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  1. As long as she got another referendum out of it, she would sell your mothers to the slavers.
  2. Right take heating, all heating produces some degree of condensation as the heat produced has to warm cold air, As a rough guide, a log burner will produce the least amount of moisture, next is a diesel heater that roughly produces twice the amount as the log burner then there bottled gas this produces roughly four times the amount of moisture than a log burner. most campers have gas cookers, heaters, boilers and fridges all produce moisture, Hot water produces moisture, The amount of moisture any of these produce will be effected by the temperature and the humidity on the outside of the campe
  3. The Tame that runs through Tamworth, Birmingham and then into the Trent, Some nice fish in there but there's always a heavy flow on it, I have seen it in flood, nearly to the top of that grass bank you can see.
  4. window seals, window panes, metal objects – or anything in the van that can maintain a colder temperature than the air will cause damp. Breathing also cause condensation as does the amount of moisture in the air, A constant airflow will help but that can not be done all the time as the idea of a camper is to live in it not drive it 24/7. Wet towels, having a shower or even running the hot water to wash up all will cause condensation that will lead to damp, Then there's holes, cracks and general leaks on door seals and window seals,
  5. Not so much a swim but the view from a mates back door, keep saying i will pop over and have a fish but never seem to get around to going.
  6. Name me one who has not got outside interests that are not furthered by there position?.
  7. I do believe its the first time the Military has been directly involved in shutting down free speech of its own citizens under instructions for government and in conjunction with the big tech companies, Mainly they concentrate on foreign threats and not domestic.
  8. Having sold, repaired and thoroughly cleaned hundreds of motorhomes. Unless its for your own use and you really want to do a conversion then don't bother, Buy a proper one or even better still just book a hotel. I would never entertain the idea of personally owning one, They are all damp, trust me, I have seen £70,000. One year old vans that have done under 3000 miles that are as rotten as a pear. The older ones are wooden framed and wooden floored so will always be wanting work done on them, Money pits, stay well clear Lol.
  9. Internal boards are normally 2.7mm, Caravan Wall Boards and Ceiling Boards WWW.THECARAVANWAREHOUSE.CO.UK Caravan replacement wall boards and ceiling boards ready papered
  10. Just watching GB news earlier, There was a Women from Big Brother Watch saying the Army`s 77th Brigade was used during the lock down to monitor and shut down anyone speaking out against the vaccines in conjunction with the big tech companies, Scary shit when the government is suppressing the freedom of its own citizens to ask questions and put forward opinions.
  11. He was on the TV last week being ask about gun ownership after that drive by shooting in London had happened, His answer was " The only people who should be allowed to own shotgun were Farmers and Clay shooting clubs"
  12. Its the style not the deed we are discussing
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