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  1. no punch line mate, newkid is a success in life his son will be proud as punch
  2. why does it feel its not talked about as much as jimmy saville rolf harris etc
  3. he's a lucky lad having a dad like you mate i bet he's so proud
  4. Have you been to Ghana mate? We lived in Accra my dad travelled up north for work
  5. We I was younger spent 3 years in Ghana my dad had a job at the diamond mines. Our rottweiler killed 3 baboons
  6. Didn't you and you're daughter have a disagreement with a neighbour?
  7. I think there's more to this story then you're letting on. But that's none of my business
  8. Affects people different mate
  9. I got out the plastering game because of it horrible thing to have
  10. You ever tried laser treatment or injections?
  11. I use bentovate which clears in up on face but rest of the body it doesnt touch it. Im stressed all the time tbh
  12. I don't live the healthiest of lifestyles mate tbh started new diet today so hopefully calms down a bit. It's agony at the minute
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