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  1. Anyone ever come across this. Terrier got a small cut on its head months ago and won’t heal. Have used advocate for parasites and camerosa cream but no sign of it healing. Any ideas?
  2. Any other lithium batteries out there other than the usual tracer ones. Had mine a few seasons now but it doesn’t seem to be lasting as long as it used to. Was wondering if there is any new brands about that doesn’t cost as much
  3. There’s a hedge at back of the pens where they seem to be coming from and also a farm 60 metres away so I’d imagine there will always be a few knocking about. just worried incase a poisoned rat got into the pens and they ate it. One of the dogs killed a rat before that got into the pens
  4. Have a bit of a problem with rats around the pens. Having been gettin a few in traps but definitely a few that are wise to them. Was wondering if it’s safe to put down poison don’t want to take the chance of a dog dying by eating a poisoned rat
  5. Nothing worse than lads lettin a lurcher run lose round a dig. Those lads have less brains than the dog. Or even worse is when lads get bored after 5 minutes and there standing at the diggin with the dog then foxy slips out from the spot they where told to stand at
  6. Yes I’d definitely agree there maybe once or twice a season they’ll make a silly mistake like coming into the call that fast the dog hits them head on but 99% of the time they dog has to catch the fair and square
  7. Which did you rate harder to catch. I’ve always found that on the lamp they where more difficult for the dog they seemed to run a lot more jinkier twisting and turning ,maybe the lamp blinds the dog at times too making them misjudge the strike.In general more got away than when they where pushed from cover. to where you be waitin with the dog for them to break. The element of surprise definitely increased the catch rate for myself any way. what’s your opinions ?
  8. Think I seen the said videos launching a fox across a field for two lurchers was one of them then few close up videos of the aftermath if it’s the same fella I think it is
  9. Anyone have one of these or know who still stocks them
  10. Looking to buy a red filter for 210 tracer. Can’t seem to get one anywhere.
  11. What would you recommend getting her jabbed or just leave her
  12. i have a Jill that has come back into season after having a single kit. The kit is only two weeks old. Anyone ever come across this before
  13. Imo alot but not all men with bolting terriers are the worst for bragging and bigging dogs. All you hear from them is wee got x amount this season we've some dogs you wouldnt get half that with a digging dog etc. Tbh i think there just afraid to cull tgre shite youd hear them bigging there dogs up if it was hard or a stayer as well seen it loads of times tgey swing from numbers men to the "big depths" men depending on whats in there pens at that moment and time in short mouthpieces wity the "best dogs" in the country no matter how good or bad it is.
  14. what do you expect nearly every lurcher will do this id if left with game unattended I know mine would. you wouldn't put a cat in a cage with a canary and expect the canary to be there the next day would you
  15. recall, stock broken, jump, half decent retrieve not too bothered if it stops with its rabbit 10 foot away. suits me for lamping, beating cover and working with terriers
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