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  1. paulus

    Stoat Attack

    try squealing it up like a fox,
  2. But is all this what it seems ?? checked the figures myself and she is 100% correct
  3. Across an angry sea by CEDRIC DELVES
  4. one of the family traced us back to Henry Morgan lol
  5. paulus

    Showbox app.

    popcorn time is a good alternative
  6. different names, same old faces, same old shite from the same old faces, Depression is a killer, probably more so than many would think, Can affect anybody at any time, forget people faking it to get more money and all the other bollox, just prey it never effects you or yours,
  7. Just down the road from me. a lot of scores are settled during the game. originally it was a contest between Leicestershire and Warwickshire, been going since the 1100`s. If you saw the Atherstone Girls then you would understand why the lads are so tough lol
  8. Vivid imagination or perhaps just rehashed older stories to fit their narrative, a bit like Plummer lol
  9. we are talking about God, not the Bible. but remind me again was it god or man that compiled it??
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