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  1. Anyone got the acd crosses an wat they think of them compared to collie Xs.
  2. I have dogs out of that stuff an bomber ended up in Cumbria seen his brother crash work to wasn’t a patch on bomber. Dogs a have are out of bomber there a good strain of dog just gene pool small now so probably die out soon.
  3. Old school rabbiting dogs no bull in the breeding. Collie x. Deerhound x.
  4. Australian cattle dog x lurcher View Advert Looking for a acd x lurcher pup. If anyone is planning on breeding send me a tx. Thanks. Advertiser Chunk2011 Date 16/06/19 Price Category Working Lurchers  
  5. It’s probably same person he keeps labs. He’s near silloth. Do you follow any packs?
  6. My mate is called Geoff fox pack don’t want to say he’s full name but he’s just into the gun dogs. he’s on the coast. Just thought there would be plenty stuff about with the cover. Is there many rabbits up there. Do you hunt the fells fox pack. Went with the lunes dale years ago that was good proper hunting just couldn’t keep up with the hounds
  7. Cheers fox pack. Got a mate up that way but he’s just into gun dogs. Looks good country when I have been passing through. Lots of rough ground thought there would be plenty about. Is there a lot of lamping lads with the rifles
  8. Yeah the ground makes a difference same as if there rabbits that have never been lamped but a have seen dogs that are very fit and are useful dogs but they would never catch that many in a night no matter how fit they got. That’s when stamina and breeding comes into it. A have seen bull crosses catch a dozen then that’s them but av seen small whippet type take 20s an 30s. Horses for courses.
  9. You must have different standards to me cause catching 60 plus rabbits with one dog on the lamp is not easy. But then again it is to you so each to there own.
  10. Yeah catching that many rabbits is easy on the lamp. Hahahaha
  11. Yeah fair enough but a dozen hard run rabbits still is nothing like having a dog that’s got the stamina to catch up to 60-70. In a night. Even if they are easier runs.
  12. Is there many lads doing it up there. Apart from the big hounds. A bet it’s good ground for the littler hounds.
  13. How much collie is in her Phil she as useful as the old dogs you had like speckle. Lamping /ferreting.
  14. There must of been some rabbits to get that many. Most av had was 36 but that was with two dogs. Collie crosses.
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