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  1. This is blowing my mind believe it or not there’s a forum for blokes to talk about their blow up dolls like they are actual people it’s a sick world we live in
  2. Should you be in control of a forum when pist on the job mate
  3. Do you dot and dab boards on the membrane I’ve been using expanding form quicker and cheaper
  4. A typical greb post include the word “fella”
  5. Have you seen them Aston Martin dbx I think they are called pal
  6. But imo Joshua struggled with whyte and fury knocked him clean out making him look daft tbh so it’s swings and round abouts. im willing to have a bet that fury beats Joshua but no Joshua groupies wanna take the bet
  7. Very good mate better then the old sand and cement
  8. ISO-THERM Damp Proofing Thermal Insulation - ultra thin (+/-4mm) ALLIANCEREMEDIALSUPPLIES.CO.UK ISO-THERM is vapour permeable, but waterproof, resisting any lateral damp transference - highly...
  9. What do you drive mate you seem to a chap of great taste
  10. Used this for the first time today
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