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  1. One of the worst traps folk fall into these days. Feck paying the equivalent of a mortgage every month just to have a brand new motor ffs
  2. If your mate admitted to raping and murdering a young woman would you stand up in court and say he was a decent bloke who shouldn't be sentenced too harshly?
  3. If he was a plumber and his workmates came out with character references after he had admitted to the rape and murder I'd say they were wronguns too.
  4. Sarah Everard: Met Police officers spoke in support of Wayne Couzens, judge reveals INEWS.CO.UK Lord Justice Fulford said officers had "spoken supportively" of the murderer Cops will always look after their own even if they've just plead guilty to raping and murdering a young woman.
  5. Pastie perfection that is pal
  6. BGD


    Nah haven't actually got it pal I've just got back into the country so have to do 10 days quarantine. Got so bored I decided to poke my head in here and I see nothing has changed
  7. BGD


    Bored out me fecking box with this quarantine
  8. BGD

    The Election

    Because I love the IRA and Hamas and fecking hate Jews Honestly if those quotes offend you you're just a snow flake, nothing there that proves she's a undeniable racist TBH. Now what about Doreen? She's undeniably racist too right?
  9. BGD

    The Election

    You're the one who said both Doreen Lawrence and Diane Abbott are undeniably racist, why not give me your favourite example of racist behaviour or comments from each of them?
  10. BGD

    The Election

    Can't say I've ever seen anything from either of them that made me think they were racist. What makes you think they are?
  11. BGD

    The Election

    Have some respect, she's a peer of the realm!
  12. BGD

    The Election

    That's Baroness Lawernce of Clarendon, OBE to you
  13. BGD

    The Election

    Right I think I've found something that will get WILF wearing a red rosette and knocking doors for Labour...
  14. Good to hear of hedgehogs doing well in some areas, always loved those little buggers. One of the best things you can do to help them out if you have a fenced yard is to knock a couple of small holes in the bottom of your fence and encourage neighbours to do the same, if they can travel through gardens easier it keeps them off the roads and opens up new territory. My ma got everyone on her close knocking holes out of their fences a couple years back after seeing it on Autumnwatch or something and she's always getting hedgehogs visting now when she never saw them before.
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