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  1. No idea mate, the last bloke who rode it is dead Lol
  2. It could be yours for £3000 Lol
  3. The Bloke was a lovely bloke but a bit of an odd ball, He once brought a Tag axle camper van off a mate of mine, Drove it all the way up to the Highlands, Parked up near a beach, Then immediately drove it all the way back to my mate, as he could not get a signal on the TV to watch Coronation Street.
  4. The bloke that built it is dead now but he spent 15 years on the build.
  5. I was listening to an ex copper of 18 years who had discovered mass fraud inside Companies House. With Companies being masked over other companies, He had discovered links that lead back to the exploitation of children. Not sure if he is a nutter or not, but something i will check out.
  6. Of all the guns i have chrono graphed the single shot raider was the most consistent, 0.1 variation over a 25 shot string.
  7. paulus


    The only thing i ever flew was a 4 tonner and drag, but i still have my dog tags, All that those lads sacrificed and endured was a testament to the British Spirit. Such a shame what this Country has been allowed to become.
  8. paulus


    They were still issuing the same dog tags in the 1980`s, One is fireproof and the other acid proof.
  9. paulus


    I still smoke, started in in 1978 so a bit late to stop the damage now, I buy stuff called Flabio from Estonia. It £13.50 for 50g a mate picks me up a few cartons of 10 whenever he sees the bloke who brings it over. Rizla and filters i buy off Amazon Lol, There are plenty of cheap tobacco companies who will get it sent direct to you from Abroad and will even insure your money back should Customs pick it up.
  10. Just use an add blocker, mind looking at some of those adds i might turn it off Lol
  11. paulus

    Moulting tail

    What has " May the morning remind you of your strength and wisdom" got to do with this post?
  12. I watched a thing about the new American special forces thermal/night vision, It is a riflescope that transmits the image to there googles in real time, It also brackets the image using AI to identify the target and rangefinders it to show scale. How long before this technology becomes available to the general public i don't know but what a gamechanger.
  13. That's more than me then Lol.
  14. I am not assuming anything its a fact mate. This village and the next village have at least 3 people who walk about daily with thermal spotters and cameras. They post there images on the local village Facebook pages. These are not young people but retired, usually well to do`s. The whole thermal imagining idea of being used in the daytime is really catching on for wildlife spotting.
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