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  1. Have a look at the rabbit trip thread there's some lamping footage
  2. Just get a bigger blizzard coat if you like them, they go up to 30" The greyhound kennel coats and walking out coats are all much the same
  3. Nope, they were on about hare coursing, fly tipping, and farm thefts etc. They weren't blaming dog lads for it all those two coppers didn't mention dogs, they had a machinery scanner, a caravan scanner, and they let the fella look through their thermal. Fully awake and listening
  4. They were on about all rural crime...they didn't say dog lads were burning farm buildings down....
  5. Was just telling the OP how mine turn on. If I'm the one talking bollocks lol If it is working, remember to do the same to turn it off
  6. Yeah there's arrows on mine I just touch the dots
  7. On mine there is a dot on the collar and a dot on the box, just touch the dots together
  8. Love the thought process of people asking on here It might be a idea to ask people who don't have ferrets, dogs, nets etc themselves
  9. There was one at stud on dragon driving? From the saluki center above iirc
  10. And after you've done this, you'll still get different answers off everybody Plus you might not like or get on with the ideal dog for whatever, and go with something different
  11. Had Hancock blood in them as well iirc
  12. He pushed them, but kept lurcher X lurchers himself... There is good and bad collie grey's, just like any other cross
  13. Often wonder if some of these silly dog/stock prices are advertising, and they get a whole lot of luck money
  14. Her b&w bitch has been beaten a couple of times by r&w bitches. This was a b&w dog though
  15. Opinel do their own pouch..
  16. Buy some readymade bands, and tighten them onto the middle one. Buy some readymade tubes, and watch a YouTube vid so you can tie them onto the outside ones.
  17. You can have class dogs and their lesser brother is a better producer And if you buy pups off strangers, there is only so much you can know and it's fingers crossed
  18. The age thing is about staying sound as well. Also know a dog that has developed funny turns/fits, wouldn't want a pup off that
  19. Another vote for non ped/scratch dog X lurchers
  20. While your sorting it, a greyhound muzzle might save the little dog some stick
  21. Yeah turning the nose up at food for no reason is annoying as fook, and not drinking when you offer on a hot day etc. Squeaking/whining, digging in the garden, going "cracker dog" in the garden. Their full of devilment
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