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  1. First 5 young birds out and enjoying the sunshine
  2. Stick with the vw if it's still working OK
  3. They will be 4 weeks old ish , we cover all of Yorkshire n North Lincolnshire They will do 200 Miles but not as fast as a proper racers as I over feed them ha
  4. Yer they is alot of work involved with feed treating training scraping the bloody things out every day but they nice to have about the place Some young I weand last week
  5. Well done am just hoping to get birds back don't think we will win but can only try , am in East Yorkshire
  6. Looks spot on that you busy with it ? The pigeons not a bad gig but a lot of work involved keeping and training etc then doing all wedding fairs etc
  7. Am on the look out for 2 white cocks as iv 2 spear hens
  8. Cool they pure whites ? Be our first year racing this year
  9. We have white baskets of different sizes but it's 2 display cages for each side of the church doors people are asking for ,
  10. She dose a fair few funerals with them they loads less hassle then weddings Come on someone must no some one good at metal work or wood work to make her some cages ?
  11. There white racing pigeons, so yes they come home and trained just like racers
  12. Wife is looking for 2 identical cages for her dove release company she runs Aprox 40cm Square and 45cm tall ish Any one know any one who can make some or know were to buy some iv looked everywhere n only found small ones
  13. Well done looks spot on my wife n daughter are gluten free its hard work
  14. Do u just use the cocks to lure hens ?
  15. Wow I do like the XL and the first African twin
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