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  1. Swoops owner said on here, she was the producer. Good ones in all her litters, three different sires
  2. Don't chop and change dogs so haven't started as many as others, but they normally catch the first lamped rabbit. Pick one way out on rough ground when the dogs ready??????
  3. Cheers but I've always bought pups in and don't have kennels...
  4. Deja vu I like whip grey's but personally think whip grey X lurchers are better/better suited
  5. Not sure about adding other blood spoiling them, really like the whip grey scratch dog X lurchers, as long as they aren't trying to kill themselves
  6. What dogs, he hasn't got them yet
  7. It's just that they used to call sable "black fringed" mate
  8. Bred off UK stuff of the time weren't they. Ginger must have told everyone a different story about everything
  9. Sounds like a bunny hugger. Normally they've had something bad happen or know of something. And it seems bred into some of them
  10. What are the dogs in the Paul Croes photo?
  11. @mC HULL's dad bred Luke..
  12. There's loads of hybrids, pure Scottish wildcats are rare. Folk were trapping the hybrids and neutering them
  13. Not staffs, but have had this with pups and like others have said, they have all come round and got on
  14. Some pics of it in the rush as well. Just a dog ratching about imo
  15. I think the same each time you put it up, bottom one looks like a fat lamb? And going off just the top pics and all the shite behind, it could of just died. God knows
  16. That roe is covered in rumen. Bag probably got left behind whilst it was ragged about and eaten by all and sundry
  17. @Rudeboy 1 here you go ya nutter...how were they bred? Knew I'd seen them on here..
  18. Been seeing a few cheap/cheaper pups starting
  19. Aye it's Merle... You don't get Merle whippets or greyhounds, so it can't be double Merle if breeding is correct
  20. A "first cross" would be pure deerhound X pure greyhound. Yours is one of them generation bred ones isn't it?
  21. I'd say a Saluki lurcher, not a first cross. You'll get something similar just watching the dogs for sale, might not be blue mind. She landed on her feet after such a shitty start
  22. my scratch dog X lurcher came taller than both parents, certainly had the speed and strike
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