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  1. Tried to get hold of some but no joy, vet gave me loxicam and has reduced swelling, gonna try get some metacam to keep in the first aid bag though
  2. Yeah im hoping if I take it easy with her now then it will pay off for the future. Back to vets tomorrow for check but doesn't seem to be causing her any bother currently so fingers crossed!,
  3. For anyone interested, just got back from vets with some anti inflammatory, no x Ray as apparently range of motion is good without pain, back to vet middle next week for another assessment. rest and small amounts of lead walking for next 6-8 weeks. Initial thought from vet was ligament damage. Thanks again all!
  4. Cheers for the help cuys, shes booked in to vets for 5.15, will drop some ice on it until then. Hopefully get a clearer picture from vet and some anti inflammatory. Couple of months of lead walking. Hoping it will sort it and won't affect her running but from what I've read its likely to happen a lot now she's done it once. Thanks again all!
  5. Sandymere, thanks for that i will get her into vets this afternoon and get some anti inflammatory for her, im sure 6 weeks of lead walking will do her head in but would rather she be able to run sound in the future! Thanks for the info and advice
  6. I was literally just typing to ask about how much rest to give it and if she's still OK to lead walk so thanks for answering
  7. Possibly just worrying because never had lurchers before and is simply a knock but its an unknown for me, my plan is to get her into vets this afternoon, been on a night shift so will see if it goes down at all by time I wake up and if still swollen will take her
  8. Wondering if some of you more experienced people can offer some guidance. Recently got my first lurcher puppy, currently around 14 weeks old. Have done as much research as possible regarding her exercise and training and all has been going well. Until yesterday, she had a mad 10 minutes in the garden with my spaniel and then and hour or so later she was holding her rear leg up. Checked it over but nothing obvious so assumed she had just knocked it. Now just got home from work and although not holding it up, she is limping a little but putting weight on it. Have however noticed her toe is swol
  9. Cheers for all the suggestions never really been too concerned with dog names, more the other half doing my nut in about her not having one. Anyway think she will be given the very obvious and very common name Fawn.
  10. Got a list as long as my arm, nothing seems right for her though, never struggled naming a pup before
  11. Well my spaniel is Roo but spends most her life getting called "ginger tw*t" so I'm sure it will get adjusted slightly
  12. Evening all, picked new pup up on Sunday and Mrs is getting on my case to give her a name (fed up of calling her pup) told her I'd have a name sorted tonight so any suggestions? Picture isn't brilliant but she's slept for most of the last 2 days. Will be names out of a hat 10 minutes before she gets home at this rate.
  13. Cheers mate, no doubts ill be back for more help
  14. Thanks mate I will keep this in my, appreciated
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