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  1. vfr400boy

    Father’s Day present

    Had tomatoes and mushrooms too !
  2. vfr400boy

    Father’s Day present

    New potatoes from my garden mate ! I chickened out and only had one sausage too !
  3. vfr400boy

    Father’s Day present

    Am done !
  4. Onions doing well and leeks had first pots yesterday they was very nice !
  5. vfr400boy

    Father’s Day present

    My kids got me 2 shooting shirts and an amazing mix grill tray from our local butcher can’t wait for tea !
  6. vfr400boy

    Skinny nursing jill

    They are looking good! Mine are on meat now goat yogurt with SF50 sprinkled on and soaked ferret biscuits
  7. vfr400boy

    Skinny nursing jill

    Back to topic and my kits enjoying some goat yogurt mostly wearing it but some went down , a nice even litter of 8 I am pleased i will keep 2 back my self I think
  8. vfr400boy

    New arrivals

    I got half a pig off my mate was free range and very fatty was lovely! And only £50 ! Can’t beat proper pork ,
  9. vfr400boy

    Skinny nursing jill

    O and I try them with the meat when there eyes are still closed the more you can get in to them the more pressure it takes of the jill
  10. vfr400boy

    Skinny nursing jill

    As said keep feeding her she will be fine I use full fat natural goats yogurt for the kits and jills along with chicken / rabbit mince then move on to rabbits chicken wings etc had a few litters of 10 but never 11 !
  11. vfr400boy

    Great pic

  12. vfr400boy

    Red mite and pregnant jill

    Ivermectin is how I got rid of it in my hens it kills worms and fleas to I do all my hens ferrets and rabbits with it ones a year , you can get it off eBay just put it between ther shoulder blades treat them ones a week for 3 weeks
  13. vfr400boy

    Greyhound bitch free to good home

    When my old dog kicks the bucket I’d like one as a house dog just think they a nice steady companion dog
  14. vfr400boy

    Bedlington cross maybe ?

    I’d also guess the terrier in the pic is the sire , good pic
  15. Can’t beat a good market I love them I remember as a kid looking at buckets full of ducklings and ferrets , I love taking my daughter tho them now only thing I can’t go and not buy ! But unfortunately our local one is about dead used to be full every week now only 30 -40 lots in it’s a shame