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  1. A tree double? possibly shared permission but as far as I'm aware we the only ones allowed on there?
  2. Hopefully so, I don't think I've ever really known the numbers that a lot of folk talk about and get, but getting 20 around here was a very very good day 15 years ago, nowadays that would be dreaming. But I've had a lot of enjoyable days out catching 1's and 2's and even some enjoyable days catching none.
  3. Definitely mate, we haven't had big number days for about 15 years now so it's all about enjoying it and having a good crack with mates, any rabbits are a bonus. We managed 7 today though which was good going for around here.
  4. Just a few pics from our season so far, 4 days out with the ferrets and currently on 17 rabbits. Not big numbers comoared to a lot of you but much better numbers than we've been used to for the last few years. Hope your all having a good season!
  5. Just ordered Moobli and had a quick read of description for Kenzie, will be adding Kenzie to the list for my next round of book buying.
  6. Have got "The Feather Theif" and "The Falcon Thief" on order should be here just after Christmas, thanks for the recommendation, looking forward to giving them a read
  7. I like the sound of this, will definitely look for a copy and get it ordered. Thanks
  8. I've got lurcher and springer in house and tbh both absolutely love lounging around, but both will also put miles in when needed without slowing down. We did 4.5 miles yesterday morning and the cocker was hardly out of the bushes and the lurcher was following intently. Both came home and crashed for rest of the day. Agreed though that the lurcher is definitely lazier in the house, lurcher was much more difficult the house train though!
  9. I have to somewhat disagree, all my family had springers for years and 90% of them have been house dogs, now all have cockers, my current cocker is now 7 and has been the easiest house dog I've known. I agree they need the exercise but don't all dogs? My cocker will happily go hunt for 4 miles or stroll around for 4 minutes, when she's home she's more than content to sit on the sofa and chill out. She's never been 1 for bouncing off the walls or running around the house 100mph, maybe we got lucky, but I'd have another spaniel in a heartbeat, perfect dogs for long walks and sitting at home with
  10. Thanks for that was an interesting read, coming from someone that has this type, 1st hand account always better than the information the Internet can give me. Tbh is a little big for me, saying that, her in my picture is 26" and nearly 60lbs. Have seen a few pictures of this type and as you say, they don't look like lurchers and all seem to carry the look of the gsd. He sounds like hell of a dog and like you've had some good fun with him! Thanks again
  11. Ok, so with current kc standards appearing to ruin the breed or at least allow the bad points to be continually bred, surely now they aren't going to be getting crossed from all too often? With gsd being as name suggest a "shepherd" dog, wouldn't they still carry the stalking trait?
  12. Dunno, I'm not sure they could handle the slop so can't be that much to say about them surely
  13. Just been doing a bit of research as was interested. From what I've read they did, as you say, get very popular for a moment, but apparently weren't good enough to stand the test of time. Also they apparently have hip issues, which I can't imagine being wanted in a running dog. However, they supposedly did the business for a time. Forgot to mention that they apparently retain information better than most breeds so we're bred into the x for their brains
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