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  1. No thats from the colony she got , the nuc was just drawing comb in the super then swarmed ha so she's back to square one ( and they coast me £150 !) Think the new queen has hatched so all good now
  2. First honey from our bees well the wifes bees ha
  3. Good work you will soon have loads of hives
  4. Got me wife a hive for Xmas now we have 2 hives and a nuke box ( collected a swarm today) , its way to complicated for me just hope she gets me some honey ha
  5. I was lent a spot on working polecat hob to cover 2 of my jills they are due in 2 weeks ish , so if anyone looking for a kit let me know
  6. Put 3/4 of a bottle in and the leak has stopped! Thanks
  7. Will be lots of kits on the ground soon
  8. 70 pet lambs wow am spending a fortune on 8 ! , do u buy the milk in bulk ? Iv weand 4 oldest on to grass now just milking the last 4 , bloody things bitting teats off all time
  9. If any one has a log book for a small orange tractor id be very interested
  10. Its not the insurance its getting a log book etc
  11. Its on a valley side she lifts her front wheels with tha small topper on ha , been using harrows to drag sheep muck in dose a good job , I don't think I can register it as its a jap import ?
  12. Cant afford a vintage one lol
  13. I used to have one it was in a wooden box with brass hinges on , cant remember what happened to it bet I was only 13 14 when we had it
  14. Yep its in ferret cage now still confused to how the plant pot got in there too ,,
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