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  1. Gilbey


    it was Stormer..
  2. Gilbey

    An intriguing mix of breeds

    still think the breeder was near enough with collie cross(beardie?) x deer grey bed grey
  3. Gilbey


    feet, don't think anyone has mentioned over cleaning. That red dog he jacked, he was making its feet sore over cleaning them
  4. Gilbey


    no need. He'll yomp up to milking boys(wtf lol ?) decapitate both his arms, shove them up his ause and nae break sweat. And he'll totally decimate the game and heevy teeth on the way home
  5. Gilbey


    sure he said he didn't drive recently.....
  6. Gilbey


    aye Pointer, he liked it so much he got pure gwp's. Think Chippers etc were 1/4 ?
  7. Gilbey


    it was Casper. Someone on here had one, he hunted up rabbits with it, lamped, worked with hawks, ratting, all sorts
  8. Gilbey

    Long summer

    that kennel is travelling at some speed
  9. Gilbey

    Skinny nursing jill

    ye reckon........ some young pup could be reading...
  10. Gilbey

    Skinny nursing jill

    highly unlikely they'd die of worms due to their short gut
  11. Gilbey

    Skinny nursing jill

    so the cage is full of germs and all sorts of shite..
  12. Gilbey

    Skinny nursing jill

    got some feathers on for chicks.....
  13. Gilbey


    not as many around now that folk don't let dogs roam, but the lab x collies are much more lurcher like and would be a better starting point imo
  14. Gilbey


    Fella x Red Sonja she'll be on youtube
  15. Gilbey


    Neatsfoot oil. folk also put lard on pads or Mushers secret, but never seen either used?