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  1. Gilbey

    Wet behind the ears

    over a pure grey...
  2. Gilbey

    Guess the bird

    similar chicks lol and they have a bit of a gape earlier on lol......kinda
  3. Gilbey

    Guess the bird

    the last two nests I've seen have been against the bosses house and his office
  4. Gilbey

    Guess the bird

    bugger, thought it was too dark for a flycatcher and it beaks wrong for a siskin..
  5. Gilbey

    Guess the bird

    spotted flycatcher
  6. mind using a old pit lamp for a fair bit, about the same as a gate light now
  7. Gilbey

    PURE !!!

    yeah just what the snooty club lot didn't want, peddlers etc getting them. But that snootiness has helped produce a load of inbreds so ?
  8. Gilbey

    PURE !!!

    breeding off what was available to them as well I'd say, in and in and in, weren't all shite lol lol
  9. Gilbey

    PURE !!!

  10. Gilbey

    PURE !!!

    no Two crows is mixed up, Durak is on the other side of Khan
  11. Gilbey

    PURE !!!

    W's Star was sis to Khans mother
  12. Gilbey

    PURE !!!

    JL's Star girl was Kizzy x Pharoh bred by MT Wilbur's Star was Fred x a bitch off Anna bahim, Tor and a Lusaki dog
  13. Gilbey

    PURE !!!

  14. Gilbey

    PURE !!!

    tut tut ......just the lugs that are silly