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  1. paulus


    This was last month.
  2. paulus

    This hunt are fu**ed .....

    Looks like the man laying the trail advised of a trapped fox, probably saved its life them blokes, an accident waiting to happen otherwise.
  3. paulus

    dodgy bird feeders

    makes it easier for sparrowhawks.................
  4. paulus

    Mechanical help

    i have snap on diagnostic kit here mate
  5. paulus


  6. paulus


    Oh dear, what a pity, yes we mind very much. Thank you, Mr Davies, for several lifetimes of brilliant humour R.I.P.
  7. paulus


    the graphics card will be your problem along with storage space on a laptop.
  8. paulus

    Pins and needles

    could be the start of a problem with the Ulna nerve. starts off with pins and needles then goes to a loss of feeling/numbness in the little finger and the next finger. if not treated (elbow surgery to re-route the nerve) then you will lose the pinch function between the thumb and next finger on the same hand. the muscle also wastes away so you have very little grip function, get it checked out at the Doctors before it gets too far gone to treat effectively,
  9. paulus

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    can only snap what's in front of you