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  1. Oh FFS ok that do
  2. Flew from Luton only hour and 45 min,found smoke shop so will try this evening
  3. Is Mushroom still in Barcelona I'm here now and need some smoke,is he that type of guy lol
  4. I pay the same,not had any problems with it ?
  5. Shame,second biggest fish in my local club water,bit of a mug fish to be fair this was my third capture of it at 33ib,found belly up few weeks back although believed to be over 40 year old.
  6. Many moons ago got wrecked on an all dayer in Tenby drinking that beer lol ?
  7. Only thing to mention is that if your looking for a specific item on their web site it may well show as in stock but you need to ring first to confirm as quite often it's not and you will have a wasted trip ?
  8. Pretty much nationwide I think,I live within 30 mile of 3 different outlets that usually stock everything I need , including fake fish lol?
  9. Few hours at Angling Direct,they got good stock of fish ?
  10. Lot of different types on the market but pretty standard throughout, rechargeable clear a lake of Canadian geese In one fowl swoop ?
  11. 3 days waiting but not a sniff,,did get to use my new Tufty Torch to keep the birds off my bait , worth £50 if your thinking of getting one?
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