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  1. The sire is a first cross or first generation, the dams must be 11 and 12 generation DG X DG?
  2. "I left him on the side of the road for couple of seconds, and some secret police swooped in and took him.. honest"
  3. Nah hadn't realised....and I wasn't getting at that in my post..... Just a thought like But I don't know why your mentioning that sort of job on this thread
  4. 'confused' = I'd say folk "Subaru" because they want to and they aren't going to choose a deer X grey, the same as they aren't going to choose lots of other crosses.. Most folk that worked and bred DG/CG's and deerhound lurchers simply aren't on the scene anymore
  5. Mine started showing colour on the 1st and it was over on the 16th/17th
  6. Wood Wasp, they don't sting
  7. Speed has been mentioned a bit, what has been folks quickest sharpest purebred sals? The early Kizzy Pharaoh bred dogs imo Juckler did you have other UK blood before the Khan K P ones, what do you think?
  8. Could be, but it seems to be in them, been others in different litters from the same line/family. Other probs as well. Not crabbing them by the way PUPS TO ADULTS
  9. Don't know what she was playing at, to close when they are inbred anyway, remember some had bendy legs. she was also breeding saluki X husky Folk are better off knowing, it's on here anyway. Shady Mist on paper is sired by Sylvandale Shamir but apparently it was really Amazing Ali
  10. Sorry to keep chiming in but I think there was three litters. Bill (A P) X Della Russ, then mother son with fiddled papers, then mother son with correct 'ish' papers
  11. Through a stained glass window on a galloping horse
  12. Meant to be a 1st x, brother to Mac's original Sal
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