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  1. Jackknife

    HOF or hang your head in shame

    What a Snidey c**t,f**k Saturday go get it now he won't be expecting a knock on the door tonight.
  2. Jackknife

    Fledgling id

    Feck me you both in Dotty's gang
  3. Jackknife

    Fledgling id

    Yep see that on springwatch
  4. Jackknife

    Fledgling id

    Tried it in the Falklands taste rank,I'd have put it back lol
  5. Jackknife

    Fledgling id

    Think your right just been looking at images of chicks,looks bang on cheers
  6. Jackknife

    Fledgling id

    Not really same colour all down chest as in the pic
  7. Jackknife

    Fledgling id

    That's the way mate,fecking people all over the country think it's right to take them home when in the main best left alone,good find that mate
  8. Jackknife

    Fledgling id

    Bushers crashed through a hedge and this little fella decided it was time to leave home so popped him back up in the hedge before any harm came to him......... not sure wren maybe?
  9. Jackknife

    When the shit hits the fan

    I don't rely on anyone for anything,never been disappointed yet
  10. Jackknife

    Beddy x

    Not got that thick underlying coat,when it's pissing down you can see his skin along back bone can only put it down to the beddy,grey/collie types iv had you got trouble getting through coat to put frontline on......says the bloke that can't fault him really lol
  11. Jackknife

    Beddy x

    I'd of liked bit more to his coat,maybe improve after his first mault,or maybe not lol
  12. Jackknife

    Beddy x

    1/4 beddy,first lurcher iv had with drop beddy in the mix,really switched on for a youngster great nose on him as well,can't fault him really.
  13. Jackknife

    Shoulder injury

    Had mine repaired couple year ago,6 months off work bit tender for a while but sorted now
  14. Jackknife

    Getting my cocker x patterdale bitch pup going

    Bitch 5/8 spaniel 3/8 terrier,both 15 tts
  15. Jackknife

    Getting my cocker x patterdale bitch pup going

    Wasn't knocking you mate just saying is all Dog 3/4 spaniel 1/4 patt