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  1. keepdiggin


    Bit like a bull greyhound then
  2. keepdiggin

    Finish the job!

    I had a bull x that wouldn't pick up would kill squirrel and rat that's about it she's just a pet now
  3. keepdiggin

    Eagle owl found

    Good on cats by all accounts
  4. keepdiggin

    Wheaten x grey

    work trial?
  5. keepdiggin

    best all round lurcher?

    What u fancying next ray
  6. keepdiggin


    What a bell end
  7. keepdiggin

    Best looking Breed?

    Lol ok so what about the apbts kept in yards in Russia
  8. keepdiggin

    Best looking Breed?

    Only one real dog the apbt
  9. keepdiggin

    Staffy Bull

    7 month
  10. keepdiggin

    Staffy Bull

  11. keepdiggin

    Just heard on the radio about staffys

    Worse dogs ive seen for dog aggression are lurchers send them all to China for the cooking pot
  12. keepdiggin

    Old dogs past or retired

    never knew prince harry went lamping
  13. keepdiggin

    world cup England

  14. keepdiggin

    every one looking forward to england game

    hope they win save the partying till the final
  15. keepdiggin

    world cup England