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  1. Merle only on the bitches side
  2. Up to now planning on keeping this one, but we will see.
  3. I have not found a pipe that they fit in properly yet, 6 inch is too big 4 inch too small , I thought they were not legal for squizzies over here, could someone put me write on this please?
  4. This was my other work mate for the last 10 yrs i was going to tell you about but sadly she was killed on the road last night, today has been shit
  5. Mine are part of the team
  6. I will, keep you all posted
  7. The bitch i imported from Canada of my mates Coyote dogs, basically collie/greyhound/Staghound, the dog is basically the same type breeding
  8. After a long sleepless night the pups have landed
  9. YES !!! and i knew then we were wasting our time and breath
  10. By the way the ferrets are sick of the bloody things
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