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  1. A short session a few weeks ago
  2. Extremely fast off the mark, good ferreting dogs, good on the lamp, on the right terrain, But a bit fragile for an all rounder, But as they say, Horses for courses, If they fit your ground and hunting style, then, Hard to beat.
  3. An investigation is to be opened into, Why figures from the Office of National Statistic's show an increase of 9500 deaths not related to Covid 19. The answer is quite simple, You can not get to see a Dr in person, All appointments at hospitals were cancelled and all routine screening stopped.
  4. Now see protest every weekend on the roads leeding to the local towns
  5. i have the same knife as do a few of the lads i know, never herd a bad thing said about these knives,
  6. £25 a jab, no wonder its being pushed, and that don't include the price of the jab. multiply by 67,000,000
  7. The Omicron vaccine was manufactured before Omicron was discovered
  8. simple facts as i see it, The one person who had died from omicron RIP but without the background to this death i am sceptical, The death rate in South Africa where this variant was discovered is still zero, Next "protect the NHS" as i read it most hospitals run at about 95% capacity all year, Its easy to see how quickly they could be overwhelmed from A Virus. Next thoughts would be, Why did we dismantle all the Nightingale Hospitals?, Why are we being made to wear a mask, when the virus particles will pass right through any mask even certified medical ones, Smacks me of a way of c
  9. Buy him a log splitter before he ends up looking like some red neck from braving Alaska Lol. good on him and on you and your good lady, Kids are all different i have 2 both adults now. one went down one route and the other choose something different, All you can do is your best to guide them in the right direction, still makes you feel responsible when they choose another, but that's just part of being a parent, As for grandkid's f**k me. My 2 are just like live wires, need eyes up your arse and the stamina of an ox. I need a lay down after a few hours Lol
  10. Simple answer is, the Uk is no longer part of the EU, our borders are our own to control. France is allowing economic migrants to cross on dinghies that are vastly over crowded then the blame firmly lays at France, However we need to address the reasons why people are willing to take this risk and make it not so tempting.
  11. You asked me where the B came from, As i showed you its from the official name given to this variant and not made up by someone on FB
  12. Omicron B.1.1.529 variant was first reported to WHO from South Africa on 24 November 2021.
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