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  1. Lol apparently their supposed to be really good if you know how to prepare them. I know alot of people who love fried buffalo ribs ( a buffalo being basic our native veron of a common carp). I know the Russians like them for soup and apparently they make a good curry as well. Again you have to know how to prepare them though Apparently the silver's and bighead are actually highly saught after in Asia as food. Makes me wonder why it hasn't become big money to catch and re sell them )
  2. My GF says when her and her folk fish the river their a big problem,jumping out the water in all. But I've never fished on the river so I wouldn't know first hand lol Apparently you can catch them with a hook though
  3. Ok and another thing , is it true these ponds will have little lodges by the bank with toilets and even hot tubs ?! I saw one guy complaining about how bad some facility where for lack of bathrooms and he mentioned how his favorite place had these amenities. I find it.......odd. like your in a really classy place here if you go to a state part and there's a public toilet a hundred or so yards up the bank
  4. Yeah I gotcha. Honestly the only reason I'm in these groups is I find it pretty interesting. O like trying new things even if it doesn't work. Keeps it interesting ya know. Really I can just go to most ponds I know with a bag of dog food and some corn and catch about any ca p in there but again I get kinda bored quick lol. I will say though do enjoy the cinematography of alot if the UK /euro carp fishing videos.
  5. Yeah ricky beat me too it lol. Common and grassies have been labeled as naturalized in most states but are still considered a trash fish by most. At best some will consider them a rough fish though. Silvers and big heads are the real problem.
  6. You know I noticed that ! Alot of these guys seem to be real bunny hugger types ! No real idea on how stuff work from out side their clean kept mowed little pay lakes. Prime example Like I've never seen Ik guy I'd consider actual outdoorsmen say crap out their ass like this. Seem like they would happily vote against something they have no understanding of simply because they don't think it's right. Honestly I don't see how y'all do it ! Like here if you fish your probably also hunt or trap run does ect or are at least cool with it.its like a big family kinda. Over there seems like
  7. Ugh I'm in one airgun group and it's like mostly UK guys and ......yeah it's difficult at times
  8. Geeeeeezzzzzuuuuz guys, three pages ! Hope y'all don't mind I take a little minute to respond to all this
  9. (So just a pre-note this isn't a US vs UK thing . Not saying anyone is better or worse just asking and talking about my own experiences. ) So getting back into messing with carp so figured I'd join a FB group or two just because. Ended up in a few US based and few UK based....... Y'all I gotta ask, why so many friggen dicks on y'all said of the pond when it comes to carp ?! Now I understand fishing culture is a tad different over there lot of your carp are raised to be trophies,their harder to catch ,stuff is more specialized , their an actual game fish yadda yadda yadda. Now I can total
  10. Catfish ,bass , turtles , about any preator fish really lol
  11. Made these to piss off some if the carp guys
  12. Intresting might have to look into that
  13. One of the most upper middle class things I've heard in a while
  14. The responses are always so predictable
  15. Found this on one if my gunsmithing groups completely functional 10/22 stock made of resin and beans
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