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  1. Boy, 3, dies after Rochdale dog attack at farm WWW.BBC.CO.UK The boy was outdoors with a number of dogs in Rochdale before being seriously injured, police say. Happened on a farm apparently
  2. Where have you got that from?
  3. Stephen Lawrence memorial vandalised for fourth time | Stephen Lawrence | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Police release CCTV footage of vandal breaking glass over plaque honouring murdered teenager Stephen...
  4. Something like this? https://cpc.farnell.com/powerdata-technologies/mpp4/4-x-ind-fused-under-desk-power/dp/PL11260
  5. Young lad who does some work for me had just got of Swaleside said it was the worst nick he had been in proper wild screws had no control of the wing. Hope someone sees to it so this c**t never gets out to see any of the compensation
  6. Pal had a neapolitan mastiff who would sit like that on an armchair whenever he was allowed in the house. Cracked me up it did he looked so feckin stupid
  7. If you're in Newport this fella seems worth a vote
  8. Its fecking wild when you stop the green and the dreams come back isn't it? Good luck with it pal
  9. Tokays are a species I always wanted to keep but for one reason or another never got round to it. May change that when I'm a bit more settled. You seen the morphs available these days? Still prefer the wild type myself but is mad what's out there now!
  10. Kept Dendrobatidae in the distant past, cracking wee things. Get a group in a nice well planted vivarium and they make a great feature in a room. Way better than an aquarium IMO. One thing I'd advise you to do is get the vivarium set up and running a while before you get the animals, once the enviroment is sorted they really are easy to keep.
  11. BGD


    Yep and the supermarkets do exactly the same with their staff, pay them so little that the majority are claiming Universal Credit on top. The tax payers are literally subsidising their wage bill.
  12. BGD

    Going digital

    Without knowing the context this exchange would be sounding dodgy as feck
  13. BGD

    Toad spunk

    Honestly keeping the little buggers alive from tadpoles to adults is the hard part so if you end up with good numbers you can definitely give yourself a pat on the back Best of luck with it all pal, hope you'll keep us all updated as things progress
  14. Aye now you mention it I'm sure I remember reading something about temps determining sex in sea turtles so could well be the same with tortoises. Great wee things they are, my aunt used to have a couple of fecking massive Sulcatas that had the run of her garden and a heated shed proper characters they were.
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