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  1. So, what's everyone planning for the upcoming Bank Holiday then?
  2. Apparently a lot of councils and landlords aren't allowing them in their properties so loads of folk having to get rid even if they'd be happy to follow the restrictions. No excuse to be dumping dogs though just cowards that can't face up to their responsibilities and do right by the mutts. Had 4 dumped around by me since the ban came in, one was a wee pup during the freezing temps we had a couple weeks back, was found frozen to death.
  3. Gov have released example pics of XL Bullys and is it just me or would these dogs (especially 2 and 3) have been covered under pit type anyway?
  4. It's pretty much nailed on that Starmer will win and with a huge majority at the next election and honestly that should terrify everyone. Blair's authoritarianism turned up to 11...
  5. Can't see them appealing to the same type of people TBH, they don't have the right look and are a lot harder to live with than a bull breed. Mostly paki drug dealers and the odd silly woman I've seen with them.
  6. It's exactly the same as it is with the pit bulls etc, they've just added XL Bullies to the list of banned breeds in Section 1 of the DDA so any dog that is suspected of being of "type" can be taken to be assessed and if it's deemed to be a bully then the owner can apply for exemption and it will be temperament tested etc to decide if they'll be allowed to keep it.
  7. I imagine it'll be purely reactive with police responding to folk reporting people for having one like it is with the pit bulls, I can't see them getting lists off vets and going round raiding homes like some expect.
  8. I remember a while back there was an attempt to whip up a panic about bull lurchers all the usual "super crossbreed engineered as killing machines" bollocks but it never really caught on because at the end of the day the average bloke in the street has never had anything to do with them. I don't think what's happened with these bullies will happen with another breed TBH, it was a perfect storm of lockdown, fashion and folk seeing a quid to be earnt that lead to them exploding across the country and causing enough problems to get the attention of politicians.
  9. They have banned them in all but name, these laws are done on type so now any dog that fits the definition is in the eyes of the law an XL Bully and so a Section 1 banned breed. There's been KC registered Staffords seized and destroyed because they were a "pit type", the only thing that matters in determining if a dog is a banned breed or not is the tape measure.
  10. Official definition of an XL Bully dog - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK They've released the official definition of an XL Bully and as suspected this will pretty much cover every single large bull or mastiff breed.
  11. Aye the idea of a tiny released population of predators breeding and spreading throughout the entire country is just unrealistic isn't it pal
  12. We're not talking hypotheticals here pal for over 15 years I had dogs successfully guarding my property. No one poisoned them, no one dazzled them with a torch and no one shot them
  13. Again just demonstrating how little you know. Good luck swinging a bar at a pair of 150lb bandogs in the dark as for poisoning it's trivial to train a dog to leave any food not given to them by yourself and any half decent guard will be so worked up by people around the fence that food is the last thing on their mind anyway. I had a yard full of plant in the middle of nowhere for over 15 years and never once had a successful break in pal, you're arguing with real world experience again.
  14. Many tried, none succeeded. We've already established you don't know what you're talking about pal
  15. The ring doorbell, yappy jack russell and .410 wouldn't be much use guarding a yard full of plant through the night which was my main use for bandogs. Not much use in your home if you're not there either.
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