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  1. Few hours at Angling Direct,they got good stock of fish
  2. Lot of different types on the market but pretty standard throughout, rechargeable clear a lake of Canadian geese In one fowl swoop
  3. 3 days waiting but not a sniff,,did get to use my new Tufty Torch to keep the birds off my bait , worth £50 if your thinking of getting one
  4. Lot less than I expected to be fair,good price that ATB
  5. Then get to stand toe to toe with the paras and the marines
  6. I looked at one ten year ago and at 45 year old with no claims ever they wanted over a grand to insure it so I didn't bother
  7. You was probably a 10 minute walk away from that boozer,if you ever get the chance it's worth a visit for a pint,if your lucky there might be few RAF boys in there telling stories of their 3 mile battle run
  8. Out of interest what's that going to cost you for insurance
  9. I'd steer clear of face book pal full of fecking idiots that will feck you about and want everything for feck all. E bay it if I was you
  10. Did you go for a pint in the Union jack club,feck iv heard some stories in the bar there lol
  11. 3 nights good weather for it but blanked.
  12. Minus 8 couple week back 10 degrees now,they getting in the bait. 30ib 4 oz
  13. Contact Garmin you can speak to a technician on line
  14. Yes pal,you can get rechargeable Tufty Torches for about £50,I'm going to treat myself
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