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  1. Why not use use one over the bull x mate?
  2. Just like deer I'd imagine ray
  3. I will but if it starts affecting my son then it is my f***ing business
  4. I thought it was one rounded them up while the other tried to shag the
  5. I don’t think its right mate but I suppose i should mind my own business. My ex had a letter in the post asking if the niece lived there or not thanks chaps
  6. Its not me mate its my ex i felt a bit sorry for her tbh she doesn’t get any moneys for her neice but her parents do even though the niece doesn’t live with them.
  7. My ex has her niece living with her full time and her parents still get her child benefit is that fraud? As she’s been grassed up even though she doesn’t get any money for her?
  8. That's where I got a ticket going past meadoewhell
  9. Fantastic as ever jigsaw
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