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  1. Still get greenfinch on the feeders fairly regular, but not many at all. Think that 'fat finch' has hammered them
  2. Saw the first one yesterday morning at work, think a few days later than last year
  3. Round work got hit quite hard with myxomatosis this time, think because it had been missed for a good while, unlike other places. But there's already baby bunnies about
  4. Be plenty interested that don't have emails etc etc
  5. Can't comment on racing, but I had a lurcher sired by a top whip grey scratch racer. He was the fastest dog off the line on any ground/situation I've had. That's over salukis, saluki lurcher and a lurcher x lurcher with sal in. So the real thing would obviously smoke anything, like has been said just for a while though..
  6. Search wedding bird cage, loads come up on amazon etc Sure the little I've seen of dove releases, they used a small white pigeon basket
  7. I know it's about non ped whips. But I think your wrong, the ancestors of today's saluki lurchers would of been in Hull first, before they imported that first bitch
  8. There's meant to be ghosts and haunted places round here, I've seen feck all anywhere or any time. Close family have seen things and one even moved house because it was haunted, didn't see feck all there either. Only thing, one of my dogs would drop back on the lead where people have seen something on the road, and pick back up when past
  9. A collie at work and most dogs at shoots
  10. Know a bitch version that's a f****r for nailing things on the lead road walking, mostly voles. Plus moles, young rabbits, young birds and dare it be whispered a young hare
  11. Of course not lol. It's a video, when he's standing away from it you can tell its proper size imo, but don't take my word watch it he's called 'Ac coming back to life' or similar. Pure wildcats are rare, crossing with moggies is their biggest threat. Folk are trapping the crosses and neutering them
  12. I watched that video of the roadkill cat when it first went on youtube, it's a big sturdy cat, but imo it's nowhere near that length, watch it and take note of the kerb stones etc
  13. No linnets on our feeders ever and we get allsorts. Bullfinch don't come on either, been on dead nettles behind. It bugs the shit out of me when I see a charm of finches and I can't tell what they are lol
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