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  1. Gonna be a quick hound i should think..
  2. Used to be the best and only hunting forum on the net in 2002.
  3. Dykos, i wouldnt be surprised if your pup turnsout a bit like my older dog who has the same Sire. I really liked that collie marked pup when i saw the litter, but i ended with a merle as i let my boys choose my pup...happy with that.
  4. Prices have hiked up... Its the way of things but there are limits.. Best dog i ever had i was given..
  5. Nice Pup...I have a litter brother...hes a bruiser.. Definitely a bit of Deerhound type in there and alot of collie, with a fair dash of grey and whippet.
  6. I am in the market for a new lurcher pup. Specific breeds are not a problem, as long ias from workers. Saying that my type generally have collie, grey, saluki, deerhound in the mix. And I do love a merle, not that colours matter I am a bit out the loop on here but many members know me and might even vouch for me So if you know of anything being bred, present, future maybe send me a message. It will be a good home where the pup will see plenty of work, good grub and attention. Cheers Sirius/reload
  7. Sad to see a dog passing that I have followed on here over the years.(makes me feel old) Sounds like he had a good life!!
  8. Never thought I would say this to you but.... Nice chopper.
  9. Make a ugly Lurcher, but they could be good. I have hunted in the company of several gwp and they are grafters. Kill a fox with ease and retrieve a bird with a soft mouth, work cover as good as anything. A real Moocher dog, not a gundog but a true Hunt Point Retieve merchant.
  10. thats how to get a good rabbit dog, preferably from stock run on similar ground, you want to run.
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