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  1. paulus

    Hob ferret


    • WANTED
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    Must be 100% bomb proof, the dafter the better, good home guaranteed


  2. paulus

    Hob ferret

    Hob ferret View Advert Must be 100% bomb proof, the dafter the better, good home guaranteed Advertiser paulus Date 04/02/18 Price Category Ferreting Equipment  
  3. paulus

    photoshop download

    look for PS Portable
  4. To go anywhere, you must go halfway first, and then you must go half of the remaining distance, and half of the remaining distance, and so forth to infinity: Thus, motion is impossible.

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    2. walshie


      Doesn't mean motion is impossible, just getting to your destination.

    3. paulus


      to get there you would have to accept that 0.99999r = 1 but if you do that then only 0 becomes correct


    4. walshie


      Well that goes without saying....lol

  5. paulus

    Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    Maybe the original poster of this topic has got the reaction he was after!!!!. yes this site comes up on a google search but so do plenty of other sites, then there is the "allegedly"bit, i don`t have a scooby if what he says is true or not but to vilify a man on, at best, a Chinese whisper is not for me i`m afraid.
  6. paulus

    Man Sheds

    There was a thread the other year but can not be arsed to look for it, So i thought i would start another one. heres mine at the minute but will be extending it again as soon as i get the time.
  7. paulus

    For The Mechanics On Here

    just change the rear shocks.springs. bushes and anti roll bar bushes on a golf 4 motion, parts alone were £180
  8. paulus


    I see someone likes stealing comments off Facebook i posted it on fb ffs
  9. paulus


    It was that quiet in the Clinton camp this morning, You could hear an email being deleted............
  10. paulus

    New Toy

    your girlfriends
  11. paulus

    New Toy

  12. paulus

    New Toy

    The completed Beamish and the next project, a little Aprillia pegaso 125
  13. paulus

    New Toy

    another new toy
  14. paulus


    no drone, no problem.