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  1. myersbg


    Micky , not being a arse but is not now illegal to set wires on a fence ?
  2. myersbg


    Here's one to think about, as you all know there has been a lot of bees this season, i have had at least 70 calls for different species, some we have done and some we have talked the customer into leaving them alone, now just say that you have convinced the customer that they will not do them any harm and then they get stung and end up having a severe reaction are we then as so called professionals then liable, this is what one of my big contracts asked me.
  3. Busy as hell with them 6 or 7 every day, a lot of multiples , seems like its going to be a good un
  4. myersbg

    Ficam D / Vulcan

    When Vulcan first came out i tried it, i recon i was getting at least 20% call backs on wasp nests, it was ok if you could get [BANNED TEXT] at the nest but it will not travel as well as ficam
  5. myersbg

    no contents

    Wahchadero, great to see your pics and dogs, don't let the grumpy arse Sh1ts on here get you down, keep sending, nice to see how others go about their business
  6. myersbg


    Good post Micky, informative and good pics, thanks.
  7. myersbg

    Bad day for hunting

    Not just a bad day for hunting, a seriously bad day for the countryside
  8. myersbg

    Bad day for hunting

    Another lump of my income gone
  9. myersbg

    WTF any ideas

    well done Daniel, bull mastiff
  10. myersbg

    WTF any ideas

    Nearly Kanny, hoped it would take longer than that
  11. myersbg

    WTF any ideas

    Picked this up today, any ideas gents
  12. myersbg

    France passes hunting law

    About time they did it here, but it will never happen
  13. myersbg

    Fox trap

    Procter pest stop traps, big and strong, dont get wrecked by black and whites
  14. myersbg

    Take a look at this

    i have put a order in allready, package on its way, do some pics when it comes