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  1. Turned my 40 min night time dog walks into a 90 min walk
  2. Best bit of kit i ever bought, use it day and night , brilliant for squirrel control
  3. Lots slag thermal off, i always say if they were the same price as a lamp every one would have one
  4. Last time i was over in Canada i went to a convention at North bay Ontario, well looked after by the folks over there, did a bit of stuff myself but legally to touch a trap you need a license , wanting to be legal i went to see about getting a ticket but you have to do a course even to hunt, they said i should have taken my UK hunting license with me and i would have been ok , they didn't beleive me when i said there was no such thing.
  5. the rings on the new one dont look the same as on the old one
  6. Any one know how to change the rubber eye piece on the pulsar helion 2
  7. I tried the vulcan when it came out, lots of call backs with it, in 15 yrs of using Ficam i think i might have had 4 call backs.
  8. I wonder what the 23 behind lurchers means , hours or minutes he's owned running dogs ?
  9. used to run them myself, can't find one now for love nor money
  10. Love those Canadian tire 's i have a few of their vouchers some where
  11. If your going to display them , don't sandblast or chemical treat them, a soft wire brush and WD40 is best, some traps are more valuable than others so be care full you don't de value them
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