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  1. just when I thought I was finally getting the hang of it.
  2. Fair enough, my apologies if seemed like I was going off at you!
  3. Possibly not, unfortunately I don't have it all figured out yet. She's still with me now and even if she doesn't get going and only fulfils her potential as a pot licker and not a pot filler she will still be with me, perhaps I should be sticking her on fb telling people she's "green" and "not seen much just a few runs". Try get a few quid off her and palm her off onto some other unsuspecting fool. Laugh at my questions if you must, I really don't mind, I honestly don't, I get that some people wouldn't keep a dog like this and I get why, and I truly understand that some will be reading this th
  4. I can assure you she has no golden Eagle in her.....that I know of! I'm assuming you read my original post and what I was hoping to get some advice on, it would also be fair to say that from your comment, I can say she's clearly not a natural, so I'll plod on with my un-natural, golden Eagle hybrid and hope she comes good. Like I've mentioned, be it foolish or not, I'm not going to be giving up on this dog. Thanks.
  5. I've heard and also read about the rabbit of the North being easier to catch, my guess would be the the type of ground it calls home, how true it all is I couldn't say, I've also seen a few dogs around here that would catch decent numbers on a night, but not since late 90's early 2000's when I was out and about as a boy with my old man. Personally for me, if we caught 2 or 20 it was something I absolutely loved doing. They may not have been "the best" or seen by others as "top rabbiting dogs" but they certainly gave me some great memories.
  6. I know a very small amount of lads with lurchers personally and they all live a decent drive away, going out with them not a problem, it would just be difficult to be out with them regularly, as I previously mentioned if I could get out with them 3 times a season then that would be good going, managed 1 night with them last year and she was keen enough to run/chase but not to make the kill, she just stopped the chase and happily let the other dogs do the kill, wouldn't even play with catch afterwards
  7. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I can assure you if she does manage to make a catch ill be letting you all know since 99% of people who have commented of my various posts have been brilliantly helpful!
  8. Tbh, when she is on the chase she seems to be giving it her all and going flat out to make the catch, just won't do the final part of making the catch, she gets her head down to rabbit level and everything just no grabbing it. I'm gonna give chase myself too this year as your not the first person to mention that. Hopefully we can find some nice young rabbits out in the field and give it q good try again
  9. Definitely old enough to run, nearly 2 years old I'm hoping it's just a confidence thing and with the playing around this year with no real stress or importance on learning anything, fingers crossed she will be more confident. I try not to be disheartened after her failure to catch but at same time I'm reluctant to praise her too much in case she thinks it's a good things she's just chasing a rabbit in circles before she let's it go gone.
  10. I like the idea of going off grid for a week and eating only what we catch....unfortunately I think we both might resort to eating grass if previous success is anything to go by
  11. Yeah we've spent the off season just trying to enjoy it, no training, relaxing and not doing much of anything, I will give her a go with the lamp when we get the night this season and see how she goes, gonna try go into this season with no expectations and if she does manage a catch then bonus, if not again just try take it easy and be patient with her
  12. Thank you, I really appreciate the offer and will be sure to get in touch
  13. Yeah would have been ideal but oh well, me and her will be flying solo again this year and fingers crossed with some more success
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