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  1. ........what the f**k do I just watch
  2. I mean in all honesty I'm not really into blondes...... especially after the last one
  3. Damn you don't have to go posting my taste in women like that
  4. O please most on here couldn't offend me past mild annoyance Nazis old fucks who spit at interracial couples MABYE
  5. Hay small town America what can I say part of the reason I dare white girls ,cant accidentally get with your cousin that way yes I'm a horrible person,buut yall encourage me so
  6. Mentally disabled? Dude have you not read more then five of my posts ? If you think I dont have a hint of the retard...Idk what to tell ya
  7. Ok so don't have to do anything crazy to make it work ? Sweet. Inherited all my GF's dad's reloading stuff when he passed earlier this year and I've been thinking about taking some of his pictures and stuff and doing them like that. Like a memorial type deal. And all of his presses and stuff mount on that bench.
  8. Hay y'all can always use it against the antis . " Look ! We have a black guy on our team ! Calling us murderers is basically calling him the N word ! Ah a bunch of racist bunny lovers !!" I'll get on the new cry a bit get , we'll have hunting back in the UK in a week. I'm telling y'all theirs no down sides to having me around
  9. .... But buuuuttt I'm 20% Scott Irish..... AND I HAVE A f***ing KILT ! That's gotta give me points in the election...or however the f**k it's decided
  10. I meaannnnnnm actually That being said though this is where I find all my new racial slurs so I cant bitch Called my boy a concrete ape the other day and he wanted to know where the f**k I heard that told him I'm freinds with a bunch of perpetually whining old white guys in Britain
  11. Comon now folks already said they wanna see it Look I'm an American, I'm black, I'm 24 , at least 30% of these guys probably already hate my guts for just being on here I mean I'm PERFECT for a mod
  12. God Don let my dad hear that , guys always looking for new shit to call me get texts like this at least every other damn week
  13. That's what I'm guessing it is. Would like to do some stuff similar with targets pictures and the like but not sure there to start or if there's anything special you need to do for paper compared to well... Bullets lol
  14. Sinister is much classier then short little assholes
  15. Shhhh your giving away all my damn secrets
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