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  1. keepdiggin

    jaws of death= strange ?

    A bit strange
  2. keepdiggin

    East End 1970s

    Im the same mate been in Wimbledon past couple of weekd cant wait to get back up north
  3. keepdiggin

    Funny Joke Thread

  4. Mental micky fry om a bunch of wallies
  5. keepdiggin

    Dog or bitch pup

    Dirty man
  6. keepdiggin

    Cold few hrs out....

    That rough pup is one of the best looking dogs I've seen fair play
  7. keepdiggin

    Prison isn't comfortable for max clifford

    Marlon brando Muhammad Ali and jade goody
  8. keepdiggin

    Guard dogs

    I heard the Caucasian shepherd is more suited for livestock guarding not sure if true
  9. keepdiggin

    Film 4 now

    Lol sorry
  10. keepdiggin

    Film 4 now

  11. keepdiggin

    Film 4 now

    Good film
  12. keepdiggin

    dan x peggy

    They do make a good couple
  13. keepdiggin

    FAO: King

    That moose
  14. Think he ran off with malt and they are planning on adopting their first African child think they gunna call it keke
  15. keepdiggin

    FAO: King

    Looks like silverside beef slices from asda