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  1. Seem very calm friendly things ,
  2. How much something like that set me back ?? Looks stunning
  3. Daughter hatched some Peking eggs off over lock down ended up with 3 hens n a cock shes well pleased with them hope it gets her hooked Little cock has just started crowing
  4. He says he has 12 different dyes n his leather comes like this ,,,
  5. Its my kid brother that makes them I will ask what lether it is , he dies it all him self he has lots of colours etc I think hes improving loads now ha
  6. Its first one hes done , just made it to how the woman wanted it am looking forward to seeing it on the dog
  7. My bro has finally finished the big collar for the cerno corsa
  8. Some show collar my bro been working on for a cerno corso ( how ever you spell it ) the photos dont do it justice its massive
  9. First year with the beds I don't like um was her idea Got sprouts cabbage lettuce strawberries 3 different onions, 3 different beans beetroot turnips kale ,,,,,, and more i have forgotten ha
  10. The one they are keeping
  11. My cousin is a butcher so get lamb breast chicken carcasses and even some times chicken wings for bugger all , feed kibble in the morning n raw on a night mixed with table scraps
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