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  1. What? see if you could fck some sense into her?
  2. Same here, quite moving really
  3. You might be better keeping your bullets / cartridges for protecting your home if anyone local dies near you and the lynch mob turns up
  4. Is your garden classed as your home?
  5. Have to agree with Mr Wiles
  6. Never had a problem with them, first class service and great if need advice on anything
  7. Any one going to Harrogate on wed ?
  8. Had a run in with a farmer the other day who asked if i could get him myxied rabbits, he was willing to put myxie down but would not let anyone on to catch them
  9. Taken 5 yrs for the bunnies to make a decent comeback around home then some a,hole has dropped myxie off again.
  10. its great stuff until it gets in your drains, my beds are completely lined with cow mats , then use the wax paper or a tough bed, the tough bed cost nearly £80 but has lasted for 4 yrs
  11. i have used it ,basically same results as the other
  12. myersbg

    Nest boxes

    Make them myself mate, you can get the measurements etc off internet, for barn owls they are better sited overlooking a good feeding ground on edge of woods, i have one fixed to the side of a barn conversion where the owls had been for yrs but the crap was pushing the ceilings down, they have nested in it for the last 4 yrs now
  13. myersbg

    Nest boxes

    Have a few of these out for the barn owls and have a dozen small nest boxes in the shed waiting to go out
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