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  1. I see it on FB, filmed on night vision harrasing the flock and eventually taking a lamb that was lying down
  2. I stand corrected,had to u tube it.... it was called a kharza.... Described as a Huge martin that can take deer and elk.
  3. See a clip the other day of a Martin getting a small munty down
  4. Think it's for the underwater camera.... Maybe I see one where the blokes laying in bed catching them lol
  5. No mate I don't own one lol, maybe a magpie, feck knows
  6. Fed raw at night and remove un eaten food in morning help keep the flys off em
  7. I took over the cray traps on our carp lake for 8 months, used lot fish meal boilies and trout/halibut pellets but most successful by far was Mackerel heads
  8. If I get some coming in il get in touch send them on to you, how do you send toads in the post , il worry about that next month hopefully
  9. Are these frogs or toads, get a few in the garden every year around April time, no ponds rivers near by so presumed they was toads, something peeled one of them.
  10. Lml build quality is fecking shocking but then what do you expect they come from india Yep everyone changes the badges to vespa mine was changed before I bought it but easy to tell difference as the panels differ slightly
  11. We had a 70 as kids, 5 up along the sea wall at Dymchurch in Kent, was all going well till we hit the shingle thrown up from high tide, fecking claret everywhere and we limped home
  12. Old 125 cc lml I used to have, kitted Pinassco 177,north London to Tenby and back never missed a beat.
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