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  1. I use straw its a good insulator and doesn't get everywere like shavings
  2. Can anyone give me some advice plz ? I have been out today with my saluki x whippet and he was fine when we were out and now his joint on his toe is swollen and he whipers when I touch it and won't put it down, does this sound broken or could he just have knocked or twisted it ??? Thanks Pete
  3. Lol you have been watching to much take me out No lighty no likey ha ha
  4. Defo don't give it rats mon, I just thik give her time I thin she will come right when she is ready an I have a first cross saluki whippet and from my little experiance with them I'd say they were late maturers atb
  5. Hi mate if u want it get it but I wouldn't put the dog in any situation where he might bite the kids it wouldn't be fair on the dog
  6. Lol I would go for a collie x whippet x greyhound Atb
  7. Lol sounds like the ministery pet rabbits have escaped again I bet they will all get mixi within a couple of weeks, keep us posted !
  8. there are dogs out there that can take that variety of game with ease , i dont know what makes this one so special ,.................is it because its in a book exactly what i was trying to get at!!!
  9. Yer sorry should of put darcys scooby but I know he wasn't a beddy x lol he was an amazing deer, fox, rabbit, hare dog that gave his all but eventually hit a wall out coursing and died
  10. Anyone Know any info on this lurcher , what cross was he ? [bANNED TEXT] was his breeding ? I have flicked through the book and the pics look like he was a very special dog
  11. Yer I'll be nippin out on new permission 2 nite been told there is lots of bunnies so will be taking my saluki x whippet Atb
  12. Thanks mate,the dog is 25" ,i'm in Dublin : Might be a bit far for me to come for a pup mate thanks n e way
  13. Nice dogs mate, how tall is the dog ? where abouts r u ?
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