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  1. Yep she pulled it back the 40 miles did ok but burnt some juice!
  2. I will take a pic when am next at yard that makes sense tho because when I was pulling n pushing stuff like ape trying to get something to happen it did go slightly quicker when I moved the lever ( like a split gear )
  3. On the steering column they is the hand throttle on the right and they is another lever on the left of the column,,,, what dose it doo ,??
  4. I got the tractor, next question how the bloody hell do you dive it lol all the stickers have worn off the gears I can find forward n reverse but have not yet managed a hi low box ? The loader is simple to use ,
  5. Iv had a quick Google and they seem good little tractors and made in YORKSHIRE!
  6. Any one know out about international tractors, iv got chance to buy a 674 with a loader on shes rough but all working good tyres etc ,belonged to an old chap that died and his son is selling it , they are looking for £1800 for it
  7. Just back from a weekend away on the bike was a good laff the lakes was way to busy tho
  8. Stuff dose taste so much better in them don't it even kids was saying that the carots was best carrots they have had
  9. I love it thanks for sorting it out for me , I like the marks they all part of the history, iv had a googel of the makers and can't find anything, wonder if it'd part of wilkinson sawed? Thanks again socks
  10. Breakfast on the dutch oven lid ,
  11. Camping out with kids tonight bit of a last minute thing so nothing to exiting in the pot
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