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  1. Trying so see why did hasbt went viral yet
  2. Clips from an old movie I've ever seen to date. If you got 4min just watch it
  3. Wolfdog91


    One of my uncles has and Christ it goes back far. I have way to many texted family to really wrap my head around it.
  4. I mean y'all had work houses and everything thing I learned about them and the factories at the turn of the century is why I think if prefer the field life
  5. I think I got some good still shots of some Aussie cow catching somwhere ,if I find em I'll post em. Those boys are on a whole different level.
  6. Yeah man I don't get how people can't see though the bullshit honestly. Dad always calls it a "Plantation Mindset"
  7. Wish I had a go pro last time we caught feral cows. You would have loved to see them boys working with those horses and dogs.
  8. I'll tell y'all I live under a rock. Haven't had a TV in my house in close to three years now , just wifi my phone and laptop, don't go out a ton other than work and see some freinds now and then, but I swear it never surprises me how predictable the media is. Don't consider my self "woke" or something but it's just I've seen patterns and their almost always the same. So long story short theirs a crisis at our southern border....again.....for like the third time in the last two years.... this time is hatians, how thousands of Haitians managed to get to the southern border is still a littl
  9. Wolfdog91


    Any of y'all over there mess with it any ? I know it's illegal to hunt with a bow ( along with everything else it seems ) but with as famous as y'all where for yew long bows ,war archers ect figured it would be a real shame if no one tried to carry it on in some way. Been looking at getting back into it myself for target and hunting and just thought about y'all .
  10. Anyhow happen to have some pictures of the ones they build ? Would like to make a few to hang up in a few bottom for the grey's. Would make hunting a little easier
  11. Wish we had rabbits like you guys have , grocery bill would be alot less per month
  12. Way to nice to be in my pocket lol don't think I could bring my self to use that
  13. Your kidding.....holy crap I'd loose my mind
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