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  1. keepdiggin

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Cant believe the stick fury gets on here half of me thinks its because max likes him lol
  2. keepdiggin

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    And quit
  3. keepdiggin

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    And quit
  4. keepdiggin


    Nice bitch what's she like at retrieving larger game mate
  5. A boxing expert or a bunch of blokes on a hunting forum who knows more about boxing
  6. keepdiggin

    the fight

    Finally someone in the know....
  7. keepdiggin

    the fight

  8. keepdiggin

    The "DOGAL", the amazing Argentine Hunting Dog

    Google translate at its best lol
  9. keepdiggin

    the fight

    No experts on here mate, people just giving opinions
  10. keepdiggin

    Liverpool vs yids

    She looks likes she's wanking him off
  11. keepdiggin

    the fight

    Prove it
  12. keepdiggin

    Litters planned or due

    Any deerhound collie greys getting bred these days
  13. keepdiggin

    saying mike ashly has sold nufc

    Cant wait for maxs comments
  14. keepdiggin

    mxy up and down the country

    Big rabbit population in the wolf enclosure at worburn safari Park believe it or not
  15. keepdiggin

    royal baby

    How much are they wilf