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  1. myersbg

    Pistol for rat dispatch

    If your placement is right you should not get ricochets, also recommend use of a trapping comb
  2. myersbg

    Pistol for rat dispatch

    3.5ft pound is definitely NOT enough for grey squirrels
  3. i bought some off the lad that was selling them on here, i have allways had a few in the bottom of the trap bag since, handy for tight spots, under flags, kerb edges, tree roots etc, i took the plunge and decided to do the last job using nothing but the putangs i was impressed with them, no traps full of soil, nearly all the traps caught, one fault [ my own] is you are fcked if you leave the setter in the van half a mile away.
  4. myersbg

    Advice needed

    Its on here somewhere
  5. How much you wanting for the traps Ken?

  6. myersbg

    BODYGRIP TRAP ????????

    Wildlife control supplies or Minnesota trapline products will both ship to the Uk, but it might be worth waiting till we get out of the EU, the import duties might end.
  7. myersbg

    BODYGRIP TRAP ????????

    As Micky said, a hell of a lot cheaper from the states, last lot i got were about £40 a dozen, but you have to watch out for import duties, that can sting if it happens
  8. myersbg

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    If they can play like that for the rest of the tournament then no one will touch them, look out world cup in Japan!!!
  9. myersbg

    Six Nations 2019 fixture list

    never thought it would be any different
  10. myersbg

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    Thank fck for that, i have just lost 40 mins of my life reading this sh1t and still dont know who was selling the fffing dog
  11. myersbg

    dug out some old pics

    Tried to get that contract, but it had allready gone by the time i had finished messing about
  12. myersbg

    Well well well look what’s for sale

    You lads just don't know a good thing when you see it
  13. myersbg

    dug out some old pics

    All out of same litter Flacko
  14. myersbg

    dug out some old pics

    The last time we went we struggled to get a couple of hundred, but this pic is from one of the earlier trips