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  1. And looks like a dag blasted bomb went off I swear raccoons are one of the most destructive dang critters. And they always some how make mud !
  2. Something I though some of you more adventurous type would find interesting. These arnt for rabbits btw I think y'all have that figured out lol but maybe you fix guys would enjoy this. Actually extremely easy to make. Took me less then a minute and no welding . And according the the comments there some using this in the UK and their liking it so....
  3. Hay do y'all know if fourteen acres ships state side ? Been chatting with that Glenn Waters fella ( wonderful guy to talk to was super surprised how knowledgeable he was of snaring Info from over here , guy knows stuff about our snaring history 80% of guys over here have no clue about. Real joy to talk to) and I kinda wanna buy his snaring books to add to my video and book collection. Don't think I have anything from the UK yet. Fourteen acres seems to be the only place I can find them, y'all happen to know if they ship state side ?
  4. Yep was welding up a order of fencing stuff and figured why I'm out here weld in 100 degree temps might as well up some snare supports. Just need a few dozen more and I'll be ready for season
  5. I think I get what your say and the Tigger is basically a set of conibear wires on a bar that supports a rod that the doors hook to. Animal tries to push though the wires like a conibear with pushes the bar away and lest the doors drop.
  6. Yep it was found from the side. These traps are powered and wider on one side then the other so you can set them upside down on there sides and right side up and they all fire the same . Deal is these aren't swing in doors. Those are a plain to build ,just don't the springs is annoying as hell. These are swing out colony doors. Here one with out the trigger and springs The trade off with these though is you Daniel has to be past the door or they get slapped out of the trap. Most of these type trap actually have to be longer in since compared to someone like Comstock slap in doors
  7. Happens to all my conis from 110 to 330's all the time. Just take my trapping hammer and give it a little tap it knock it off the bend. Easy peasy
  8. Is simplicity always the best answer is my question?it always seems like a good deal but if we start dealing with waht alot of control trappers here call the 80/20 it becomes evident that just going with something because it's simple just plain isn't the best deal somtimes
  9. Yeeeep going over some trail can footage of on cages I'm working on and had one what was Tiggered but no catch. Figured some got caught and wiggled lout but nope Trap triggered with out him even touching the trigger some how... Weird ,guess I need to tweak the sensitivity lol
  10. No kind of behavioral differences between the two you could take advantage of to exclude the possibility of catching one over the other more or less ? I'm sure great have to do something or be attracted to things that reds arnt O and yeah I know the set you are talking about. Those are usually some pissed off home owner or kid who doesn't know better who saw a "survival" video on YouTube. It's a really good way to kill alot of bird honestly
  11. You talking about the ones in front ? Well keep larger critters from sticking there heads in. A 120 will kill a squirrel and all but a raccoon or Large possum...weeellll. aslo help to exclude nosey dogs and the like if it's set on the ground
  12. Had some left over wood from the rabbit trap and threw this together. Guess y'all would call it a tunnel.Was gonna use it on rats but my trail cams are showing I kill them all apparently so guess I'll have to wait for winter an see if the squirrels like it. Any of you guys mess with cubbies for squirrels alot ?
  13. I will say though btw if I had to set 50-100 cages like I see you guys doing I'd definitely figure out how to make white work because we'll.....that's just common sense I feel
  14. Well I appreciate that these are just first and made of shitty lumber so the next ones should be much better. Actually have someone asking if I can build them some a armadillo traps but I'm definitely gonna read this design because Christ these are crazy even if you only need one or two But I'm getting off track lol. Honestly what I curious about is how many rabbits y'all miss over there. Asked around apparently putting trail cams on traps is kinda frowned on over there for some reason. But anyway due to the just pure crazy populations you guys have what I'm curious about i
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