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  1. No. Just a tiny bit on video, caught them quick. Look what he lined her with, Nipper, purebred Ash etc
  2. Said he likes the saluki X greyhound close up in them, he likes the gears
  3. He had a couple of bitches when R interviewed him. Was shown a clip of him training a 7th generation one some gundog basics
  4. Got ours at a Sunday market, cracking beam especially at the time, needed a thumb like ET
  5. Striker. Good few folk have tried new lamps and gone back
  6. "we got the longdog, we got the poacher..."
  7. Those XL Bulldogs are all shapes and sizes, and the lurcher could of been anything from a whippet cross to a deerhound cross. Be hard to say
  8. No they've got Rav's, Scooby's got crushed for illegal hare coursing
  9. Lots of people sell lurcher bitch pups for more than the dogs, but with racing greyhounds it's the dog pups that are more expensive
  10. I know what your wanting just saying it's not always cheaper or worth the chew Not sure about Milbemax price, got Milprazon last few times, which is the same
  11. Just looked on vets uk, the Milprazon is more expensive than the vets
  12. The online prices and the vets price, for wormers isn't much different here. Just call in when your passing no chew
  13. You were on about dogs on YouTube, meant put on there recently aye the stud dog thread
  14. Yeah. That Jolene that's just been put on, is off Max that's on the other thread and Cheeky, if your interested
  15. That Cheeky on there is off her, don't know
  16. Do you know if the saluki coursing club still go? They went a few times after the ban
  17. Think I've just seen the modern leg crooks. And poultry leg hooks, just made from old plain wire
  18. Probably right about using a lamping dog though, some of these tight bred ones seem to lame themselves walking to the car or is it breeding off pups
  19. It's a nice story saying Tilly was bred off a lamping bitch and a plodder, but really the bitch was a saluki lurcher down off Dan and GC's Joe. Same with Kim the dam was a feathered saluki lurcher off Irish coursing stuff
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