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  1. Still have the old Deben but wanting to upgrade.
  2. Looking to buy a locator, any tips ?
  3. more chance of my A hole healing up than shagging that ugly Fing cow
  4. the brindle pup was 7 months old in the pic, the red bitch its mother is the staghound cross from over the pond,
  5. Just might catch one of these LOL
  6. Update on the one i kept, 6 months old
  7. Travelled 3500 miles for this nights running
  8. Had some great days hunting with Gary, a real gent, so sorry to hear of his death,
  9. Doing ok Andy, how's your good self?
  10. Its shit when you lose a old mucker, lost the old blue whippet a couple of months back, run over on the road, no ones fault , it was like someone had torn my arm off.
  11. got some good pen sections for sale trigger
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