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  1. say what you like about the French
  2. 400 Bad Request WWW.FREEADS.CO.UK
  3. Nice I do like them first met in the early 2000s but different to what you see now think a few been bred to all sorts now
  4. Obviously I know they are not xl’s but to ignorant people you had any comments about yours being muzzled pal?
  5. I’d give it a big steak if it was mine
  6. Tosas them pal or or two still over here. lads in Wakefield had two filas guarding his lurchers and terriers . One breed that I would love to own
  7. French mastiff is used as well mate has one x with a bulldog very switches on
  8. I don’t have a pts card mate so be no good to you
  9. What do you do pal you at a railway station?
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