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  1. vfr400boy

    Terrier boxes

    Ic used Gonetogtound boxes he’s good to deal with dose all terrier boxes ferret boxes etc very good quality ( ply wood )
  2. vfr400boy

    Hobs in season

    Iv just separated all mine mine are normals last to come in to season as they are under a leentoo , Iv mixed some jills up love to see um playing with each other when you mix them they turn in to kits again
  3. vfr400boy

    Guard dogs

    Was just mucking about with our lass In kitchen she hid me pint , so I playfully kicked her ass she did not make a noise, but b*****d gsd saw me ( she was asleep at back door ) , let’s just say she did not bite me but she made me jump ! She’s always watching what’s going on lol
  4. vfr400boy

    Last outing yesterday for this season

    That’s it for ferreting rabbits for me this season might do some rats with them on Alotments, my thoughts now turn back to gardening , my pigeons and keeping dogs fit for lamping , not been the best season no massive bags but still had a good Laff and got 2 new shoots to go at
  5. Got a phone call from my mate asking me if would help one of his keeper mates out with some rabbits so we arranged to meet yesterday morning he run a nice shoot about 45 mins from me we started at some nice small paddocks behind a Farm house , keeper was with us with semi auto we netted up the holes we could and left a few in the middle of a holy hedge , I saw a rabbit brake cover about 100 yard up from we’re we was I suspect I run down the hedge with out any one seeing , next one bolted across the paddock and the keeper cleaned it up , we moved on to another set one hit the net , next small set we did at the end of the hedge under s tree ferret went in and come up I moved him to other side of the set and straight away it looked like he was up against something tail puffed up and he was going mad I thought a rat or stoat ,,, I pulled him out as he was only 12 inch down and he was in a bloody fenn trap thank god they was loads of leaves and twigs in with him , I thort that’s game over for him but all it’s done is taken skin off his jaw n neck he was very lucky, moved on to some more small sets but they was full of young got 2 more does but had to dig to them both , so ended up with 4 was a memorable last day out !
  6. vfr400boy

    Couple of Outings

    They look very nice sets them
  7. vfr400boy

    When to breed

    I like to watch them work for 2 seasons then just bred from the best one , that goes for hobs n jills
  8. vfr400boy

    Ferret shows

    Any one know of any ferret shows in the Yorkshire Lincolnshire area? No silly jokes about shampooing and conditioning them ! It’s my young daughter that likes to take them straight from the hutch ! I think it’s a good thing she likes it and I want to keep her interest in it ( I enjoy a pint and watching the show field)
  9. vfr400boy

    starting again

    I will be having a litter of kits in the spring your welcome to have one ,
  10. vfr400boy

    Back to school

    Just done them all with ivermectin, was pleased with young jill her first time out and bolted one from a nice 3 holer , I used to be all about the numbers but am happy to watch the ferrets n dogs work now
  11. vfr400boy

    Back to school

    Just been at the local school for a few hours this morning had 2 bolt and dug 2 , and one got away, all bucks , not to bad for 2 hours last year I think I got 13 from the same holes , only toke one photo but dog and ferret worked well when taking collar off my hob I noticed the biggest tick I think Iv ever seen was massive and still white so not started drinking yet , I will give him some ivermectin to be safe
  12. vfr400boy

    Dove Release Yorkshire 🕊

    White pigeons available for weddings and funerals all of Yorkshire covered please check out our website https://www.peoplespigeons.co.uk/
  13. vfr400boy

    Hobs vasectomy

    Iv always just had the op and it’s always worked, but I always shop around as prices can be very different from vets to vets
  14. vfr400boy

    Working Whippets

    Ended up with bow ( chris,s lass ) her ped is on the Whippet archives very pleased with her if you keep looking the right dog will come up just don’t rush