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  1. Sounds like how folks around here will soak sponges in bacon grease and toss them out for coyotes and fox. Some how the idea of an animal dying via constipation is more humane then trapping but whatever. Anyhow you can find coyote turds with sponges in em alot on some propertys
  2. O yeah forgot y'all had that ticket thing, yeah then there's would be near about worthless to the lot of y'all then. It forgot why they stopped making them exactly, honestly I think it's because the AR-15 is just a more versatile caliber swap option . H&R's still have a cult following though. $300 guns are now $6-700 all day and God forbid your trying to find something like their buffalo classic in 45/70 ! Might as well just save another $200 odd buck and get you a pedersoli for the price folks are asking
  3. Here ya go . This is only part 1 of 7.5
  4. Lucky, would love to go see him live.
  5. Man where to start. I guess without me sitting here tuple for three hours it would probably be just how insidiousness can sleep into the government or a people under the guise of a Revolution. Like he spends hours talking in great detail how the Soviet union basically brain washed people into thinking all of this was ok. To the point people where legit selling out their husbands,wives,sons daughters hell the nuns and bishops to the secret police for something as simple as a conversation about bread. Wait really struck me though and still is , I'm about 12hr in total , is how ...easy it's
  6. Anyone happen to have read the whole thing? Heard on a podcast it had a large part to do with the fall of the Soviet union so found the free audiobook on YouTube and I'm 10hr into the he first volume outta three. It's extremely ....enlightening,for lack of a better word.
  7. Well it's finally coming back little by little , still holding my cash till I see thunderbolts again. Was curious what y'all are paying for .22lr over there . Prices at Walmart tonight. Still trying to figure out what's so special about these yellow bird for them for be friggen $40 for 300
  8. Main thing people liked about them was the fact their switch barrel's and they where low priced .You buy one receiver ( man's most of the times youd but a rifle shot gun combo so like a 20ga barrel and a .243 scoped barrel for like $350) and with just a Phillips head screwdriver pop one screw and go from a .22 lr to about anything under the sun. Like if I wanted to I could swap this barrel and hand gaurd over and put the barrel from my .22 hornet on it in litterly like a minute He's a short list of chamberings just for the handi rifle model Handi-Rifle (Single-shot): Cal
  9. And she's mine, just gotta wait till this winter vortex crap to calm down so I can shoot some test groups and get some fire formed brass. First time I bought center fire ammo ( other then steel cased 7.62x39)in close to three years ....feels weird
  10. These stands are a bit on the light side though made em outta 1/4" hot roll but ends up 5/16" is supposed to be the best. But hell for $5 a 20 foot stick for 1/4 hot roll make setting these 330s quick and easy though. Just had to add a 10' extension cable to anchor off to something makes a nice little package
  11. You know this was actually a very common type of stake over here for a time.
  12. A cheap hobby torch and some solder would probably be the easiest. Can't really think of a way to do it without cutting and joining
  13. Anyone else been building anything trapping related as of late ? Finally braved to cold and but some conibers stands ,and another cage trap from a scrap one. Gotta work on some snare supports next.
  14. Christ SD let the man call em what he wants
  15. So figured y'all might get a laugh out of this. Been on the hunt a scope with a little more power to it for testing reloads . My 3-9's are meh, I mean they work but kinda a pain. Well was trolling eBay and they had a nice refurbished mueller 8-32 ATP tactical on the bidding block. Well I have the 4.5-14 version on my .22lr and loved it for Plinking out past 150yd and for the bidding price I said why not. Was half price basically so dropped my bid and ended up winning ! Now see , Mueller makes kinda long target/ benchrest style scopes and I figured it would be a little on the lengthy sid
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