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  1. i have a few that were in among someones collection that i bought
  2. Here's one we caught earlier
  3. i have a few of them, i only ever caught one mole in them and i can catch moles, waste of money
  4. If i was you i would go for a ratchet crimper, the ones at game and country are not really upto the job if you have a lot to do,i have both but to be honest a hammer on the back of the vice does just as good a job
  5. A couple of cast iron mole traps
  6. The last one i had shipped over from the states was a Oneida Kill em no 1, its bottom right hand corner of second pic, thr trap was $40, shipping $30 but this side they did me another £30 import duty, the greedy sh1ts add the cost of shipping to the value of the item then tax you on that then charge you for the privilege of doing that aswell
  7. Cheers Ken, dogs still doing mate
  8. W katchum thats a stop theif ,
  9. added a few new ones in there since i last posted
  10. Thought you might be interested in this little lot
  11. could be blowing about in the wind, seen it before.
  12. Any cables running up the roof, aerials etc?
  13. Just as Nicepix said, light file on the burr on the hooks
  14. I have one, glad i didn't invest in 2
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