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  1. Yeah and cat panels I've just seen ££. Not thinking
  2. Can you get run panels with small gauge mesh, without having them specially made? For ferrets etc
  3. Yeah Splodges mother was Chance
  4. Anyone know how Splodges mother was bred?
  5. Lurcher called Rose I think Not Reds mother
  6. Garden feathers sell "similar" cages?
  7. In other parts of the world they would put a camera trap on them, and get pics of the culprit coming for another feed
  8. Yep, works on netting and tight bits imo
  9. Have a read of the 100 page kelpie thread..
  10. Mind looking on and there was three lots of the proper ones on the first page. Saying that, like the look of some of them
  11. Forgot to say there's some deer collie grey X Norfolk tumblers on there
  12. Yep, bulldozer and a dog off him and Duke (khan X Peggy). Other coursing blood in the past
  13. He/they have put Saluki in them
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