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  1. Yep, think the same Tried a few things, but always gone back to tried and tested meat and biscuits. They've all had a take on it, and been fine
  2. Not as accurate, but you'll be closer. You can't shoot at something that's ran off because it's seen or heard you
  3. You'll do better on a dark windy night, than a bright still one
  4. This always comes up on these threads, so what? what does it affect? Never noticed anything, and we eat all sorts that will be the same
  5. Have a look at the rabbit trip thread there's some lamping footage
  6. Just get a bigger blizzard coat if you like them, they go up to 30" The greyhound kennel coats and walking out coats are all much the same
  7. Nope, they were on about hare coursing, fly tipping, and farm thefts etc. They weren't blaming dog lads for it all those two coppers didn't mention dogs, they had a machinery scanner, a caravan scanner, and they let the fella look through their thermal. Fully awake and listening
  8. They were on about all rural crime...they didn't say dog lads were burning farm buildings down....
  9. Was just telling the OP how mine turn on. If I'm the one talking bollocks lol If it is working, remember to do the same to turn it off
  10. Yeah there's arrows on mine I just touch the dots
  11. On mine there is a dot on the collar and a dot on the box, just touch the dots together
  12. Love the thought process of people asking on here It might be a idea to ask people who don't have ferrets, dogs, nets etc themselves
  13. There was one at stud on dragon driving? From the saluki center above iirc
  14. And after you've done this, you'll still get different answers off everybody Plus you might not like or get on with the ideal dog for whatever, and go with something different
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