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  1. Gilbey


    daft how some folk get in a flap about it. There was some, people have admitted letting them go and some have been shot. But there is no(available??) real proof there's any about now and definitely not the numbers some say. Interesting kills etc but nothing to prove it's cats
  2. Gilbey


    or maybe another roebuck..
  3. Gilbey


    if 3 people watched your vid, they would probably have 3 different opinions, good luck with your search
  4. Gilbey


    badgers possibly?? Don't know, we've had this before and I said anything could of happened to it, could of been shot up the arse and scavenged, guessing you don't know for sure. When I saw that cast above I stupidly jumped in, but looked again indoors and agree with you
  5. Gilbey

    Old photo 1960

    if its the one we watched it was, a very British history on bbc4, if it helps anyone
  6. Gilbey


    yeah seen the carnage , not arguing or saying it wasn't a cat. Like the post above says we see more than most being out and about with dogs etc or working, but I've never seen a cat so would need to see proof, seeing is believing and all that..
  7. Gilbey


    no bother , be good if someone did come up with a pic or something. if it was a dog maybe it wasn't a arse grabber
  8. Gilbey


    could the flat grass not be the animal cleaning its self after feeding on the lamb? Like a dog. doesn't fit with the times but badgers peel/skin things. Just other ideas
  9. Gilbey

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    cant help with numbers mate. you've got me thinking about peds, think my crossbred goes back to Cruise twice, McKenzie salukis 11 times and more salukis that I don't know, and some folk with these crab salukis lol
  10. Gilbey

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    if he was just for running and later breeding lurchers he maybe wasn't registered. Ours with similar hand written peds also have a printed slip from the kennel club with you as registered keeper and numbers etc
  11. Gilbey

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    the saluki archive isn't done by the kennel club, its just done by owners I think, I've seen a few mistakes on there and all dogs aren't on it. but yes your right and the name "Jamie" isn't like a usual pedigree name. Also I've seen a better pic of the ped where the rip has been lined up better, think in a Darcy book
  12. Gilbey

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    Deacon is El Hor Kelb or similar Gingers Luke was from McKenzie as well
  13. Gilbey

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    Prince's ped. Think a few were from same man
  14. Gilbey

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    what dogs are you meaning?
  15. Gilbey

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    Mac and Fred