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  1. keepdiggin

    A dash of dingo....

    Really like the Australian cattle dog a cattle farm has 3 and the look real Hardy dogs
  2. keepdiggin

    Wheaton x greyhounds

    Any litters planned
  3. keepdiggin

    Guard dogs

    Great thread chaps those bandogs look the business
  4. keepdiggin

    Almost Done

    Snake proof
  5. keepdiggin

    Guard dogs

    Seen the police in Wolverhampton and stoke using rottweilers
  6. keepdiggin

    Staffy Bull

    My mates got a bull pup for sale female 11 month old
  7. keepdiggin

    Favourite Big Game Animal

    Do you use dogs
  8. keepdiggin

    Wee walk with dogs and kids

    Nice pug
  9. keepdiggin

    Big Cat Sighting

    Be a few dead bull xs when the lynx are around
  10. keepdiggin

    Dog bites?? Statistics??-

    Any dog that bites wants a shovel over its head
  11. keepdiggin

    A dangerous screwball !!

    Fit as f**k tho
  12. keepdiggin


    We've just got a kitten and its great fun tbh
  13. keepdiggin

    Finish the job!

    I had a bull x that wouldn't pick up would kill squirrel and rat that's about it she's just a pet now
  14. keepdiggin

    Eagle owl found

    Good on cats by all accounts
  15. keepdiggin

    Wheaten x grey

    work trial?