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  1. Oldest saluki was 16 1/2 and oldest lurcher was 15. Just comparing those two, the lurcher X lurcher was a old dog for longer
  2. Think some of the traditional lurcher types are old before their time, compared to salukis and crosses
  3. Bet you like that kids wellies though, no joke thought of you
  4. Just looked and they've gone off 'Freeads'? Found them on pets4homes under mixed breeds Darlington
  5. Some galgo X saluki lurchers for sale at the min
  6. Don't just show him the same sheep all the time(your sheep), break him to different sheep. Like some dogs living with a cat(your cat) and catching ferals
  7. f***ing hell Dogs normally think your having a right laugh when you fall over
  8. Yep, haven't learnt how not to get attached, f**k me it would be a lot easier not doing
  9. He might of got some since, but just the other week he didn't have any runners. So some of the above ideas would be a bit difficult, unless he used a doll or drew pictures
  10. Yes and yes all the time. But it's up to you it's your dog. If you do go down the jumping route, I wouldn't have young pups jumping high stuff, it can do more harm than good
  11. Like you say injuries can't be avoided. Get pups out and about from a young age, across all sorts of ground etc and get them jumping clean, and
  12. Each to their own. Place would be empty without dogs imo
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