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  1. Wolfdog91

    A better rabbit trap?

    Why not just go to somthing like a 5x5 bulldog style conni with a pan instead of trigger wires ? The 5x5 ' is small enough for rabbits but with that smaller size and double springs it has twice as much killing power . Also with a bulldog design ( which basically means there's a extra jaw type deal welded on that adds more percise force, ) you gonna have alot of animals caught and not moving.
  2. Wolfdog91

    Is this legit ?

    I saw this on Facebook and I figured I'd ask y'all before believing ,so is this a real thing right now in London?
  3. I'm not sure anyone has ever done this before but I was taking some pictures and started messing around with filters on my phone. Now from my reading most furbears see in kinda a black and white type deal with some color and this looked about right. First off both snares are about the same loop height 5/64th 1x19 cable bmi lock and I tried taking them from the same angle same place same distance. Ok so here how we see a brand new in treated snare Same snare how we can suspect the animal to see it Now here's the exact same style snare but the cable has been treated( washed or boiled to remove the shine) and spray painted ( pretty common practice ) a base coat of flat brown then a few streaks of tan and green l Any how I'm far from a snaresmen but lot of other trappers have been finding this interesting figured you guys might as well
  4. Wolfdog91

    conibear pans

    So out of curiousity , whats the common way to treat conis over there ? Spray paint or trap dip/dye are the main ways its done. Personally spray paint lets me camo spray paint them to where they basically disappear in a trail.....though it is a pain when you cant see them and you slam your foot in one
  5. Wolfdog91

    Grey Fox Snaring

    Yes ! Greys in the U.S are a much smaller animal, northern oobes are large but in general their faitly small i think 10 lbs is average for one in my area. That being said i think your reds are about the size of our coyotes . Had a trapping freind from kansas who moved over to the UK for a year. Said he brought some snares that he used in his state for fox said within a week he conpletly switched over to his coyote system due to the size differences! Heres a road kill one from a yearir two ago. Im 5'1" for comparison. IntresInteresting fact, their pretty laid back for a wild animal. I know alot of live market guys who will walk up to on in a foot hold , grab em behind the neck, take the trap off and walk them over to their truck and put them in a transport cage.
  6. Wolfdog91

    Grey Fox Snaring

    Hay everyone ! I do kind of a scrap book type deal on my usual forum where i collect old posts . Anyhow i fould this amazing post on grey fox snaring, and after i finished editing it together i figured you felas would enjoy it. Credit goes to Trapperman.com member Possum Skinner
  7. Wolfdog91

    conibear pans

    Well yes but a good helping of common sense and some creative thinking can minimize incidents
  8. Just curious if you fellas heard about these . their becoming mighty popular here on everything from 110's to 330's. Seems like with some spray paint and some blocking these would be murder on those pesky rabbits i see you fellas always after. Their mainly used in cubbies but i think yall would love them for putting in front of warren ( i think thats the correct term for rabbit dens in the uk ) holes. Would certainly be less work then having to bury and blend in those fenns. Seen guys use them on rats and squirrels with great sucess as well. Anyhow ,just wanted to share and see what you fellas thought
  9. Wolfdog91

    Shootings In Las Vegas

    Weapon was a full auto bought in the black market. In all states your requiree to have a class 3 ffl to even own one which is not easy to get. Wo he bought it blavk matket which is easy as hell to do everywhere including the uk ,cough the IRA cough cough, but hay f**k those facts
  10. Wolfdog91

    My Buddy Wanted To Come Help Work Cows Today

    Ill tell yall , shoulda seen it when we were dropping the herd down. Grand dan bred this thing with a mix of black and red angus,longhorn,senital,sembra ,bramer and corento. We had two hundred head living half wild on 100 acers of pine plantation.Well we had the bright idea to get rideof he tame obe first ( need the money quick for grandads fuberal abd medical costs ) well the last 100 were bat shit crazy )We brought cowboys in with horses and about 20 dogs to catch em, yall these cows would jump a 4 strand barbed wire fence like a deer if they just didnt bust straight through ! And they ran them down down. I was on my four wheeler to help run the cows but i ended up picking up exaused dogs ! Ahoot som times i thibj we shoulda sold hunts for them things and call em mississippi cape buffalo
  11. Wolfdog91

    Air Rifles Are Getting Better And Cheaper !

    A bit excessive for squirrels though! MERICA !( proceeds to ak-47 ofcof fron porch and star spandled underwear )
  12. Wolfdog91

    Prarie Dog Shooting

    Or shall i just fan the flames more
  13. So one of my boys who i go to school with wabted to come help work some cows today. Thing is hes only ever worked with tame milk cows. Guy didnt inow why we needed a catch pen and kept saying you can lead any cow into a trailer with bucket of feed. Boy o boy did he learn Up before the birds. Hour drive from campus and he couldnt even keep a nice convo going lol. Got the heard locked in the pen. Waiting for the trailer. One of the older cattle men showing my buddy the ropes to working the gates. Face to face with fighting heffier Nine loaded up headed off. Some of the aftermath . gonna have to do some welding and nailing soon By the end of it my buddys all like "U never knew ciws could be that mean !" i turned him " those were tammer than the old ones " Just wabted to share
  14. Wolfdog91

    Prarie Dog Shooting

    Ooo is see the hate on merica folks are on today on today