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  1. myersbg

    WTF any ideas

    Nearly Kanny, hoped it would take longer than that
  2. myersbg

    WTF any ideas

    Picked this up today, any ideas gents
  3. myersbg

    France passes hunting law

    About time they did it here, but it will never happen
  4. myersbg

    Fox trap

    Procter pest stop traps, big and strong, dont get wrecked by black and whites
  5. myersbg

    Take a look at this

    i have put a order in allready, package on its way, do some pics when it comes
  6. myersbg

    Take a look at this

    Also have a look on his facebook page Albert Roura Simo
  7. Any one interested in traps and trapping have a look at this site, some great stuff at good prices and sound to deal with, Albert has taken on supplying Europe with traps from WCS anyone going to Pestex will see him there this week pity i can't make it, the web address is WWW.shopwcseu.com. Please feel free to let me know what you think Brian
  8. myersbg

    Leopard dog

    Get yourself out there mate you will love it especially if you have a base to work from { somewhere to stay}, flights aren't bad prices if you pick the [BANNED TEXT] times, ive been over 5 times now and hopefully going again this year.
  9. i don't have either of them now, this pick is probably 12 yrs ago.
  10. myersbg

    Leopard dog

    My mate in Canada has got one, he has got it to guard the farm, work livestock and hunt coon and coyote with his Plotts, hopefully i will see it graft backend of the year
  11. Bedlington grey/ collie grey, if i could go back and pick one of the dogs i have had over the years this would be it
  12. myersbg

    Is this the work of squirrels?

    Field mice
  13. myersbg

    Who sells ??

    Landed up within 3 days, excellent service thank you UK putangs
  14. myersbg

    Who sells ??

    tried again and sorted some cheers
  15. myersbg

    Who sells ??

    his website says they are totally out of stock