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  1. Definitely a carp barrow although not 100% on model lol
  2. Another good fish feeding tight in the margin
  3. Hook baits and dips, but the dog does it for me lol
  4. Found this one feeding tight in the margin, 10 minutes and the rod was away
  5. Got this message, anyone know what this is all about lol
  6. Yes he also fished with Martin bowler
  7. Missus cancelled our TV licence 6 month ago but apparently we can get bbc I player so your still liable for a lisence, f**k knows but sure she knows what she doing, kids have been prepped for anyone knocking on door to give them a swift feck off so I just go with the flow lol
  8. Mate of mines a member so we regularly go half's on big orders, they almost giving it away at times
  9. No pal I'd run out of smoke and needed the red to help get my head down
  10. Spod would have been a more comfortable journey for it
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