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  1. Tweaked a design I sway in the feed store. If you have the 5 brain cells it takes to cute and bed some wire and use a set for cage pliers and rabbit clips well. Should be good for rats and squirrels and maybe mink if you need it up some
  2. Nothing on them you can see might need a little tweak ?
  3. So, last two generations of my family are / where teacher. Grand parents, parents,heck my fiance teaches pre K. Hell my mom actually retired after 25yr ....got bored after a years and started back at a private school because again...she was bored and said she missed it my little brother who's a music major actually teaches music as at a few after school programs and church's and he's only 19. Never really had much interest in teaching like in a school though. That being said every since I got a lil bit more well off in life , not crazy or anything but Im decently comfortable with a bit
  4. Since the shooting section is dead as hell I'll just ask here so I don't have to wait a month for a answer lol.Anyhow see y'all use these quad stock deals across the pond alot, figured id tray and make a pair after watching a few videos on the matter. Wanted to know if I made these about right or am I missing something? Other then making them a bit too short? Would have made them taller but these 1/2"x4' fiberglass tomato stakes where already lying around Think I'm gonna like this with a tweak or two when it comes to shooting in all this waist high grass Anyhow these lol alright or
  5. Wolfdog91


    Excuse me ? This just popped up on my feed... Demands?
  6. That anthropologists talk was pretty cool to listen to
  7. Was talking about this and wanted to see if y'all have seen similar. Seems a lot of animals act different around special needs people. Like my older brother is pretty far in the autism spectrum. Semi non verbal, and I'm not sure what all the other whatever would be to classify him, but he's 30 with lieka 3yr old mental capacity in most aspects. That being said he feeds the farm animals, does yard work and Even fishes by himself for the most part. Has his own lil schedule and way of doing things .. anyhow, noticed a long time ago, animals tend to act different towards him. Just in general
  8. Welp ....they got some balls to pull this shit I'll give them that I guess but ...
  9. Steak day. So lil steak skinned baked potato sauteed green beans
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