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  1. Some of those step counters are a load of shite, counting steps when lasses are sitting on the sofa reaching for chocolate biscuits
  2. Parents might of been causing trouble nextdoor and shot, cubs found and shot?
  3. My bitch is a f****r for catching rodents etc lead walking
  4. Steady away on the lamp when the season comes round. Walked year round
  5. "Going equipped" is a funny one isn't it. Obviously if they are ripping about fields in a Subaru etc But someone with a dog on a lead? Countryside is full of those since lockdown
  6. The best all-round rabbiter I've had was a whip/grey X beardie/grey. Rabbited with all of them though
  7. Is it a break or was the wrist over extended and damaged the ligaments
  8. Terrible that. Sorry to ask, but was it over extended?
  9. See mostly tabby ferals. The same coloured rabbits crop up all over, islands, moors. It's in them
  10. The original Alfred was a Beddy whippet called Tramp, I wanted one at the time. The two after had greyhound in them
  11. Swoops owner said on here, she was the producer. Good ones in all her litters, three different sires
  12. Don't chop and change dogs so haven't started as many as others, but they normally catch the first lamped rabbit. Pick one way out on rough ground when the dogs ready??????
  13. Cheers but I've always bought pups in and don't have kennels...
  14. Deja vu I like whip grey's but personally think whip grey X lurchers are better/better suited
  15. Not sure about adding other blood spoiling them, really like the whip grey scratch dog X lurchers, as long as they aren't trying to kill themselves
  16. What dogs, he hasn't got them yet
  17. It's just that they used to call sable "black fringed" mate
  18. Bred off UK stuff of the time weren't they. Ginger must have told everyone a different story about everything
  19. Sounds like a bunny hugger. Normally they've had something bad happen or know of something. And it seems bred into some of them
  20. What are the dogs in the Paul Croes photo?
  21. @mC HULL's dad bred Luke..
  22. There's loads of hybrids, pure Scottish wildcats are rare. Folk were trapping the hybrids and neutering them
  23. Not staffs, but have had this with pups and like others have said, they have all come round and got on
  24. Some pics of it in the rush as well. Just a dog ratching about imo
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