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  1. They are nice! Wish I like them as much as I did when I was younger and they where plentiful. A few years ago you could walk into almost any half decent pawn shop and was out with one and two extra barrels for $500 ! Now your paying that for just the barrels
  2. Yes I love the heavy contour! Wish it was a but longer but for what I paid I can't complain too much lol. And I just got off the phone with the company I order my reloading supplies from and had them add a can of lil gun to my order . Now I just need to stalk some forums to get some brass and dies lol. And yes yes I know but my truck front main seal is going out, the A/C dosent work that well and my car gets 48mi to the gallon so can you blame me?
  3. Just pick up a nice little. 22 hornet from the pawn shop for a cool $165. Seems like it will be a nice little round to play with on the reloading bench. I need to scrub the bore and order a new scope ,base and rings too, what it's got would work but I need to stretch my neck abit out if my comfort zone . Any how any of you guys mess with the hornet any?
  4. Honestly can't see my self with the fury. I really have the vibe is going to go the course of the. 224 Valkyrie that came out like a year and some change ago. Was supposed to be the greatest thing for the AR platform and all. With in about three months if it being mainstream people where talking about how they where getting case head separation, pressure spikes, two shot brass life, heck some of the bullets where being pissed so hard through that round where shattering at around the 300yd mark. I think it's going to be a good round for the PRS guys and such but I cant really see my self using it. That being said though there is a semi wild cat already known as the. 277 wolverine and I can make my own brass for that out of 5.56/.223 and since I pick up a few hundred or so piece of that at the rage every month I think it would be a better option logistically speaking. Less case capacity though but meh
  5. Oooo trust me I know lol. Main reason I started reloading. Seems it goes away after the 600rd mark or so
  6. Ugh you guys are making me want to add a Swede to my collection problem is all new production rifles are starting out at $850 or so but above what I like to pay for a base rifle . Maybe I can find a old Swedish mauser and sporterize it. My mosin needs some company any how lol
  7. Also pretty sure you can get a limb saver slip on recoil pad on eBay for like $20
  8. Well that would explain why all I see from guys over there are Blazer Tika and the like. Too rich for my blood though lol. Rather buy a cheap rifle or used rifle and spend the next year adding after market parts
  9. Good to see Norma is expensive as hell everywhere else as well lol. Seems then and Lapua are always going to cost an arm and a leg. And that makes sense but figured the old military actions wouldn't mind the higher pressures, it is unjust the Swedish stuff in general? Because I know you can't break most mosins if you tried and don't even get me started on the enfields and and M1917s, guess it might be pressure differences in modern powders
  10. Are you guys hand loading or is Swede just a common off the self cartridge in the UK? It's one of those that you either need to order online or pay 2x the price in store because it's so uncommon. Again you can find creed in about three or four bullet weights and designs at every Walmart, gas station and hard where store now for $20. Last box of Swede I saw $48.95 and they said it was because no one ever asks for it. I will say though online prices are pretty respectable. I've been told factory ammo out side of Europe is pretty low loaded and just plain doesn't give the cartridge justice.
  11. What's the scope height like? Seems like it might need a code riser to make it comfortable to shoot imo
  12. Was curious if the whole 6.5 craze has made it over the pond yet? The 6.5 Grendel has become kind of the do all for the semi auto crowds (got one my self in a little 12" AR pistol config) but has kind of dropped out of the spot light due to the. 224 Valkyrie and 6mm ARC however the 6.5 Creedmore has become the new wonder round. Everyone from target shooters, hunters, to long range competition guys are raving about it. It's become the "first real rifle" for alot of young shooters after they get the. 22lr down pact. Low recoil, high bc, super accurate so on and so on. Has got to the point about any store that sells guns is going to have at least two budget 6.5 creed and scope combos on the rack (the savage axis and mossberg patriot are both retailing around the $450 -$500 sometimes down to $350 if it's a sale). All the old guys are arguing how the old 6.5 Swede and .260 are better options but I guess the 6.5 creed is winning out because you can get a 40 round box of rounds for $50 instead of 20 for $48 lol. Anyhow wanted to know if the craze has creeped it's way over there yet. If so how is it being taken?
  13. Might not be able to get a gas version but what about a bolt action ? Unita (?) Precision sells a bolt action upper figure so.thing like this would be all the rage in the UK. Keep one lower and just swap uppers. Don't see how it would violate any laws either.
  14. Might not be able to get a gas version but what about a bolt action ? Unita (?) Precision sells a bolt action upper figure so.thing like this would be all the rage in the UK. Keep one lower and just swap uppers. Don't see how it would violate any laws either.
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