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  1. The general section doesn’t have to do anything with hunting mate. “Summer” is here now holidays bbq’s etc don’t think many will be on
  2. Like Joshua did lol this is funny shaaaark
  3. Fury would of made short work of him fury now probably not
  4. Did you see Joshua lose to a fat Mexican
  5. Hope you gave @lurcherman 887 a discount
  6. Her in doors has organised some school tours I’m still open minded mate
  7. Anyone send their kids to them and how do they compare to other schools?
  8. I beg you’re pardon it was similar I worded it wrong
  9. Cracking pics has he ever had a run with a stag mate? only attempted a few times myself with only one success
  10. Seen that picture on Facebook I think
  11. It’s bizarre why people would put their number on a open forum stupid! ring him lol
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