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  1. Kids got me some Scottish hether beer , I get it every time am up in the Highlands
  2. Just had an hour on the wolds , put dogs in boot n a hare walked past car then a barn owl come past
  3. Mate has some pigs on a wetlands nature reserve thing , he's been asked to keep them on there to clear some land of brambles etc The pork is amazing
  4. Iv wanted one for a bit now then a friend of a friend has one been sat 6 years needs going through tyres, brakes servicing etc but it's low mileage, be good for some longer trips next year all been well its an st1300
  5. They alloys off a paneuropean
  6. Any one know a rough price on getting bike wheels shot blasted and powder coated?
  7. vfr400boy


    Kids just found a frog in our garden first time iv seen one here , are they normally so red underneath?
  8. Wife is at work am on with roast beef now think should of done a bbq tho
  9. Yes east side first wish we'd of had 2 weeks so we could enjoy it more and explore I toke a telescopic sea rod with me but only had time for an hours spinning
  10. Was epic we camped about 3 miles north of Applecross and did the pass first thing in the morning when it was empty was grate , we went over to sky n did the turn table ferry ( last one in the world I think that was cool too ) best bike trip iv done so far and I got to do it with me old man n mates
  11. Lads team of 8 is coming on well they starting to clear off for 30mins now flying well
  12. Just back from the nc500 all but one night wild camping was epic
  13. Just back from doing the nc500 was an epic week and even better wether, a whole weeks riding n no rain !!
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