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  1. What would you recommend getting her jabbed or just leave her
  2. i have a Jill that has come back into season after having a single kit. The kit is only two weeks old. Anyone ever come across this before
  3. Imo alot but not all men with bolting terriers are the worst for bragging and bigging dogs. All you hear from them is wee got x amount this season we've some dogs you wouldnt get half that with a digging dog etc. Tbh i think there just afraid to cull tgre shite youd hear them bigging there dogs up if it was hard or a stayer as well seen it loads of times tgey swing from numbers men to the "big depths" men depending on whats in there pens at that moment and time in short mouthpieces wity the "best dogs" in the country no matter how good or bad it is.
  4. what do you expect nearly every lurcher will do this id if left with game unattended I know mine would. you wouldn't put a cat in a cage with a canary and expect the canary to be there the next day would you
  5. recall, stock broken, jump, half decent retrieve not too bothered if it stops with its rabbit 10 foot away. suits me for lamping, beating cover and working with terriers
  6. anyone ever come across any that don't give any tongue at all
  7. True dogmad riley but I always found it funny when an anti bull cross person says ill challenge you to the best of 3 hares or most rabbits caught on the lamp etc with their non bull blooded lurcher as a way of seeing who has the better dog. Not too many are as keen to challenge a bull cross at its own game
  8. teddog obviously a bull cross wont beat a hare dog on best of 3 winter hares though id say you wouldn't take up the challenge of best of 3 winter foxes with your deerhound
  9. if bull xs are no good why is there so many people using them. they didn't get popular for being shite at their job
  10. A collie cross will get you good spins on hares and kill a fair amount but if your serious about taking up coursing id be going for a saluki cross but if your doing a wee bit of everything like ferreting n lamping you'll get good sport with a 3/4 collie cross or thereabouts
  11. Dig with terriers myself and have a bitch doing them single handed to show them the ropes but she's getting on now would be lucky to get another season or 2 out of her hence the need for the new pups
  12. None if the dogs where tried until the where of right age 14-18 months
  13. Pups have all had a lot of rabbits before I tried them and the collie and bull deerhound where 8 and 10 months when I got them
  14. In the past 5 years I've reared 4 lurcher pups with the intention of using them on foxes. Everyone of them hasn't made the grade and all where from single handed parents. Never entered them too early and always entered them alongside an experienced dog for the first 4 or 5 goes. 1 pup who was 3/4 greyhound collie just barked its head of at them. Another was a deerhound bull x he showed great potential with another dog took teeth and never bothered him in the slightest but wouldn't do them single handed just ran them till they got away. The last two where brother and sister they where 9/16 grey
  15. All my dogs where my best dogs that to me says very low standards. Most will get a dog or a few that are half hearted or just a nightmare to have around how can you say that's as good a dog as one that just catches every day it's out hunting
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