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  1. vfr400boy

    Can any one knit me some pink nets

    All sorted now thanks neil b
  2. vfr400boy

    Can any one knit me some pink nets

    3ft will be grate
  3. Looking for 5 new pink nets for my daughters xmas present If any one can do me 5 let me know I can send money via PayPal or post thanks
  4. vfr400boy

    Ferret stuck 16ft down

    I went ratting with some lads years ago and one of the lads ( a right big lad covered in tattoos) had what I thought was a birth mark on his forehead, turns out he was ferreting alone and some how fell in the hole he dug could not reach his phone or out as his arms was stuck at the side of him , he thort he was going to die , lucky when it got dark and he was not home his wife went looking and found him
  5. vfr400boy

    Kids jacket

    Today on a dog walk my 6 year old daughter told me that she'd like a shooting coat for ferreting in , any one recommend a nice warm water proof kids jacket ? Or any one have one they want to sell ? Thanks
  6. vfr400boy

    Trying to get permission in Derby to go ferreting

    Keep trying you will get lucky eventually
  7. vfr400boy

    umbilical hernia

    Our Gsd has a small ambilcal hernia vet says just think of it as having a sticky out belly button, she's 2 now and its never been a problem to here its about the size of a grape
  8. vfr400boy

    Vicsectomied hob big ball

    Ok thanks will give it A try tonight
  9. vfr400boy

    Vicsectomied hob big ball

    Was he ok after you drained it ?
  10. vfr400boy

    Vicsectomied hob big ball

    My vasectomised hob looked a bit un well when I fed him at tea time I got him out and one of his balls is swollen feels like fluid hes 6 now any idea what it is ?
  11. vfr400boy


    I use csj cp21 in winter and csj champ in summer they all so get lamb brest chicken backs sardines and green vegetables
  12. vfr400boy

    Camper van conversions

    A bloke in our village has converted a Luton van looks basic on the out side upvc windows and doors but in side its very nice! Next Time I see him I will get pics
  13. vfr400boy

    Help please

    Get to your local market only make £2 at ours
  14. vfr400boy

    First time sea fishing tomorrow

    Ha ha I have heard a lot of stories like that , was a good day I enjoyed it got rass whiting and mackerel mother lads got codling crab flat fish etc ,