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  1. vfr400boy

    Vasectomised hob in West Yorkshire?.?

    No problem glad I could help
  2. vfr400boy

    Bbc2 now back to the land

    That butcher is only a few villages away from I always thort it looked to modern for me might try him now ha
  3. Looking good arry still to sow my runners
  4. Onion sets have come on loads this last week!
  5. vfr400boy

    Small song bird

    Mrs has just bought an old wire and wood bird cage , I’d like a nice singing bird to put In it , if any one has anything in Yorkshire? Cock cannery or mule ? Cash and good home waiting thanks
  6. vfr400boy

    Dogs dinners

    A multi vitamin
  7. Not best picture but that was our last trip of the season
  8. vfr400boy

    Dogs dinners

    Chicken carcass lamb neck salmon oil , mince chicken and goat yogurt And a spoon full of SF50
  9. vfr400boy

    Vasectomised hob in West Yorkshire?.?

    Think I only payed £45 to have my hob sniped
  10. vfr400boy

    Vasectomised hob in West Yorks anyone???

    Send me a pm
  11. vfr400boy

    Vasectomised hob in West Yorkshire?.?

    I have one in East Yorkshire 20 mins from M62 you welcome to use him send me a pm
  12. vfr400boy

    Working notice

    So after talking to my boss about the 2 days she started shouting at me saying don’t have a go at me !!! I was only talking to her she tryed to blame HR department, luckily I have a whiteness that can confirm I only talked to her and did not have ago ! Now I am 100% sure am doing the [BANNED TEXT] thing moving jobs !
  13. vfr400boy

    Working notice

    Just gave them a ring they are very good and told me that it should start on Friday ( when the letter was dated ) thank you for suggesting them ! Feel loads more confident now to walk in and give um what for about it !
  14. vfr400boy

    Working notice

    Going to ring them tomorrow half tempted to go on the sick ! And f**k um
  15. vfr400boy

    Working notice

    Yes the admin guy was in luckily