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  1. No shit Sherlock Its all a game of pretend to be doing something, when really Its what the actually want.
  2. What about removing all those who are already here. Might deter more from coming. Better still actually start sending them to Rwanda.
  3. Make that 5 spotted 2 young un`s this morning. Lol
  4. And now the end is near, Well its ended.
  5. The new American Military system adds an outline to each object in the picture, It also links the scope and the helmet viewer together so shots can literally be taken around corners, point the gun around the end of a wall and see the picture in the helmet viewer, very good bit of kit.
  6. I read a post on Fb the other day, A women was walking her reactive Lol lab and was complaining that someone's dogs were running free in the street, now these dogs didnt attack her dog or anything but it was there owners fault that her dog was going mental!. twat and the dog need a bullet.
  7. 32-1. Leave the needle alone, leave the pilot jet alone. Tune with the the main jet and air screw, The plug will tell you if the mixture is correct. a nice medium brown is what you are after. The mixture will need altering depending on what you are doing with the bike. If you are racing it then you might need to go up to 20/1. Trial riding then 32-1 is fine. That's using a mineral based oil,
  8. Greed has shaped us mate, Money and Religion are just vessels to fuel greed.
  9. The auto lubes are a pain in the arse on the mx just cap it off and run it pre mix, That way you will know the exact mix.
  10. You tell me what purpose we have, we add nothing and only destroy what is here.
  11. My Hypothesis, The sun was the start and then an asteroid coated in ice hit the planet, this ice melted and started life on this planet, we are are all aliens But human beings are more alien than anything else in nature, We serve no purpose and have no place in the food chain,
  12. Could be he is just busy with work..........
  13. The laws concerning the purchase or possession of natural history specimens can be a little confusing. Should you come across a protected dead wild creature (ie. everything except game birds shot in season and certain pest species) and wish to have it preserved, you must consider how the subject met its death. Once you are satisfied that the cause of death was not illegal, make a note of all circumstances surrounding the death then contact your taxidermist. If you are unable to ascertain the cause, the information you have can help your taxidermist to decide if your specimen can be mount
  14. All the waters i fish don't allow fishing for pike from the 1st March until the 1st of October and then any new members have to be vetted.
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