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  1. Nice bitch that, at least you got a pup out the breeding she sounds similar to the dog I’ve here out of Thor mum. I like that line a lot tbh the ones I’ve seen out of it all look/ are capable dogs
  2. Didn’t the bitch on the right have a dog called Thor in her or you was putting her to him If i remember correctly
  3. Ok mate shame that and hopefully this season be better like you say
  4. Yh I know think I see 0 degrees the weekend/ next week still bit early but if they wanna go I’ll let mine tbh
  5. Yh I’ve noticed other birds like crow,pigeon building but was surprised when I seen the 2 goldies yesterday I tried to get a pic but when I parked up they wouldn’t come down. Yh looks that way few mine singing away hopefully you’ll get few nests soon then
  6. Anyone else notice any goldies starting to pick up material, I’ve just seen 2 goldfinch picking up dog hair on the side of the rd
  7. Abullx


    Ok thanks I was thinking of putting her into moult and try again next season when I’ll get a bullx machine and hopefully I’ll have dog for her. I know 2 people with a gos one being the person I brought her off I’ll try get out with them more
  8. Abullx


    Tbh I haven’t been out much with her I gave her a couple slips on hares 5/6 days ago and she pulled away, bloke said try feed her washed chicks so no blood she’s never taken hare before
  9. That’s handy in one way but bad in another as what to know we’re they are
  10. Ok I’ll have a little think to see if I wanna put 4 individual flights in and thanks for the help
  11. Ok there’s natural light from the front that’s the aviary on the right but light in there just to brighten it of a evening and smoke bomb ok with pigeons in shed
  12. Would this be ideal for the mite mate for the time being
  13. Thanks mate I’ll take that on board for the hens and pvc would be a good ideal like you say, I’ll see how it goes this season and then maybe replace for next, I’ll have a word with my old man and see what he uses for his pigeons to treat mite if it comes to it. there decent cock birds then hopefully I’ll have a couple like that this year
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