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  1. You can have class dogs and their lesser brother is a better producer And if you buy pups off strangers, there is only so much you can know and it's fingers crossed
  2. The age thing is about staying sound as well. Also know a dog that has developed funny turns/fits, wouldn't want a pup off that
  3. Another vote for non ped/scratch dog X lurchers
  4. While your sorting it, a greyhound muzzle might save the little dog some stick
  5. Yeah turning the nose up at food for no reason is annoying as fook, and not drinking when you offer on a hot day etc. Squeaking/whining, digging in the garden, going "cracker dog" in the garden. Their full of devilment
  6. Just had a look myself, looks to be the bitch "B"? If it is, he says it's a throwback to Labrador and on a older post he says, its head isn't bull blood it's lab and pudelpointer...
  7. Sure someone on here has a pup off it, or down off it. Is it not one of Jeffs lurchers with lab in it though
  8. Who said they are lol I said hardly any lol and also said improving what they had
  9. Plenty Stafford's with apbt in them, and plenty apbt's with staff back in them... They weren't available... And they were improving what they had
  10. There was hardly any available to "dogmen". The few that were, got crossed with what they already had, lurchers, greyhounds, then best to best. It would have been interesting if some folk had just worked and bred purebreds over the same time
  11. Didn't suit him for lots of reasons and was rehomed.. Read that a while back.
  12. Kinda what I thought cheers I've just got leggings that I'll put on if I really have to, like the morning dog walk so your not wet all day, or at work etc. But you'll know yourself if you've got a Berghaus on or similar you can end up soaked round the bottom of it, or hunting up rush etc.
  13. What about waterproof trousers for the same job, same brands or something different?
  14. be better waiting to see what he says himself then lol..... hasn't come on here and said he's bringing it out on any date, or anything about it?
  15. There's vans parked up all over recently, everyone is doing it, could be anyone or anything in it ffs
  16. Someone said he's in and out of hospital...
  17. Someone said he's in and out of hospital...
  18. It's nothing new. Always been Muppets, be nothing wrong with plenty of them dogs. Swap a coursing type for lamper, then a terrier, then a air gun etc. Or selling a ten week old pup because the lass has just had a baby or it doesn't match the colour of the curtains
  19. You've got the sisters arse backwards Fella = Casper X Snowy Red Sonia = Joe X Susie
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