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  1. Ok atb with them, I’ve got two here from jake and my bitch 22 months old so first season coming up
  2. Alright did you use his blue dog or his son for that blue brindle
  3. Ok thanks I’ll give that a go next time
  4. The Stud dog was nothing to do with bitches line
  5. Ok i ai her 5 times from 9 to 20 but she absorbed them apparently That’s 2 years running now and she also just comes in once a year so I’ll try again next and see what happens
  6. I did think she might be by looking at him, thought you like your racer dogs, your dog wouldn’t be related to flick in Ireland by any chance Would he
  7. Alright I know I’ve asked before but in need of a decent bitch to put my dog over his (shadow breeding) as my bitch has absorbed her pups 2 years running so need a pup to bring on, bitch must be 100%, I know a few bitches but they want a stronger bigger dog over there bitches. bitch out of Jerry (havoc) stuff would be ideal as that’s what my bitch is of that stuff but if it isn’t then still be alright or might even consider a bitch pup if of the right parents if anyone got a litter on ground or planned
  8. Ok I’ve had pups of her in past from ai but only 2 that was 4 ais, This year I’ve already done 4 ai but dog perked up on last ai so I’ll do the 5th ai but I was wondering what the latest people mated there’s on as she’s on day 18 which I thought was late to be ready
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