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  1. I had a avairy with just British in and they did so now put 6 flights in there but that other aviary been ok. Next season I’m going to have all flight or cages and 1 pair in each as thinking that might help rearing
  2. Tbh I haven’t seen much fighting in there I’ve got a camera in there aswell obviously odd squabbling but that it it’s 8x10
  3. Most of them are in one avairy 25 canary hens and 12 goldys hens and cocks but I’ve also had problems in cages with canary hens not rearing properly
  4. I underlayed the first round then goldy hen was on 4 eggs 2nd round and cock smashed then 8 days in so I’ll try underlaying if I can help it
  5. Ok mate fair enough I’ll look at rings in future and I’ve sorted someone to breed me a Load of fife and other mixes for end of the season it’s just I finally get a couple of linnet and goldy to go down and then feeders not doing there job just gets abit annoying but i that’s birds I guess
  6. Ok I’ll try source a few Irish for next season I have raza and fife which heard they should be pretty decent, my neighbour cat goes on aviary of a night which could be causing it
  7. What do people think is the best canary for feeders as I’ve had a few hens not feed or squash young but have brought all my canaries from petshops so probably brought everyone shit
  8. Abullx

    Moulting tail

    Alright I recently brought a male gos as owner couldn’t keep him free lofted and he come with literally all his tail feathers in half I don’t believe he damaged them in blood I think it’s was just before his moult this year. I’m Just wondering if he’ll moult his tail fully again or some my be 3/4 length and what Is your preferred set for tethering a gos which is active Even at fat weight
  9. Ok mate thanks I’ll try that
  10. They’ll eat broccoli haven’t tried peas tbh
  11. Ok mate thanks I’ll try that
  12. Has anyone got experience breeding these as I’ve a trio going but nothing yet they won’t eat the dandelion I give them or chickweed so don’t know what else to give them
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