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  1. Received this today, dogs seem as keen to have a read as I am.
  2. Cant find Melbourne books online but quick adjustment to eBay search has found the other, thanks
  3. I'm assuming via his website?
  4. Recently got into reading a few of Darcy's lurcher books and tbf have really enjoyed them. Have read his 2 latest books (in pursuit of the largest and lurcherwork IV). I then purchased Scooby and really enjoyed that also, spoke to few people and they have told me "of dogs & deer" is a must read. Have scoured the internet and can only find 1 copy for sale, for around £150. Is that price about correct or not? If that's what the book is valued at then so be it and I'll pay that. Just want to make sure not having my pants pulled down.
  5. I take notice mate trust me, I dont comment a great deal, but I take notice of what goes on and I know the people I'd be listening to! There are decent lads I'm sure but your threads have exposed a few I think
  6. In all honestly your 1 of a few I believed I have got genuine advice off previous....hard to believe I know!
  7. These last few threads from Greb have really got me thinking your better off going it alone in this game, if your willing to slip that is. Greb was given shit for not having a dog, then told he wouldn't last walking the land, he accepted the offer and from what I can tell Bangers bailed. I dunno why and I'm not worried about finding out, bit of a d*ick move in my opinion though. Greb as much as you've annoyed me on your thread you've provided at least a week of entertainment for me in-between daily life. Whatever you do regarding dog good luck I mainly use this forum to get advice, not
  8. The garmin worth the extra money? Been looking to get a tracker but seems to be big jump in price between garmin and the tek 2.0
  9. These trees are located on 2 sides of a main road, ive had Charlie follow me from 1 field of trees, across the main road and into the next patch of trees whilst I've been walking with lamp, muntys and the odd roe are not uncommon either, but they are slight for wary of following
  10. I walk past it on the regular as is very local, almost everytime I give a quick shine of lamp just to see what's in there, old Charlie is about.
  11. Thought I'd share my little ginger girl with you all.
  12. Your seem very confident he won't show?
  13. My guess is they've bit hard on the bait. Like many before then on this thread. None have been as relentless as you however
  14. Without a dog to run/walk/train then he obviously has excessive amounts of free time, I can only guess he likes to use his free time winding people on here up, which in all fairness he seems to be doing pretty well.
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