.

    Bang on