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  1. Tom's b peppers all in green house spuds in onions in some beets in all getting there now
  2. He says it's just double thickness same stitching and leather Thanks
  3. A purple one hes working on at the mo ,
  4. Do you rate it? I like the opine stuff
  5. Lock down camp out at me paddock daughter loved it
  6. A lad I know had 2 about 10 year ago that was imported , they was monsters very dangerous in the wrong hands they dwarfed our German shepherd, was grate with his kids and live stock but am almost positive they would of eaten any intruders
  7. We only buy meat from our local butchers raise our own or buy from friends, my friends pork is amazing fed on dairy waste , apples and they are in big pens letting them forage , we do a few chickens when we can get them wifes grandad says it's like chicken he had as a kid Getting 4 lambs in may for the freezer in September
  8. Bargin ! We went to see hayseed dixie last month they did a very good cover of war pigs
  9. They all on there because we bought the machine at xmas they have now given us access to all there songs ( good will gesture for Corona virus) Was a good laff little lass singing n lad dancing
  10. Ha ha on to ramjam now getting a sweat on ha
  11. Just found black sabbath on kids karaoke machine dont think neighbor's will be happy ha
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