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  1. Had them from birth and they have all been bought from classifieds off strangers
  2. Only remember him crabbing them They are hardy dogs, durable, more supple blah blah. Just look at some of the places they come from, same as the horses..
  3. Is that not the pup you put up before, being sold again?
  4. Rare as hens teeth is what's wrong with them Same as other collie types, folk breeding off any old collie, some of them are a pain in the arse to live with for some people. Think it was Neal who wrote a good post about them having their own mind and turning a 'deaf un' etc but it resulting in a rabbit
  5. He was one of the owners of a red purebred on there 'Paddy'
  6. The smooth grey coat is dominant over feathered and the wire deer coat is dominant over smooth...ain't it the grey would need the feathered gene...wouldn't it?
  7. A Mouchers Tale, Coney Catcher, A Moucher forever
  8. Harold Wyman, Paul Dooley, Phil Lloyd, Jonathan Darcy etc not in any order
  9. Like to stand where the rabbit wants to be and wait untill the pup has seen it, and slip it out into the open. Think if you walk up to squatters you could just end up lighting up a tail chase to home..
  10. You get good and bad smooth coats and good and bad rough coats, there's some nice beddy coats on here but the ones I've seen have had horrible open coats..
  11. Strayaid? Also LOADS of greyhounds wanting homes, especially big black ones..
  12. That evidence also shows lost/released big cats get caught or killed like folk have mentioned on here before. Not part of the arguing by the way Those small cats and offspring would probably be mistaken by folk for fancy pets these days
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