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  1. If it makes you feel better they bleep the bad language out . He hunts and fishes on the show. I like him tbh
  2. Gordon Ramsey uncharted on national geographic absolutely fantastic
  3. Raccoons are breeding in Yorkshire it said in the local paper there was up to 500. Just in Yorkshire and by 2025 it will establish a good population.
  4. Reminds of a video I watch years a bunch of pakis set 4 bull terrier x greys on a leopard video goes black then you just see 4 dead dogs covered in blood with guts hanging out
  5. Anyone hear about the chow chow x killing the 12 weeks old baby really upsetting to read. I’d never have a big dog in the house again got a little frenchie running about at the moment
  6. True mate jaguars have been spotted in southern USA
  7. He could of gone to Man Utd for £5m + mark Hughes but the dirty c**t from arsenal snapped his leg some day he was better then shearer
  8. I’m surprised there’s not lions and tigers roaming in the USA tbh
  9. Im a Sheffield Wednesday supporter and it does my head in when other fans say we should be in the premiership we’re not in the top flight because we’re not good enough anymore still think we’re bigger club fan base etc then some premiership clubs mind.
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