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  1. Ok fair enough and that makes sense for ringing thanks
  2. Alright when people breed full goldfinch in double breeders what do you prefer external or internal nest or don’t you think it matters and has anyone been successful using a artificial light in there bird room thanks
  3. Yh thought that’s how much they were when I ordered them but didn’t shop round but deposit was already paid
  4. Yh I know bit pricey but pleased with outcome
  5. Yh was decent show, i ordered them an around a year ago I think cost me £830 for both. Sindasox
  6. I remember someone asked about for recommendations for someone to make them a stick I just got these back from Simon heath sticks on Facebook
  7. Yh i know that but you up your chances, i bred a litter ( 2 1/2 now) one worked out so far one never only 2 in litter but now looking for a racier pup
  8. Yh like you say the people using the right bulls keep there stuff to themselves and other people use unworked and that’s what’s been bred of, that’s why it’s hard to find a decent pup
  9. Yh That’s all what gets bred now really but they have there uses but just like you I like a good runner
  10. Alright is anyone breeding any bull x pups soon or got some at the moment looking for something out sh parents who can run a bit 5/8 3/8 be ideal, would consider a young bitch up to 6/7 months I know most keep there stock between them and there pals but most people I know keep a heavier dog than I need
  11. Ok thanks I’ll give both ways a try
  12. Yh supposed to be easier to breed in avairy I’ve heard
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