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  1. vfr400boy

    Ferret colour ?

    I just hope he works as good as he wins rosets ha
  2. vfr400boy

    Ferret colour ?

    So proud of her she got reserve best in show today! She’s buzzing
  3. vfr400boy

    Shepherds hut

    Thanks yes I was going to use inch thick tongue and grove and go up and down not horizontal ( more traditional)
  4. vfr400boy

    Shepherds hut

    Ok , I was thinking about putting smaller wheels on the trailer to reduce the hight of it ones it’s in place I was going to jack the 4 corners , i did not think about useing 9x2s iv been working nr a Farm with 2 old bale trailers in the bushes going to ask him about them this week ( could go one of 2 ways ) if you ever get the stove back let me know !
  5. For years Iv wanted to build my own house but I don’t think I will ever be in a position to do that , so I thort the next best thing would be to build a shepherds hut for family holidays we have a nice site only 40mins from us were we can permanently site it and wife and kids can pop to it for weekends and we can all use it for short brakes , the questions I have is how’s best to build the roof ? Been looking on line and can’t find anything some people use what looks like plywood ribs ? Next question how would you put a stove though the wooden roof ? I will put pics up as I build it ( just on the look out for an old bale trailer now ) then am away hopefully all done for next summer
  6. vfr400boy

    Ferret colour ?

    She had a good day yesterday to , 3rd in child handler ( with the Whippet ) and rest for her ferrets! Seeing her get the trophy was priceless! She was so happy !
  7. vfr400boy

    in house ferrets

    My daughter brings mine in the house and they are very tame and confident I think it makes them easier to handle when out ferreting and brakes there day up ( not just sat in cage all day ) All positives I can see
  8. vfr400boy

    Ferret colour ?

    Unfortunately that Hob did not win anything but her albinos and Sandys did well she’s proud as punch !
  9. vfr400boy


    Getting bigger ! Whats the small fish she court? Iv not seen one before
  10. vfr400boy


    42 little fish in 3 hours she was buzzing wants to go again tomorrow night, some bloke on next peg gave us some smaller hooks as we only had 12s than that was it we was away!
  11. vfr400boy

    A business of ferrets .........

    We put ping pong balls in with kits plastic bottle tops to some of my mates say am soft but I like to wach them play and keeps them active
  12. vfr400boy

    Team for likely next next season

    Look well them
  13. vfr400boy


    I did put him over a sandy and to be fair they made nice kits but was quite hard to tame , he lived till he was 9 thort the bloody thing would never die !
  14. vfr400boy


    About 10 years ago I was gifted a black EU polecat Hob ( when they was worth £80 !) I thort all my Christmas’s had come at ones , he looked amazing, was nice to handle and very strong and muscley, how ever when I tried to work him he would just kill and move on he was so fast nothing ever bolted I was disappointed very disappointed in him I guess you live n learn ha ha give me a standard albino or sandy any day