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  1. I wasn't replying to you with that point you sensitve little flower, the topic of giant constrictors eating humans had come up earlier in the thread. Now back to these anacondas that come out of eggs
  2. Egg? Anaconda? As for eating a fully grown human even the biggest examples of reticulated pythons and green anacondas would struggle to get past the shoulders, AFAIK there's never been a confirmed report of a fully grown adult human being eaten by a snake. They'll kill you in minutes though and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it if you're on your own and a 15+ft snake starts throwing coils round you.
  3. BGD

    Texas shooting

    What are they trying to hide
  4. Little ginger prick went from a lion to a mouse when he saw his pal get laid out
  5. BGD

    Albino roe

    Incubation temperature actually does have a big effect on the colour of leopard geckos but it won't change the morph. Higher temps will produce darker, more muted colours and lower temps will produce bright, vivid colours.
  6. BGD


    Never tried the gin but they sure do love their firewater over there. Saw plenty of dodgy stills producing stuff I never dared sample I did like a drop of their honey wine though
  7. BGD


    Never been to Somalia but spent some time in Ethiopia along the border, can't say I was ever tempted to take a trip over though!
  8. BGD

    Albino roe

    Yep, leucistic will have normal eyes/feet/beak and can still have some coloured feathers making a pied wheres an albino produces no melanin at all so can't be pied and will have pale beak/feet and red eyes.
  9. The oil companies want everyone to switch to electric cars?
  10. Play silly games, win silly prizes
  11. Could they have been white tail deer hide? I've seen work gloves made of that before EDIT: Like this? Amazon.com WWW.AMAZON.COM
  12. “If there is a idiot in power; it is because those who elected him are well represented.”
  13. BGD

    Texas shooting

    Uvalde mom handcuffed by 'coward' cops for trying to rush in and save kids says cops threatened her | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Angeli Rose Gomez, who was handcuffed trying to rescue her kids at the Uvalde school shooting, said... Good to see they've got their priorities straight
  14. Yep mangey toy terrier type thing
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