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  1. keepdiggin

    May or may not be lost

    That's the big black wild cat mystery solved
  2. Where's the bitch from
  3. keepdiggin

    I’m back

    Good to see you back look forward to your boxing related posts
  4. keepdiggin

    Raccoons in Ireland

    There's over 200 loose around the UK I read somewhere
  5. It's not corgi anymore its gas safe registered
  6. keepdiggin

    alsatian x greyhound

    Has rays buck sired any pups yet
  7. keepdiggin

    grand national

    Hi stewie
  8. keepdiggin

    Big Cat Sighting

    Bit disappointed the local bull x lads aren't out in force
  9. keepdiggin

    Big Cat Sighting

    Luton.... Probably a paki
  10. keepdiggin

    Crufts 2019

    Any pics of your bullmastiffs ray
  11. keepdiggin

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    I'll get some mate
  12. keepdiggin

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    Got an American bulldog myself (lives with my parents now) best dog ive owned
  13. keepdiggin

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    Those ingles dogs look well
  14. keepdiggin

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    Anyone breeding any good athletic type English bull terriers out of interest
  15. keepdiggin

    What breed ?