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  1. One my daughter toke on my phone of her pekin bantams
  2. My cozen had his mint 40 year old cb250 nicked , next day some tosser on fb putting pics up look what I got last night etc my cozen got lads name gave to police n they said not enough evidence,,,,,,, he's on with trying to find address himself now
  3. People who treat ther dogs like babies or compere them to having kids
  4. I dove for a truss company for 4 years 7.5tone was straight forward enough but taking artic down residential streets to people's extentions etc was a ball ache, had some good laffs tho n money was ok
  5. Jim Smith the Scottish comic cracks me up
  6. Went out for at bit with daughter and her friend ( not a boy friend ha ha !!! ) so she keeps saying, ended up with 6 only one bolted tho , dog had a very good corse jumping over 2 fences was a hart in your mouth moment , shes unfit as just had a season, all in all a good day her mate went home asking his dad for a ferret ha
  7. I used to pay around 40p a LTR used to run my landrover on it
  8. I have the same boots iv had them a year now and they have been good so far
  9. It's kinky for a woman to have a rampant rabbit , but outrageous for a man to have a life size doll with 53 sex settings ,,,,,
  10. Must ov been a very late litter ?
  11. You only regret the things you didn't do ,,,,,
  12. vfr400boy


    My brother has just got in to it not for me
  13. Bloke in charge of running our gritters and looking after our roads was called Mr Skidmore
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