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  1. Oh god yeah long long way from that. I still well and truly believe she's got what it takes without a doubt. My old man just mentioned the other day that I need to watch I don't make her sick by keep trying to get her going. Figured I would seek advice from people who know far more than me. Obviously I didn't consider things well with conditions I was out in but thought she was ready so figured I'd keep trying. Typically since then we've had 3 cloudy nights with decent wind but im reluctant to keep trying her locally as they clearly know what the lamp means and she won't have a great number to
  2. Yeah didn't even consider that, however don't really do much training with the spaniel when she's around so nit sure she's actually been with us when the spaniel is flushing birds no doubts she will get there eventually, just need to make sure when I'm out again the odds are in her favour
  3. Yeah she's out with my spaniel almost everyday, then they both have solo time either in garden or out again
  4. Yeah is out of brads, she's a cracking pup! And the biggest thing for me is, like you say, trying not to spoil her whilst also getting her going, brads invited me out but last time pup had just bashed her leg, so now waiting for.another opportunity to get her out with someone and some dogs who know the score, but until then she will be given a break and just continue the games with her
  5. Your second person to mention flirt pole so I'm gonna have to look into this as tbh, no idea what that is
  6. Shes retrieving well with dummies and toys out and about so I'm hoping she will do the same with live game
  7. I have no doubt she will catch eventually, lad who bred her has invited me out to help with is brilliant but was unfortunate at time as she took tumble over gate so didn't want to risk her. Giving her a break from lamping for now (which is typical as it's been pitch black here for last 2 nights ) but will hopefully get her out with the ferrets sharpish.
  8. Yeah somebody mentioned getting Mrs to pull a dummy along and getting her to try grab it so am gonna give that ago, see how she does grabbing it on the move, make a game of it like
  9. Other than toys/dummies that I've thrown or swung around playing I don't think she has. She's around 26"tts
  10. If im honest mate she's never been interested in tennis balls when I'm out and about with her but will give it a try and see what she does, she's only really got close enough to 1 rabbit to attempt to strike at it but she just ran behind it for about 10 metres before it slipped into the hedge
  11. Just feeling the pressure since she's only pup from litter to have not made a catch, call it silly but I feel like she should be catching also. She's only had maybe 4/5 total runs over about 8 lamping trips, numbers arent great around here so definitely not been f****d after a night out. Yeah I've been trying to stand in the way they are running but most make off before I get near them. Unfortunately don't know many lads who run lurchers, and of the few I do none live close, have been offered chance to go out with a lad once but unfortunate timing as pup had hurt her leg. Would be ideal for h
  12. The villagers did mention a sassy guy with a black neck shining a lamp around at the last meeting, should have put 2 and 2 together really
  13. I think you may have misunderstood, be that my terrible grammar and how I type or through how its being read. All the advice I've been given is massively appreciated and I've already thanked you all because once again the people on this forum have genuinely been nothing but helpful to me, not for the first time I might add. One thing I can promise you is, I've taken all the advice I've been given on board. With that in mind I did mention a few comments ago that I would be giving her a break from the lamping. I'm due to start ferreting soon (been waiting for cover to die off but doe
  14. First time I put lamp on them they got up and bolted like they'd had a bull x on their arse before. Nevertheless traveling isn't hard so I'll find some more
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