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  1. Whip grey scratch dog for speed. For more of a all-rounder, decent saluki lurcher. Never bred a litter mind
  2. Just using them like their natural spurs. Your normal chicken fights the same even if it's been de spurred
  3. Should get into the habit of worming them whatever they are fed Milbemax/Milprazon from the vets mine get
  4. Think with meat and biscuits plus leftovers, tins of fish etc etc you've got everything covered. All sorts of dogs are fed on the two mixed
  5. Maybe the IKC is different
  6. Got two Jill kits this summer, thought the other week they are going to come in season?? And sure enough they are in full season now. No lights and the older hobs stones have gone back. Just curious anybody else had this. Every other ferret has come in the following summer
  7. That's what I do with stock. Yeah bond, bond, bond imo. Rather than tell him off for chewing, give him something he can chew. I've used that stuff for stopping humans chewing their nails in the past
  8. In my experience if you treat them well and fairly, and spend lots of time with them, they'll do as you say. Probably test you a bit, and you need to pass lol. Some aren't very trainable though. Recall and stock training I'd be thinking about
  9. No trainer, but I'd say chill out he's 12 weeks
  10. If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's a general service shovel, get them on eBay, army or new
  11. Did you just look at the pictures in them books you were on about. The salukis and crosses are mostly bred off any saluki folk could get a hold of, that's why it's mostly the same blood and the sals are inbred lol
  12. Crossbreds Yeah. Her brother and sister did well at saluki coursing etc, that Khan Jihad is off her brother. You'll of read all this lol
  13. I've took a dog out lamping on bonfire night a good few times in the past, to take his mind off it, and it did
  14. That Shady won against crosses, and did well in the forley. Not much in it with some of them
  15. Some purebred salukis can get a bit of a coat in old age. Personally think the whooly coat is just the long lurcher coat mixing with the salukis
  16. Another vote for rabbits way out on rough ground, probably jinx the next pup but they normally catch the first one. Don't think missing daft rabbits on the lamp or all summer long missing rabbits on holes/cover in the day does pups any good. Sure lots of faults folk talk about are learnt from this sort of thing
  17. Same as hunting and organised coursing
  18. Oh right. Probably because it doesn't effect farming or cause farmers hassle
  19. They do, but not in so many words. Wildlife crime, B.O.P persecution
  20. Fred's dam was Bess(Mushy X Smith's Fly) Mushy was Ivor's Rose(long coated "Norfolk") X Browns saluki grey. They say some of the first litter out of Bess's brother Rebel to Eve had that much coat they were bucketed?
  21. What was running doubled/trebled up and crashing into a bus in Bedford testing a few less Muppets would of been a better send off surely
  22. Luke X Cass It's no secret, the folk that had them have put it all on here
  23. Collie, beddy, bull, "Norfolk" all sorts in them at the start. But like you say mainly saluki
  24. Remember a article in the cmw about MP Lucky and Tina, and he mentions something about collie blood and herding to the guy. It's the saluki blood though imo, purebreds work hares don't they
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