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  1. Stripped cleaned and playing out undecided on stock needs re springing and bit of shining but wow had right good fun in garden with iron sights felt like I was 10 again !
  2. Wow just a bit pal did you catch that fishing ??
  3. might have to get out for a shoot sometime eh? mine or your perms im easy il have a small collection of shooting sticks going soon with whats about !
  4. ah thats it yea haha you been getting out much pal
  5. hi napper cheers pal hows you? no not really been out with shotguns few times last year but no air guns our tom said he saw you bit a go
  6. Cheers jimmy all good I hope (the thoughts) lol yea really good at min busy with work kids misses etc you know got a old relum tornado I’m going to make a start on but fancy a few old bsa rifles a mercury super sport etc more collecting this time garden plinkers hunting wise ordered a new 95 today miss my old one I tuned up ?
  7. Hi pal know you missed me really how’s my Big Mac yea back need some bang bangs now blue coming on we’ll big 2 now
  8. Never go far bud always come back haha been working on my dog but need to get out shooting again now ??
  9. Hello all I’m back couple of years out with work another project needed itching again hope everyone well anything for sale that needs tlc give me a shout cheers all
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