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  1. It will be fine mate. Get some pad heal on it and keep it clean. Walks on lead only. Be right in 2-3weeks. Dont waste your money at the vets!
  2. Can always rember looking forward to the little arthur carter catalogue and deben catalogue coming.
  3. Be nice wouldnt it. I use lawsons regular handy place for me.
  4. I know what your saying mate. Days are probably numbered with the way things are going. I can get hold of most things i need to be fair just thought it might be helpful for people that struggle or the decent lads trying to make a penny or 2 out the job
  5. Now then lads, the season is about upon us! Just thinking it might be a good idea to maybe start a thread of places/people where ya can get hold of bits for the dogs eg dog meds, raw food, collars, leads, lamps, batteries. All things lurchers really! Could be helpful. Get at em lads n have a good season!
  6. Basically the same mate. Tailed off abit as of late as started doing abit with the lurchers again But still like my shooting. Pigeons, rabbits, fox, deer, pheasants and ducks
  7. Hahaha my saluki cross exactly the same. Cant seem to help its self the little t**t!!
  8. Good stuff mate. Cant beat abit of shooting aswel can ya. What shooting you into?
  9. No probs. How do you normally keep on top of them? Ferrets, rifle, dogs?
  10. If your struggling give me a shout i could come n help you get rid of a few no problem.
  11. Can still have good success with ex layers if you get there wings brailed. Have good release pens and basically treat them as poults…. Predator control, walking them back into pens, etc etc. still takes time and effort.
  12. More in my area than there ever has been…. Yet there is less rabbits than there ever has been on some of my permissions in the dales where it used to be crawling with them. Still alot there but a noticable difference
  13. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but no bull x in this line!…. Unless thats where it gets its fluffy lugs? Lol
  14. The bitch it came off is a very good bitch. The bitch was out of ninja x solo. Solo was direct buddy x tiny. (Tiny is dicksons max x john bradfords roxy) and ninja was scouser x a bitch out of tom petchs dan. The sire also a very good dog but not as clued up on the lines of that. ( sunny x savanah) i believe.
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