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  1. Been plenty of talk about them on here in the past. A Scottish saluki fella who was on here had a tazi bitch and tazi/salukis, think other members might of got a pup or two
  2. You don't seem to know the difference between castration and a vasectomy, I did try and explain Your horse was castrated... A castrated ferret won't bring jills out of season....
  3. It would be extremely cruel and painful, and might or might not "neuter" him A "vasectomised" hob mates with the Jill's as normal and brings them out of season, which is what the thread is about
  4. Grandparents, I think. Those two Josh and Candy = Cass. Del's Luke x Cass = Seal. Green lurchers???
  5. No wild guesses, look just like other pics I've seen
  6. Lucky's ancestors ain't they..
  7. Lol thanks.....did they do catch and release for the first hound, so the other could catch them as well
  8. In one of those books, sure it's a brindle. What folk get out of that sort of thing I'll never know
  9. There's a pic of another dog stood with those same hares.....
  10. Sound like what's sold as lure coursing slips these days
  11. That Dutch Salmon said he'd seen the saluki take Texas whitetail unaided
  12. Bullfinches are very rare round here, where you'd expect to see them. More chance of seeing them on a litter filled bit next to Tesco's
  13. Greenfinches are still a fairly regular visitor to the feeders etc, but not many about, that fat finch has reduced the numbers
  14. Loads on eBay. Or if you have some cord make some, I copied Moucher Outdoors on YouTube, dead easy
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