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  1. I've been doing it for ages wondered how long it would take
  2. How do you know if your at a gay bbq? the hot dogs taste like shit
  3. I wasn’t being funny pal I remember watching the firm and that coloured lad had a half Celtic and half West Ham hat on I didn’t know if there was some kind of alliance like Chelsea and rangers
  4. I love wolves why can't they use a few kangal dogs to keep them away?
  5. Site labourers use to follow them round site picking up all the wire they could find
  6. If you see someone in clean snickers trousers and a brand new transporter 9.9/10 they are sparkys
  7. He’s not a mate a mate of mine just have mutual friends and been to same get togethers etc
  8. Imagine the London mayor being a paki....
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