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  1. Iv got me C+E , and drivers card medical, think my cpc has run out now tho , Iv been offered £18 an hour to go drive but as soon as shortage is over they would probably drop me , so am sticking to my bad paid job that is easy and I enjoy I may do cpc and do an odd Saturday
  2. Just back from a night in the lakes was a good laff with 2 mates , only started raining as we started to take tents down , wish we did wild camp as it was £17 a night at the site in it was nowt special
  3. Any one in lakes no if its all sold out up there?
  4. Off to lakes tomorrow camping for a few nights on bikes , best be some petrol there n am not putting that E10 crap in , both petrol stations here bp n tesco have sold out
  5. Had the wifes car chipped made it a lot smoother and better on diesel, will it make ferrets quicker?
  6. Had to Google that one ha I never knew, am just pleased I have a gortex jacket to ride in now warm and water proof and maintainanse free
  7. Got me dads old Belfast in loft from when he had his Norton,
  8. Iv been looking at tyres and think am going to go for the insaturbo Saharas on my ranger get good reviews and cheep
  9. My dads been clearing loads of stuff out as he's down sizing keeps dropping shit off at my house ha tools etc anyway last night he's fetched me his old bsa air sporter can you still get bits for them etc ? Its stamped 22354 on the stock anyone know what mk it is ? I remember it been in loft when I was a kid and am 36 now
  10. Cant you speak to your butcher? Ours will cut you what you want ,
  11. No such thing as to much meat at a bbq !
  12. Thanks its a lovely spot on the edge of the wolds backing on to the disused railway, was full of black thorn when we got it but its looking something like now , only negative is its not mine only rent it , What you recommend to do in the dutch oven for a beginner ?
  13. Looks a decent breakfast that , we just had scrambled eggs ha
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