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  1. Some stuff me and the engineer made up. Fried pork chops, potatoes , croissants and I did some biscuits just to have for snacking didn't think to take any pics before peoel starts getting food though
  2. Well took me 20min tk figure out how to work the stove but was able to make some half decent cinnamon rolls. Aslo getting decent with this air fryer do hickey and going down hot wings done up
  3. One of the smaller fleet boats with some half filled barges for reference. Lil fella sure is pushing them around though
  4. Jambalaya because it's quick and easy AF. Cut up se.sauseg brown it ,drain the grease and the rice and stuff out the box and a few cups of water and let it boil down for a bit.
  5. So just wanted to give a little update. So still playing around with this mold and finding out 800° , poring very close to the spout and a slight rearward tilted to the mold while filling seems to cast the best bullets. Would probably help if I was using something other then this random WW mix alloy I've cast and remelted idk how many times at this point lol but hay Anyhow took a few minutes and casted up a hand full the other night and ended up with like 30 in a few minutes and kept half of those after inspection. Gas checked them with Hornady checks sized/ crimped the checks with
  6. Other then the crew and captain being a little...off ( apparently they can't keep anyone on this boat due to the weird captain ) I really I can't really complain. Will say though I wish I was one of these people who could zone out and watch TV for hours on a end because when I'm not on my shift it's kinda all you have to do...that and sleep lol. Really easy money all things considered just kinda boring though And some pictures from yesterday evening. Will say sun set on the river is beautiful
  7. So basically my company uses these tow boats to push these barges up and down the river systems here. This one in perticular works up and down the Mississippi and Ohio systems . We mainly do various gases and liquid oil products. This one of the biggest boats in our company. Think it's 150' long 50' wide and the barges are generally 150' by 55' if in remembering right Actually this is a little video of my boat pushing a tow And that's like a 15' John boat on the back upper deck for scale.
  8. Welp finally got on my first boat. Should be a interesting 28 days Got to see some of those flying carp riding around in the skiff too so that was neat.
  9. Yeah primes have finally been coming back into stock. But looking at $75 average per 1k for most average stuff though I did go to a smaller shop and they asked $185 for 1k or bench rest primers
  10. These guys blow most stuff on the TV out the water
  11. Love these "dead" creeks. No one ever down there and their usually pretty nice little mini ecosystems
  12. Gotta say phone cameras are crazy nice now days ! Like I have around 500 worth of regular cameras I don't use because the one son my $500 android smart phones are just plain better. My buddy who's a bit of a photographer tagged along with me last night on a walk . Another freind just planted like 100 acres of soy beans and the hogs have been coming out of the wood work trying to make a mess of things . Anyhow he doesn't hunt but wanted to come any way to at least experience it. Well end up taking these pictures with his point and dang Mean while this is what we where seeing with our
  13. Well was able to get out an try it out a little today and after some tweaking found out 800° allow and running this mold supe thot where the ticket....for the most part
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