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  1. If the misses would let me I'd love to put a grey over our gsd shes tall and very lean and can run shes been brought up with the whippets so thinks shes a running dog very easy to tran and lots of heart not sure I have a pic of her on my new phone
  2. Wow not in to snakes but that looks cool that
  3. My brother has got in to leather craft so am hoping for a belt or dog collar, Got my 6 year old a ferret show box and some pink nets ! Little lads got a sit in landy 90
  4. For a few years now we have given home made gifts to each other bit gay but better than getting some plastic rubbish you dont want , Anyway this year I've made chalkboards out of pallet wood and some scrap ply dont think they look to shabby
  5. Mine sleep in wooden boxes and I have about 5 holes on each side of the box to let the hot air out , i use shavings and straw got told cloth holds the damp more ?
  6. My mate has a jolly quick dog n shes a nice bitch Put jolly quick in the whippet archives they is a lot of dogs with his prefix Good look with your pup
  7. Not best pic hes put windows in and a few other mods
  8. My bro has ex British gas van he loves it only thing is the 1.6 tdi the injectors go , the 1.9 is older but in my opinion much stronger and reliable
  9. I bought that exact torch 3 years a go for wife to run with , she has used it loads and still going strong I have a cluelight one and it's not much better than the cheap one
  10. vfr400boy


    Was a lad on our chainsaw course and he had a swedish axe cant remember the name of it but it was razor sharp and very well made
  11. Got one from lidl yesterday
  12. We was out yesterday morning but still way to much cover about we did what we could but only ended up with 1 in the bag
  13. A good friend of mine lost his pup due to a rare bone disease at only 6 months old very upsetting for him and his kids Anyway a few months have passed and hes ready to start looking again so if anyone has any litters pland any time soon in or around Yorkshire please let me know pup will be going to a 5* working home
  14. She got an invitation to a small ferret show on Sunday Hopefully get out with her working them next weekend
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