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  1. 100% spot on. The whole bird thing has been a click for as long as i have known it, Although i do remember a mate of mine back in the 80`s who entered some of his Norwich canaries into the Hinckley cage bird show and never even got placed, At that time Hinckley and Burbage was possibly the best areas in the world for Norwich canaries. I am not going to mention names as a lot are no longer with us, But he put the same birds into the National at the NEC and won best in show with a hen,
  2. Lie or not, The people spoke and that decision should be respected, without that there is no democracy.
  3. If i was 30 years younger then the answer would would have been completely natural when faced with an uncomfortable situation, Fight or flight. I think the time for fighting has passed so leaving would have been the only option, Now i will just ride it out and hope someone with a pair stands up in our political elite,
  4. There's the crux, without the Rwanda solution the governments hands are tied due to, 1951 Refugee Convention does not require a person to claim asylum in the first safe country they reach. People trying to cross the Channel can legitimately claim asylum in the UK if they reach it. This is now not fit for purpose and is just being abused. The UK Government’s position is that refugees should claim asylum in the first safe country they reach. The UN Refugee Agency says this is not required by the Refugee Convention or international law. People who have passed through a safe co
  5. Once someone enters a safe country and applies for asylum then there status changes from seeking asylum to being a refugee, The rules for refugees entering the UK are different to asylum seekers, Hence the reason they chuck all there refugee status paperwork into the channel during the crossing on dinghies, Just on another point, Africans are flooding into the UK on work Visas in the care industry , Some of these people have allegedly paid 20k for the package they are provided with, How many Africans have £20k? or is it human trafficking for profit? A loads of visas have even been issued for
  6. Asylum seekers become economic migrants once they choose to leave the first country of safety they have reached. We have routes for legal migration for asylum seekers, There's a reason they are coming on small boats rather than the official routes.
  7. I have to disagree with you there mate, Third World people are being recruited because they cost less to Employ, The cost of benefits to the tax payer if you remove pensions and in work benefits from the figures that are quoted is very small. The other week figures were released that showed GDP per Capita was actually in decline, That is another by product of using cheap foreign labour, They fall below the tax bracket, Live in multiple shared accommodation, spend as little as possible and send the remaining money back to the Country they originate from,
  8. You do realise he is Gay? Lol, Joking aside i have never seen him loose a debate yet,
  9. Just read Galloway wants Corbin and David Davis with him when he goes into parliament next week.
  10. That making good money will never be achieved by conforming to the norm and working the nine to five routine, Take chances if they fail, just try again, Rules are often pliable if you know someone or understand how far they can be bent the future is brighter,
  11. Have you noticed, Every time radical Islam is mentioned in the MSM then the sentence always ends with Right wing extremist and or the mention of Tommy Robinson. As far as i am aware every news item that has been featured over the last week only showed Islamic extremist trying to bully, threaten and intimidate to get what they want, Not a Right wing extremist or even Tommy Robinson are in sight,
  12. Had to go into Leicester today, LE5 area, This is an affluent mainly Indian area, You would not believe the amount of Palestinian flags hanging out of bedroom windows and on cars. f***ing disgrace.
  13. She also called her a Chumba Womba Lol
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