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  1. Ok I’m sure it’s still got creatine in it, yh I’m thinking about changing to more of a raw diet
  2. Yh I don’t give no meat with it but thought the food gives that bit extra energy late on Into the night
  3. What do people think about Australian formula, don’t see a lot of people use it but I’ve fed it to mine last couple seasons and thought they worked well and looked good on it
  4. Thought so mate. I have a half brother to Thor. I’ll message you
  5. Nice dogs that Thor dog is he a black and white dog
  6. Ok is it 1 ml to every 10 kg
  7. Ok and nothing yet just in the future
  8. Anyone know if pen and strep can be used on dogs,
  9. Ok atb with them, I’ve got two here from jake and my bitch 22 months old so first season coming up
  10. Alright did you use his blue dog or his son for that blue brindle
  11. Ok thanks I’ll give that a go next time
  12. The Stud dog was nothing to do with bitches line
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