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  1. 50 would be too many, cruel c@nts
  2. Cheers, I'll have a look at them
  3. Are they the Solognac 1s
  4. 1st cross me mate London x Mid Wales
  5. Who the fck would admit to being Welsh....
  6. What size is the Trial master..
  7. Yeah like just about every immigrant to come here the last 50 odd yrs
  8. When it all turns to shit and the whole lot starts to go down the toilet the rich will be able to fck off out of it, until in the end there'll be nowhere to fck off to, stupid cnts either cant see it or dont want to
  9. Not the best start, good luck with the pup, Im sure you'll work it out
  10. Dogs keep you young, my mrs always telling me Im acting like a fckn 12 year old
  11. Cant play vids my p.c is fckt
  12. Anyone see or hear her speech today, sickening its got to be man by a shitskin Having said that if a white bloke said it he'd be done for hate speech
  13. I didnt say it was great I said it was free, and probably intentionally left to turn to shit to make way for the private sector My ex mrs worked in the private sector and some of their practises were dodgy as fck, barely feeding the resident, turning the heating off and treating them worse than prisoners
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