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  1. She made a right twat of herself in an interview on the trans in prison debacle
  2. Plenty in Wales, my mates a hill shepard got a few around him and almost every farm I've got permission on runs at least 1 or 2, might be different around the rest of the country
  3. Been looking into that £120 a month per container locally
  4. Would be ablaze and on the news every channel 24/7, they're fckt now the coppers are black takes away 99% of the narrative
  5. Perhaps he's just gone on holiday, why has it got to be something sinister
  6. I fckn hope not, not on here anyway
  7. Aye I guessed as much mate
  8. Same here, never heard of him til he was mentioned on here
  9. Ffs, I turned over from bangers and cash to watch to birds talking about tenant farmers
  10. Probably keeping his head down with all the goings on at the Met
  11. No mate me and the mrs got a place up there, well further up
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