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  1. He aint great either, tends to drop short too, but hope to shsrpen thst up. But still better than a long walk is the way i see it.
  2. This ones mad total beast. I really struggled with retrieve training, but we just about got there now, fingers crossed. Loves send back retrieves etc, but live stuff took time Happiest when busy, great in the woods with me at work, proper feral..just moochs, scraps a hole under a bush and sleeps always turns up at tea break or lunch, mind Bit like Dancing with wolves..? Good to hear whst others are like, get some pics up if yours stays still long enough.
  3. Hey Phil, i am keeping positive but the places that were and have been teaming, just hold a fraction of thst now. I can find enough but the days of 20 or more from a morning ferreting without trying to hard just aint going to happen. I cant say the same for other species mind you..lol Yeah the younguns ok little beast he is, total creature, my dog out of your old bitch is still out mooching, but torn muscles and age are catching up with him. (Bit like us all huh) Good to hear from you.. ?
  4. Few more for the pup tonight, he is now 16 months so most sessions are still short, catch one and then home type of deal. Firstly as the rabbits are not that thick on the ground and secondly it keeps him positive. I have never been in this position rabbitwise, on land i have hunted for 2 or 3 decades. Most my dogs have been regularly into double figures at this age, but that was then and this is now. However i think this pups has the makings of a handy dog for my hunting. Tonight he picked his first one out the seat, lovely. Each ones retrieved well enough. But out of all my dogs ov
  5. No made in england. I have his half brother too same sire. I have pics but dont want to spam the thread. Might post some soon. Good hunting sirius
  6. Same as Dytkos, collie, whippet,grey mainly bit of deerhound too.
  7. Early days though.. I firgot what a buzz it is when they catch their first rabbit..its been a while. Keep us posted on progress mate
  8. Brilliant ? Glad your pups doing well. His brother( i think from the same litter) has caught his first tonight. Not so lucky with a retrieve as you but it will come.
  9. Gonna be a quick hound i should think..?
  10. Used to be the best and only hunting forum on the net in 2002.
  11. Dykos, i wouldnt be surprised if your pup turnsout a bit like my older dog who has the same Sire. I really liked that collie marked pup when i saw the litter, but i ended with a merle as i let my boys choose my pup...happy with that.
  12. Prices have hiked up... Its the way of things but there are limits..? Best dog i ever had i was given..
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