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  1. 'Britain must end anti-white racism before future grooming gangs hit young British girls' - Terrifying warning issued WWW.GBNEWS.COM Britain must avoid anti-white racism otherwise future catastophes like the grooming gang scandal will be...
  2. Grooming gang 'took girls to restaurants and lined them up for sex' as ringleader jailed for further 12 years WWW.GBNEWS.COM Mubarek Ali pleaded guilty to rape, trafficking and other offences against a young girl between 2004...
  3. Like a Pitbull losing to a Patterdale
  4. Moslems ramping it up ‘We had to break the status quo’: UK campaign seeks to mobilise Muslim vote | Politics | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM The Muslim Vote aims to list candidates that align with it on foreign policy, NHS and education
  5. Yeah I pass there quite regularly mid week barely anyone about, the parking Saturday was both sides of the road from the res to the Storey arms and down the other side to the 1st layby, fckn madness and they reduce the speed limit to 30 to accomodate them all on weekends
  6. Just watching the findings of the enquiry set up to investigate the infected blood products scandal, succesive government cover ups for decades by both sides of the HoC, shameful and disgusting if anyone thinks theres a politician or a political party of any persuasion that gives a single fck about the ordinary people of this country they need to give their heads a fckn shake, absolutely disgusting
  7. I wonder if these will become common Lily's Kitchen | Lily's Kitchen WWW.LILYSKITCHEN.CO.UK Cats and dogs are part of the family, and they deserve to eat naturally delicious recipes. Discover a menu...
  8. Bakerboy


    Yes mate it was shown down here, dont know about the book being read in secondary school, I never went
  9. Bakerboy


    I think it was the same for most parts of the UK, certainly was in the South Wales valleys, great times sadly gone forever
  10. There was literally a constant stream of walkers from the carpark to as far up as I could see when I passed
  11. Only reason to get in between them should have been to stop the fight Luke had no defence should have been stopped
  12. Had to google him, he's an odd looking fckr
  13. Its at times like this I REALLY miss Max
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